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Ragtime Summary - Shmoop

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Ragtime - Shmoop

Bacchus in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book 3. Ragtime! Extracts from this document. Anna Grinevich Metamorphoses book 3: Main themes Ovid employs Bacchus as a means to School Application Letter, linking different stories in Metamorphoses book 3; sexual themes are explored as Ovid's characters struggle to contain their affections within platonic boundaries. At the same time they often fail to identify themselves as either the ragtime subject or the object of their affairs. Of America! As a mortal longs for the corpus of their loved one in vain, they experience frustration that only death can rival in strength. Indeed, this is exactly what takes place; as the ragtime (novel) descendents of Cadmus attempt to rival the gods, their own passion is turned against Apart Essay, them, resulting in imminent death. The tragic dynasty of Thebes endures its curse; as one death smoothly follows another, Bacchus seems to be the force behind the scene. Whether we see him impersonated and taking divine action or not, we are nevertheless made aware of his presence. (novel)! Ovid does this by Buddhism Apart Essay reflecting ideas and qualities associated with Bacchus in (novel) his other characters.

In the story of Narcissus and Echo, we see parallels being made between Narcissus and Bacchus. Both are youths of an androgynous age, not deprived of effeminate features. . read more. The latter endures divine punishment: Echo distracts Juno while Jupiter chases after nymphs and is consequentially deprived of independent speech. Narcissus, a pre-pubescent boy who has previously rejected many admirers, goes hunting and Letter Essay encounters Echo's voice, as she repeats his last words. Ovid presents the account as an actual conversation, this is seen in the latin: 'ecquis adest? et 'adest' (Narcissus says 'who is present' and 'present!' replies Echo). The juxtaposition of the (novel) same verb adest (adeo, adere - present) naturally emphasizes its multiple meanings that come with the did octavian change of speaker. When describing this exchange Ovid uses the word imago (means both echo and reflection) thus referring to the double nature of a misleading, aural and visual reflection. This reference provokes us to think about the recurring theme of misleading identities as Narcissus struggles to identify the object of his sexual desire as himself. We witness the interchangeable roles of the subject/object of a love affair, and the tentative boundary between the desirer and ragtime (novel) the desired. In the case of Narcissus, this boundary is two-dimensional: 'all that keeps us apart is Physics Graduate Letter a thin, thin line of water'. . read more.

The paleness of the flower reminds us of Narcissus' originally pale, untouched and pure skin. Once again, we are able to sense Bacchus' presence who himself is often described as a pale young boy. Ragtime (novel)! Book 3 is entirely devoted to Bacchus, and every story, whether part of the main narrative or not, reflects the deity's powerful influence. Bacchus is shown to be the god of many things; his presence is constantly tangible throughout book 3 as each theme Ovid touches upon thomas author can be traced directly back to Bacchus. Each of these ideas, whether it involves identity, gender, boundaries or tangibility all have one thing in common: Bacchus is able to transgress them. The extent of Bacchus' power becomes apparent to us as we come to realize Bacchus' divine ability to flow back and forth between reality and illusion; this is what makes him present in all accounts. Ragtime (novel)! Book 3 is rich with the deaths of Cadmian descendents, in fact the sheer number and predictability of these mortalities dulls our moral judgment.

Instead of shock we develop a fascination with Bacchus' violent revenge on his own family, and this is perhaps the One Flew Ken Kesey most striking aspect of experiencing the (novel) narrative: we forget our own moral principles, because the spectacle itself is so strikingly multi-dimensional. Word count: 1547 . read more. This student written piece of work is A Women's Perspective Civil one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Classics section. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. (novel)! Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related AS and A Level Classics essays.

To what extent are the characters in Ovid metamorphes real and Over the Cuckoos Nest Essay not stereotypical. There are stereotypical elements to his writings, which include to (novel), some extent, Scylla and Icarus the typical children. This refers to Icarus more so than Scylla as he fulfills a conventional immature boy disregarding any advise administered to him whereas Scylla in a few aspects represents your mainstream hormonal adolescent girl. Compare and contrast the portrayal of the Gods in One Flew Over Nest and Other Ken Kesey Writing Virgil's Aeneid and Ovid's metamorphoses. to feed him human flesh and he highlights his own power and important status, when he says: 'Can you suppose them (demi-gods) safe, when against me, me whom the lightenings, whom yourselves obey, Lycaon plots his treacherous devilry?'7 Moreover, when Jupiter contemplates the ragtime (novel) destruction of the world, he recalls several. Charging and Discharging a Capacitor at Civil, Constant Rate.

The charging period was recorded. 8. Steps 5 to 7 were repeated twice. Experiment 2 Variation of voltage with time when a capacitor is charged at constant rate 1. The above circuit was examined. (novel)! 2. The circuit was connected as shown. The variable resistor was set to the highest resistance.

To what extent is the theme of gender confusion used to create comic effect . This type of confusion is continued later in the same act, when Mnesilochus is impersonating Andromeda from the play Andromeda (says Euripides to the Scythian: Oh Scythian, thou art wrong;/This is Andromeda, the Nest and Other Ken Kesey Writing Essay child of ragtime, Cepheus[11]). The Cuckoos Nest Ken Kesey! The confusion caused by the presence of the Scythian officer, and the fact that. Why do you think the TV. programme The Simpsons is so successful? Another example would be the time he attempted to un- jam the ragtime toaster by shoving a knife in and out of it. Homer also expresses concerns over Buddhism Essay his obesity as well as being a bad father. Ragtime! He also has a problem with his cursing, as well as his consumption of Breaks Apart, alcohol. This belief of feat contradicts our modern beliefs. Ragtime (novel)! Presently God and fate can not coexist since God allows us to live or life freely.

In other words we right the Allan Poe's life and Dark Romantic scripts in our lives, with complete control, this can not allow for fate to (novel), play a part. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and feedback to. improve your own work. Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: Want to read the rest? Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for School Application anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Ragtime (novel)! Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Looking for expert help with your Classics work?

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Ragtime (novel)

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Ragtime Summary - Shmoop

Military to Civilian Resume: How to Use Your Military Experience. That’s the ragtime (novel), number of Breaks Apart, American men and women who have served as active-duty soldiers since the ragtime, Gulf War era. Now, thousands of them are unemployed and facing the difficult transition into civilian life and employment. You’re probably one of them. Are you tired of sending your military resume without receiving a reply from Buddhism Breaks employers? You've served the country and learned valuable skills while working in the military. So why aren't you getting interviews? Thousands of veterans like you face the same challenge.

The good news? All you have to do is translate your military experience into skills and (novel), achievements civilian employers can understand. In this post, I’ll show you different examples and strategies to: Translate military jargon into its corporate equivalent. Avoid awkward conversations about combat experience. To What Allan Poe's Affect His Work Romantic! Highlight your communication and (novel), leadership skills. Here's a sample military to of the Civil civilian resume made using our builder.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder . It’s fast and easy to use. Ragtime (novel)! Plus, you'll get tips and right vs. wrong examples while writing your resume. Physics Letter! See +20 resume templates and create your resume here . Here's the Main Problem with Your Military Resume. Veteran resumes contain terminology and (novel), acronyms that some recruiters might not understand. Phrases like, “ Assistant G-3 Training Office r” and thomas jefferson:, “ Battery Commander ” might be impressive in the service, but don't mean much for potential employers. What does the job experience above have to do with management? It’s hard to (novel) tell without speaking to the applicant. The applicant won’t have a chance to jefferson: of america explain her side of the story unless her army resume wows the recruiter.

That’s why you need to know how to write a military resume. Need to refresh your general knowledge about how to write a resume? Not sure what to include or what's the best military resume format? Read our guide: How To Create A Resume: A Step-By-Step Guide (+30 Examples) Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it. Is writing a military to civilian resume that meets the following criteria: Demonstrates the civilian applications of your hard-earned military skills, accomplishments, and experiences. Entices recruiters and (novel), HR managers to call you for an interview.

Serves as a guide for To what extent did Edgar his work and Dark, future job interviews. Prevents recruiters from doubting your ability to ragtime (novel) transition into civilian employment. Buddhism Breaks Apart! Bridges the gap between who you were in the service, and who you want to be as a civilian employee. How can you write military resumes for civilian jobs? It might be easy if you’re an army medic or a Marine Corps chef. But what if your role included combat and (novel), field experience that doesn’t translate to Physics Graduate Application Letter most civilian jobs?

I’ll answer those questions and more in this guide. Planning Your Career Path Outside the Military. It’s hard to (novel) figure out what military skills to put on a resume for a civilian job if you don’t have a career path in Graduate Application, mind. Strategize first before you start writing a military resume. Research occupations closest to the jobs you held while on ragtime (novel), duty. Look for other industries that employ people with your skills and training.

And if you can’t decide on one career path, that’s okay. A Women's! Start by (novel) creating a military resume template for yourself that you can use as a basis for different versions of your resume. Make a master list of your professional merits. Which of your skills, training, military awards, and Essay, education are useful for the job you're targeting? If you’re applying to be an accountant, the award you won in marksmanship won’t do you any good. Same goes for information about the bases where you’ve worked. The Reality of ragtime (novel), Moving to a Different Industry. It’s hard to accept that the skills it took you years to learn aren’t going to help land your next job. But you have to realize that everyone who moves to a new industry has this experience. A graphic designer who decides it’s time to become an Air Traffic Controller doesn’t need to put her Photoshop skills on her resume.

Right? You will find it necessary to eliminate some of your experience and Apart Essay, military skills for a resume. Focus on what’s transferable to your new role. Not sure what skills are valued most in ragtime, your new industry? Used LinkedIn to find out and to network with civilian professionals. Not sure how? Read our guide: How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get More Jobs Assume Your Hiring Manager Knows Nothing About the Military.

Here's the thing. You could be using language on your military resume that civilian employers don’t understand. It’s normal after spending years in jefferson:, the military. Recruiters and (novel), interviewers, who have no background in the military, can’t understand the lingo used in the corps. That's why you’ll need to translate military to civilian terms, so whoever reviews your veteran resume sees your potential. Avoid acronyms . Write “ Base ” instead of Graduate Application Letter Essay, “ AFB .” Avoid using technical jargon in your job titles and skill descriptions. Write “ Supervisor ” instead of “ Non-Commissioned Officer .” Don’t use military code.

Don’t include base or ship codes, unless it’s relevant to your target job. Use your military job title or a civilian equivalent instead of your MOS designator. Not sure about the ragtime (novel), civilian equivalent of your military job? There are tons of sites available to convert them for you. Just enter the military branch you served under, and your MOS code or job title. After that, you’ll see a list of civilian job titles and in some cases, actual open positions. For example, after selecting “ Air Force ” and typing “ Aircraft Loadmaster ,” showed the following jobs for candidates with an air force resume : If you’re not ready to One Flew Over the Cuckoos Essay apply just yet, that’s okay.

Explore the job openings to find the title and job description that best fits your experience. Whatever you do, don’t copy anything from these sites verbatimaside from job titles. Ragtime (novel)! Paraphrase and Civil, use the power of thesaurus to aid you. You might be suspected of plagiarism if you copy more than a sentence or four consecutive words. On the other hand, inserting keywords from the job description into your military resume never hurts. Here's How to ragtime Create a Civilian Friendly Career Summary. Michael Richards retired after a stellar 15-year stretch of military service during which he specialized in workforce management and deployment.

He's now pursuing an executive position in HR and Apart Essay, Talent Development. Michael has two options when it comes to writing a resume summary for his military transition resume. He can focus on who he was in the military or who he wants to become as a civilian. Since your resume summary is the first thing hiring managers look at, whatever Michael picks will affect his chances of landing the job. Option A: Michael Focuses on ragtime, his Military Background. Workforce Management Director Exceptional leader with analytical skills and talent development experience. Fifteen years in One Flew Ken Kesey, workforce management and personnel deployment for the United States Army. (novel)! Assisted several Army staff agencies and commands in optimizing their workforce according to thomas available talent resources and ragtime, their mission’s priorities. Option B: Michael Focuses on his Civilian Potential. Workforce Management Director A workforce and talent development expert with 15 years of experience in Essay, sourcing, organizing, and deploying diverse talent to ragtime (novel) form top-performing teams for School Letter, the United States Army. Helped decrease production backlog down to 7% using different workforce planning techniques.

Created talent development programs encouraging team members to take on more responsibility. The first summary mentions workforce management, talent development, and leadership experience. But the hiring manager might have no idea if workforce planning in ragtime, the army is the same in become, corporate offices. Is there a longer chain of ragtime, command when deciding personnel’s deployment? Is there a more red tape? What tools are used?

It also lacks keywords from the job description that hiring managers want to see. Try to author of america anticipate what questions a hiring manager might have after reading your military to civilian resume. Then find a way to (novel) address these questions on your resume or in your cover letter. Addressing these questions is crucial for military resume writing. The second example mentions that Michael's experience is Physics School limited to the United States Army, but it elaborates on his skills and responsibilities.

Pro Tip: You need to add keywords from the (novel), job description. Hiring managers scan for them when they look at your veteran resume for did octavian, the first time. Don't know how to ragtime tailor a military resume to a job description? Want to know what keywords are the most valuable? Read our guide: 6 Proven Tips On How To Tailor Your Resume To The Job Description Demilitarize Your Work History and Skills. Don’t limit your experience to the core functions of your role. To What Extent Allan Poe's Life Affect And Dark Romantic Style?! Think about (novel), other experiences and skills you gained as part of the job. Most military positions will instill you with leadership , management , and communication skills . Attention to details and To what extent Allan life and Dark style?, the ability to work under duress are part of the package too. You just need to emphasize them. Below is a sample navy resume, from Timothy Stergiou-Allen , Veteran Naval Officer from the UK.

You’ll notice it’s stripped of military jargon. Ragtime (novel)! If “ Royal Navy warship ” and “ NATO deployment ” wasn’t mentioned, this military resume example could be mistaken for the resume of a civilian PR professional. Aside from thomas jefferson: author specific accomplishments (highlighted in yellow), the ragtime (novel), sample military resume also explains Stergiou-Allen’s transferable skills as a PR officer and COO (highlighted in red). Adding peer development and training coordination suggests he knows how to mentor others and conduct training sessions. Releasing stories via digital and social media channels means he’s familiar with the Graduate Letter Essay, tools used for digital marketing. Here’s another military resume example: Security Specialist U.S.

Marine Corps 2008 to 2011. Led and (novel), mentored a diverse team of 25 people, attaining a 5% increase in promotions and jefferson:, 20% decrease in turnovers. Received recognition for reporting and documentation accuracy. Achieved a “zero loss” period in 3 years of managing the security of different equipment worth $125,000. When you read security specialist, you might think of military or private protection services. But that’s not the ragtime (novel), case.

Transferable skills, such as mentoring, documentation, and security management, are good candidates for Essay, financial and management jobs. That's because integrity and ragtime (novel), accurate reporting are mandatory. The candidate also did not specify what equipment he protected and what reports he wrote. Employers won't stereotype your skills as ‘ just for the military ’ if you remain less specific. Below is a sample military resume from Over Nest and Other Ken Kesey Writing Justin Thomas , a former military Photographer. You can see how Thomas explains his skills in photography and image management in (novel), a concise way while mentioning his competency with the Over Ken Kesey Essay, expected skills and tools for the job. Want to (novel) know how to put skills on your veteran resume? Not sure which skills recruiters find the most valuable? Read our guide: +30 Best Examples Of What Skills To Put On A Resume (Proven Tips) What About Front Line Jobs With Combat Experience. Below are two versions of how to present your experience:

Led a 15 person team in A Women's Perspective War Essay, completing different operational goals . Ragtime! Provided strategic advice to my team while completing challenging tasks, and assisted several superiors in cross-department goals. Led a 15-man team in combat missions . Provided technical and tactical guidance to help both commanding officers and subordinates in completing several missions in Breaks Apart Essay, Iraq. Hierarchy is ragtime different in the civilian setting. My team and superiors is thomas jefferson: better suited than subordinates and commanding officers. The term technical and tactical guidance is replaced with strategic advice which highlights leadership skills and experience. Combat missions is ragtime replaced with operational goals, which is Allan Poe's his work Romantic applicable to a variety of (novel), corporate goals. These changes prevent hiring managers from thinking your mentorship and leadership skills are limited to battle plans and thomas author of america, military exercises. Your choice of words can affect the way potential employers see you. It’s up to you to (novel) make your image positive.

Writing an effective military resume isn't all about avoiding jargon. Want to know what action words will give your resume a boost? Read our guide: +80 Examples Of Resume Action Words For Every Profession How to To what did Edgar Allan Poe's tragic life style? Spotlight Accomplishments on a Military Resume. Use metrics, percentages, time optimized, and money saved or handled to (novel) quantify your accomplishments . Here's a sample achievement from an air force resume: Trained and managed the workload of 10 personnel in aircraft maintenance, resulting in Graduate Application Letter, a 27% decrease in unexpected repairs. Doesn’t that sound impressive with all those numbers? Sometimes, an achievement can’t be tied to a number. In that case, it's best to give your accomplishments some context. Write a sentence or two explaining the significance of ragtime, your achievement to emphasize the impact you made.

Here's a military resume example of an accomplishment: Let's say you were selected to train new aviators to One Flew Over Nest Writing use the weapon systems and navigation equipment of ragtime (novel), different aircraft. That sounds cool, but how should you phrase such an accomplishment on military resumes for civilian jobs? Focus on the fact that you were hand-picked to train people. Here’s how to write an accomplishment for a post-military resume: Developed my classroom and hands-on training skills after being selected to guide new aviators in thomas jefferson:, using weapons systems and navigation instruments for different aircraft. Here's How to Put Job Training on a Veteran Resume. Military training can be transferable to civilian employment.

All you have to do is list the training events and courses you attended followed by a short description. Not sure how to describe your training? Look for a training event that has a similar title and syllabus in a corporate setting. For example, a Google search for ragtime, aviation leadership courses led to this training course from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Harvard Business Publishing. Just compare the One Flew the Cuckoos and Other, examples you find to the training you had in ragtime (novel), the military. Did Octavian Emperor! What skills do both training courses have in common? In the example above, leadership , collaboration , setting high standards, and building relationships ’ are themes that match the following Airman Leadership School example.

You don’t have to write the description verbatim. Choose a couple of common keywords and summarize the course description. Here’s an example from a military pilot’s resume: Airman Leadership School (ALS), Community College of the Air Force 2012. A 5-week course designed to hone airmen into efficient front-line leaders. Ragtime (novel)! It develops the participants’ communication, leadership, and management skills while giving them a broader understanding of the A Women's Perspective of the, military. The Profession of Arms, International Security, and Warfare Studies courses were also included in the training but the (novel), candidate did not include them on their military resume to avoid drawing attention away from the leadership material.

Here’s another example showing education and training from a military to civilian resume in engineering: Without a description, it’s easy to conclude that the One Flew the Cuckoos Nest Essay, candidate’s training doesn’t have other applications. Adding subjects with diverse applications such as “ Math ,” “ Chemistry ,” “ Electrical Engineering ,” illustrates the ragtime, versatility of the training. Highlight Your Security Clearances and Certifications. Security clearances, even for non-sensitive and not so top-secret access, show proof of your accountability and responsibility to A Women's Civil employers. A Top Secret (TS) clearance can cost thousands of dollars, so companies would rather look for someone who’s already undergone the background investigation and training required to ragtime get it. Justin Thomas says, If you’re applying for Boeing or Lockheed Martin, and similar companies, put your security clearance at the top of your resume.

It helps recruiters decide whether they want to take a chance on Buddhism Essay, you. Examples of ragtime (novel), Security Clearance and Certifications on a military resume: Secret Security Clearance Weapons Certification First Aid Certification Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information Clearance (TS/SCI) Do you have licenses, awards, or publications that should go on your military resume? Do you know where to put them? Read our guide: What To Put On A Resume To Make It Perfect [Tips Examples] Be Cautious When Adding Active Combat Details. “Most frontline troops look into private security or law enforcement.

In this case, combat experience is incredibly relevant,” says Allen. But what if you’re not going into law enforcement or a security related job? In that situation, adding details about your active combat experience is A Women's Perspective of the Civil War Essay a bit of a coin toss. Some employers might not think twice about ragtime (novel), seeing such experience on a veteran resume. On the other hand, Thomas says: “ Some might think you’ll have mental problems like PTSD because of A Women's Perspective of the Civil War Essay, your experience. ” Defending your country and its people is an admirable career. The unfortunate reality is that many returning troops suffer from ragtime depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses. These ailments, while obviously not applicable to extent did Edgar life and Dark style? everyone with combat experience, may make some employers hesitate to hire you . So, military resume writers should consider removing or placing less of an emphasis on active combat experience if it's not relevant. Don’t Forget to Write a Military to Civilian Cover Letter.

Yes, you need to write a cover letter. Hiring managers often scan resumes for information to decide if you're documents are relevant. After, they'll check your cover letter to get a fuller image of you. Don't repeat what you've written on your military resume. Instead, use your cover letter to complement the information you've provided. Your cover letter is the place for providing explanations and fleshing out ragtime (novel), information you kept brief on your veteran resume. Not sure how to write a military resume cover letter? Need advice on what to include?

Read our guide: How To Write A Cover Letter [Complete Guide With Examples] Let’s recap. Buddhism Apart! To write a great military resume you should: Choose a career path before putting your military experience on a resume. Translate your military skills, accomplishments, and work history into layman's terms. Include relevant training and ragtime (novel), education. Emphasize your security clearances. Be careful about including information about active combat. Do you have any questions related to making a military to civilian resume? Give us a shout in A Women's Perspective Civil War Essay, the comments section! Charley Mendoza is ragtime (novel) a freelance writer covering career development and business.

She#039;s an expert in resume writing, interviewing, and Buddhism Breaks Apart, negotiating, a topic she covers in publications such as Tutsplus, Business Insider, Brazen Careerist and more.

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Ragtime: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels): E L Doctorow

6 Free Resume Builder Tools to Help Revamp Your Resume. (novel)? Has the time come for One Flew Nest and Other Writing Essay, you to dust off that resume and step out on a new job hunt? If youre more worried about the time youll spend struggling with finicky formatting in your outdated Word template, versus the actual job hunt, fret not Ninja! Formatting and design when it comes to resumes is almost as important as the actual content resumes should be clean, but catchy. Ragtime? Modern but mainstream. Comprehensive but concise. Breaks? Thanks to the internet, theres a shortcut to everythingincluding crafting your resume. Weve rounded up six rockin resume builder tools that are bound to ragtime, help you get that job!

What It Is: Standard Resume is a free web-based resume editor that helps you cut through the when, clutter and hone in on ragtime (novel) you best skills. When you finish creating your resume, you can view it on your smartphone or your desktop. And when you download, its a ready-to-print PDF. One Flew And Other Essay? Why It Rocks: Its simple, straightforward and super easy to ragtime (novel), useinput your info against a serene, white screen so you can focus on the important stuff, like your content. The resume layout is clean, modern and minimalistic but still offers opportunity for personalization. Of America? You can customize your monogram and resume URL, so its anything but a standard resume. Cost: Free, just sign up for ragtime, an account with your email. What It Is: An online resume maker that helps professionals build beautifully designed resumes and CVs. With thousands of templates to choose from, you can effectively build an online portfolioVisualCV accepts multimedia uploads too.

Why It Rocks: Besides the top-notch design and War Essay massive array of downloadable templates (organized by job title, so you can easily find the one that best matches yours!), VisualCV allows resume tracking once you publish it. You basically have a marketing department at your disposalyou can track email opens, resume views and even downloads. No more sending resumes into ragtime (novel) a black hole! Cost: Free for basic features, $12 per month for upgraded features like access to all CV and web designs and advanced tracking. What It Is: Is there anyone out there who doesnt know what Canva is by now? Why It Rocks: Think about how much fun youve had creating presentations and graphics with Canvanow that same kind of fun can be had when revamping your resume. The selection of free templates is varied enough to please many kinds of A Women's of the personal styles, so the (novel), toughest choice will be choosing just one design. What It Is: Enhancv web-based platform that uses a step-by-step process to help you craft a resume that accurately reflects your best strengths, talents and experience.

Why It Rocks: Instead of did octavian become emperor focusing on your job duties, it helps you create a performance-based resume with pop-up tips and examples. The resume format has even been optimized for (novel), ATS and includes personal sections so you can show off more than your skills. Did Edgar Allan Poe's Tragic Life Affect His Work Style?? What It Is: The Resume Builder by Qwilr is ragtime a clean, simple website that helps you create a nifty resume website. When Did Octavian? Why It Rocks: Great for our Ninja creatives, this tool can whip up something thats impressive and ragtime interactivein a matter of minutes. Just enter your information and thomas jefferson: author select one of the templates (elegant or creative), and before you know it, youll have your own compelling resume website. What It Is: Ineedaresume is a web tool that guides you through resume building step-by-step. Just enter your details, choose a layout and download, all within mere minutes. Why It Rocks: This tool has a more traditional template resumebut brings it into the 21st century with updated fonts.

Not only (novel) that, but the tool completely streamlines the resume creation process, so you dont have to wrestle with formatting thats fussy. There you have itsix resume builder tools that will save you the Physics Essay, stress that comes with revamping your resume. Ragtime? Even if youre happy in your current situation, its always good to have a current resume on hand. Who knows, you might even learn a few surprising things about yourself (like how robust your skill set really is!). What resume builder tool are you most interested in Essay using and why? Let us know in a comment below! Jennee is a content writer who covers careers, personal growth, lifestyle and (novel) digital marketing. One Flew The Cuckoos And Other Writing? A former Office Ninja herself, shes conquered her fair share of bootstrapped projects for the sake of operational efficiencylets just say, she understands what get it done means.When she isnt writing, shes refilling her cup of (novel) tea (Earl Grey only), trying to keep up with her preschool daughter and when did octavian become watching her favorite Shondaland shows. OfficeNinjas gives recognition to the administrative role by supporting and growing a community of ragtime (novel) executive assistants, office managers, and operations pros.

OfficeNinjas brings these Ninjas tech resources, educational content, vetted vendor recommendations, and modern in-person events. Some good tools on Graduate Application Essay this list, but I think also the new startup could be mentioned on the list. It has an overall better user experience, clean design and it#8217;s also for free. Thanks for sharing Marie! These are great. Can#8217;t wait to ragtime (novel), try some of them out. Even if you are not looking it never hurts to have an updated resume. Let us know which ones you try, Leticia! Agree that is Buddhism Apart always in your best interest to keep your resume updated.

Have fun with these! Signup to have #NinjaLife resources delivered to ragtime (novel), your inbox every week. Tense Week at Work? Heres How to Simmer Down the Office Stress. A Guide to Beating Stress for Anxious Office Ninjas.

How to Reveal Your Unique Leadership Style #038; Lead with Confidence. Forget the Physics Letter, Quick HighHeres How to (novel), Build a Career for Physics Graduate Letter, the Long Haul. How Collective Intelligence Powered the First Quarter of Admingling 2017. Signup to have #NinjaLife resources delivered to (novel), your inbox every week.

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Ragtime: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels) - Kindle edition by

EUREKA ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM, PHASE 1. Groups of entrepreneurs meet for 24 hours every 90 days at a country house hotel, with dinner and overnight accommodation included. Mentoring sessions are interactive, with considerable discussion between participants. An entrepreneur sharing insights with the rest of the (novel) group. Topics are shared with the One Flew Nest and Other Writing entire group at a strategic level. Smaller groups then discuss implementation and share additional perspectives. A discussion exercise in progress in (novel), a lovely outdoor setting. This hierarchy of dependencies sets out the different elements covered in A Women's of the Civil War Essay, Phase 1 of the Eureka program. Another interactive discussion in progress.

Snacks and refreshments are served throughout the day these delights arrived with afternoon tea. Most locations have excellent leisure facilities and/or a golf course. Public area in one of the Eureka country house locations. What is the (novel) Eureka Mentoring Program? Eureka is an invitation-only mentoring program for founders and CEOs of entrepreneurial businesses, typically with ?1-20M annual revenues and traction in their marketplace. To join the Essay program you must also have the desire, business acumen and ability to achieve high levels of (novel) success or attain market leadership in the Cuckoos Nest Ken Kesey Writing Essay, your niche or sector.

The program delivers the equivalent of (novel) a DNA code for To what extent did Edgar Allan tragic life affect Romantic style? accelerating your business growth and taking any business with high growth potential to (novel), market leadership. The program has been created by Robert Clay who built two global businesses when young, sold them to one of the Buddhism largest companies in Europe, and was then instrumental in ragtime, taking that company to No.1 in the world in its field. School Application Essay? For the past 17 years he has been developing and testing the approaches and strategies used in ragtime, this program. Hundreds of businesses have now used these approaches and strategies to accelerate their growth, achieve top industry awards or become market leaders, and some have exited their business for ? tens- or hundreds-of-millions. To deliver the equivalent of a DNA code for taking any business with high-growth-potential to market leadership in its niche or sector. In the first phase you build the Graduate Letter 36 essential foundations for exponential growth, accelerating your sales, profits market penetration and success. To give you the knowledge, information, certainty, focus, insights, perspectives, strategies, step-by-step procedures, tools, implementation plans, checklists, roadmaps and a track to run on that simply cant be found elsewhere. To provide the peer group support you need to exchange knowledge, experiences and successes with other hand-picked entrepreneurs who inspire you, support you, challenge you, enrich you, and ragtime (novel), drive you to author, new heights of success. The ultimate aim of the program is to grow your business almost entirely by word of (novel) mouth, the A Women's of the Civil most powerful, persuasive marketing weapon that exists. Word of mouth drives more buyers to try products or services than ANY other marketing technique more than advertising, salespeople, direct response and ragtime (novel), public relations COMBINED! Eureka is a mentoring program for groups of up to Nest and Other Ken Kesey Essay, 40 committed, like-minded business founders and senior executives as well as the occasional well-funded startup with high-growth-potential.

Each phase of the program spans 3 years and ragtime, each group meets four times a year, typically at country house hotels in a variety of extent Allan tragic life affect his work and Dark Romantic locations. In Phase 1 of the Eureka program you not only learn WHAT to do to build your 36 foundations for exponential business growth, but also exactly HOW to do it, distilled from 4 million pages of ragtime know-how built up over 17 years, mixed with real life experience derived from did Edgar tragic his work and Dark, assisting hundreds of businesses to achieve extraordinary success over ragtime (novel), the years. Sessions start with a relaxed dinner and overnight stay, allowing you to exchange ideas, share experiences and catch up with your fellow entrepreneurs. The following day everyone shares their latest insights, quick wins, big wins and successes; you receive the extent did Edgar Allan life affect his work Romantic style? next instalment in a carefully constructed 36-step process, designed to take your business to market leadership in its niche; you undertake exercises to start the process, while constantly interacting with the other entrepreneurs in ragtime, the group; Finally, you develop your execution plan before leaving with all the materials you need to implement what has been discussed, or to delegate to others. Whenever you need a contact, expert advice, business intelligence, a person to bounce ideas off, a sounding board, or someone who can provide perspectives and insights free of bias and Allan life, pressure, theres always someone in (novel), the group you can turn to. This peer group support is priceless, enriches your experience and overcomes the lonely at the top syndrome suffered by so many entrepreneurs. Eureka participants understand how to thomas author of america, release their true business potential; they often double, triple or quadruple their growth rate; approach their business in (novel), a much more disciplined, motivated, professional and customer focused manner; maintain progress in challenging circumstances, even when competitors are going backwards or out of business; and many attain the highest awards in their industry or become leaders in their sector or niche.

Your monthly investment is just ?425 + VAT including dinner, overnight accommodation, breakfast, lunch, refreshments throughout the Buddhism Apart Essay day, the full-day Eureka session plus all written, audio and video materials. Additional colleagues may join you by (novel), prior arrangement for just ?300 + VAT each per session. Applications to join the next Eureka mentoring group are open now. Jefferson: Author? The group will meet for the first time in September 2015 and thereafter every 90 days for three years. Once the program is underway, participants normally meet for ragtime (novel) dinner at 19:00 for 19:30 with the the Cuckoos Nest Writing Essay mentoring day itself starting at 09:00 the next morning and ending at 17:00. N.B. Before you can join the Eureka program you must have attended the Marketing Wizdom 3-day Quantum Leap marketing workshop . Why?

Understanding the full picture in advance will accelerate the results you achieve on the Eureka program. Frequently Asked Questions about the Eureka Mentoring Program. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Eureka mentoring program. If you have a question that is not answered here, please call us on 01908 933535 and ask for Andrea Pickerin, Robert Clay or Chris Billington-Hughes. Alternatively, email us at [emailprotected]

What are the admission requirements? Admission is by invitation only. The Eureka mentoring program is for founders and/or chief executives of entrepreneurial businesses, who demonstrate business acumen, have a scalable business model with high growth potential and want to ragtime, maximise their revenues and profit or even become market leaders in their field. Angel, VC or otherwise well-funded startups are also admitted. Before admission to the program you must also have attended the 3-Day Quantum Leap marketing workshop . Why? Understanding the full picture in advance will accelerate the results you achieve on the Eureka program. N.B.

Our admission criteria is designed to ensure that you have a stable business, sufficient resources to implement what you learn from the program, and can make a worthwhile contribution to the rest of the group. Who can participate in the sessions? Whilst this program is specifically aimed at founders and/or chief executives of entrepreneurial businesses, you may wish to bring along a co-director, business partner or colleague if that individual will be responsible for some or all of the Nest and Other Ken Kesey implementation. Why do you only admit businesses with ?1M + annual revenues? This is all about ragtime your ability to implement, and Physics Application Letter, the business experience you can contribute to other members of the group. The Eureka program goes into ragtime (novel), considerable depth on every topic. Thomas Jefferson: Author Of America? Startups and small businesses are undoubtedly intellectually stimulated by the content covered on the program, but often dont have the time, resources or stability needed to ragtime, implement what they learn. And a lot of small businesses also have limited traction in their marketplace. Businesses with ?1M+ revenues will normally have the Breaks Apart Essay necessary traction, stability and resources needed to follow through and ragtime, implement what is covered, and dramatically accelerate their success. If your business has less than ?1M annual revenues, or it is rapidly approaching that threshold, and we are convinced about your ability to implement and contribute, then you may still be admitted to the program.

If your business is a VC or Angel-funded start-up you will have backers who have bought into you, your vision and plan. You will be committed to delivering results and will have the resources needed to do so, so everything else being equal, you would qualify for inclusion in jefferson: author of america, the program. Finally, if you have a start-up and have a track record as an entrepreneur, i.e. youve started, built (and possibly sold) one or more ?1M+ businesses in ragtime, the past, then all things being equal you would qualify for inclusion in A Women's of the War Essay, the program. How many places are available on the program? Each group is limited to (novel), a maximum of 40 businesses. How many sessions are in each phase? Twelve. Sessions take place once a quarter over Physics Application Essay, three years. At one of four different carefully selected premium venues around the UK, typically country house hotels. We look for (novel) venues that deliver top quality service and did octavian become, provide interesting and pleasant surroundings that contribute to the sense of occasion whenever we meet. They are also usually within easy reach of airports, rail links and ragtime, the motorway network.

Getting completely away from your business, physically and thomas jefferson:, mentally, makes it much easier for you to focus ON your business rather than IN your business and the variety of ragtime (novel) different venues helps to inspire your creative thinking. Each venue has at least a 4-star rating and normally has leisure facilities on site as well. We compared the effect of just turning up for the day against an overnight stay at a country house hotel with two different Eureka pilot groups over three years. The group that met every 90 days in pleasant surroundings, accompanied by dinner and an overnight stay got a LOT more out of the thomas of america program. For one thing it is a lot less rushed and ragtime, sharing food, drink and quality time with other committed, like-minded entrepreneurs in pleasant surroundings adds massively to the experience.

For those who experienced it, the dinner, overnight stay and extra peer group interaction every 90 days, away from the usual day to day business demands, rapidly became a very important part of the program. How much time must I invest between sessions? You, your team, or third parties to whom you outsource, should be aiming to when, spend 5-10 hours per week implementing the strategies discussed in the program. Do that consistently and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve. I dont have time. Will the program be too much to digest?

No. Ragtime (novel)? Thats why we meet just four times a year. Application Letter? The Eureka program doesnt consume your life or prevent you from getting on with your day to day business. And you get three months between sessions to ragtime, implement what you learn. We asked existing participants if theyd prefer to have sessions more or less frequently. When Did Octavian? The overwhelming response was that meeting every 90 days worked perfectly for them as they simply dont have time to (novel), commit to Perspective Civil, anything more frequent, and they feared that if they met less often theyd lose the thread along the way and accomplish a lot less. In terms of (novel) content, the extent did Edgar Poe's tragic life his work and Dark program undoubtedly covers a lot more ground than anyone could implement in three years. The secret is to take away from each session and (novel), implement the two or three things that are most relevant for you, or most resonate with you. A Women's Perspective Of The War Essay? The other things can be implemented at a later date, when youre ready or once youve seen others in ragtime (novel), the group achieving success with a particular strategy, which means that you can draw on their experience as well. What if Im no good at implementation? Entrepreneurs who join the Physics Letter Essay Eureka program come from all parts of the spectrum.

Some are extremely proactive and others are more passive. The majority of ragtime participants decide which parts of each session are most applicable to their business, set the overall direction then oversee the implementation, delegating most of the mechanics to members of their team and/or third parties. The in-depth documentation you receive is jefferson: author of america, designed to support this. There are plenty of competent third parties who can implement the strategies for you, or just provide the specific help you need, using the very detailed plans and instructions you receive with each module. (novel)? If you dont know any suitable third parties were happy to introduce you to emperor, trusted sources.

What sort of businesses join the Eureka program? Entrepreneurs who join the Eureka program are all committed, like-minded individuals who, to qualify for an invitation, have a successful track record. They also have serious growth plans, and most of them freely and generously contribute an (novel) amazing amount of experience, knowledge and Physics Graduate School Application Letter, perspectives to the other members of the group. Indeed they are often invited to join the program BECAUSE they bring those qualities, massively enriching the experience for everyone else in the group. The businesses themselves are very varied. Some are B2C, some are B2B, some only operate online, some operate both online and offline, some operate as virtual businesses, some operate very traditionally and some operate in a combination of ways. The initial intake included training companies, HR consultants, psychologists, software developers, IT and mobile phone specialists, specialist hire companies, estate and letting agents, property professionals, an angel investor, marketing consultancies, specialist recruitment companies, web hosting companies, serviced apartments, a liqueur and spirits manufacturer, a Lean Transformation consultancy specialising in local authorities, a conference and training centre, a public affairs consultancy (Government lobbying), an econometrics agency, the UKs largest chain of (novel) independent Apple stores, the inventor of a revolutionary science teaching method for schools, a large firm of independent financial advisers, a designer of bespoke watches for many major high street brands, an One Flew Over organisation supplying CPD accreditation and more. As you can imagine, this diversity makes for some extremely interesting interactions whenever a group meets. Why don't you admit senior people from large corporates? It has been suggested a few times that senior people from large corporates would benefit from the ragtime (novel) Eureka program. That is undoubtedly true, but there is when did octavian become emperor, a world of difference between marketing approaches that work for ragtime entrepreneurs and those that have to be adopted by corporates.

Implementation within corporates can be weighed down by slow and cumbersome decision making, bureaucracy and the necessity to get buy-in from thomas jefferson: author of america, many different parties before anything can be done. (novel)? It is Poe's affect his work and Dark Romantic, also not unusual to have constantly shifting objectives, regular reorganisations and a short-term perspective plus a lot of politics. All of these things are barriers to implementation. Founders and leaders of entrepreneurial businesses, in contrast, immediately recognise the value of any ideas discussed, and can implement anything they believe will be valuable to ragtime, them, with little or no formalities or barriers. People with a marketing background who leave the thomas author corporate world to set up in business, or who start working in an entrepreneurial business, are usually amazed at ragtime, just how different their approach has to when did octavian become emperor, be. Also, entrepreneurs value the input of other entrepreneurs because they all have to deal with similar issues, just as senior people in corporates value the input of other senior people in corporates. For now the Eureka program is only aimed at entrepreneurs. What if I want to leave the program? When you join the Eureka program youre making a three year commitment to learning and implementing best practices that are not easily found elsewhere, with a view to ragtime (novel), accelerating your business growth. The wealth of knowledge and experience you accumulate and the regular rich interactions you have with other entrepreneurs in the group are likely be so valuable for you that you wont want to Allan tragic affect his work, leave.

But we also know that things in business (and in life) can change at short notice, e.g. (novel)? if you sell your business; discover you no longer enjoy it and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Other Ken Kesey, want to get out; or in some way become incapacitated. If for some reason you cant continue after the ragtime (novel) end of A Women's of the War Essay any 12 month period, then all we ask is that you give us three months notice in ragtime, writing. Why is did Edgar Allan Poe's life his work and Dark Romantic style?, there a minimum 12 month commitment? To secure the right venues in the right locations it is necessary to plan, book and commit to meeting rooms, accommodation and catering for the expected number of guests quite some time in advance. When one party takes up a good number of ragtime rooms in a venue, as we often do, venues have to turn down other potentially lucrative bookings to accommodate us. They cannot easily re-sell the A Women's Perspective of the Civil space should we ever have to pull out as other clients that may have been interested in the same time slots will have been forced to book elsewhere. It is therefore necessary to ragtime, book and pay for all expected guests well in advance, and School, it is not unusual to commit up to a year in advance to be sure of securing the number of spaces needed. How much does the ragtime (novel) program cost and how do I pay?

The cost for Over Ken Kesey Essay the first person from your business to attend is ?425 + VAT per ragtime month, payable by standing order. If you choose to bring along a business partner or colleague, there will be a nominal additional fee of of america ?300 + VAT per person per session. The fees cover your dinner, bed, breakfast and lunch at the hotel, as well as the session itself. They also cover the workbooks, manuals and (novel), materials you receive. No. You just pay your monthly fee and make your way to the relevant country house hotel every 90 days in time for a relaxed dinner. Besides the Buddhism Apart mentoring day itself your dinner and drinks, overnight accommodation, breakfast, refreshments and ragtime, lunch are all included plus all the workbooks, manuals and other materials you need to implement what youve learned. When it comes to implementation, many of the strategies and approaches you learn on the Eureka program can be implemented using your existing resources, without additional outlay. Beyond the program itself, you will of jefferson: of america course incur costs if you engage any third parties or agencies; if you seek additional advice or expertise; or if you decide to invest in marketing materials, extra staff or the (novel) development and implementation of marketing campaigns.

But when you do so youll also be able to tap into One Flew and Other Ken Kesey Writing, the collective experience of the group to compare and share experiences and ragtime, ensure youre always getting decent value and advice. When is the closing date for applications? The next Eureka group will convene for the first time on 17 September 2014. You must book at jefferson: author of america, least two weeks in advance of this date to ragtime, secure your place. Please note that numbers are limited and places in the group are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Once this group has been filled, admissions will cease and bookings will be taken for the next group. Yes.

Please call us on Perspective of the War Essay, 01908 933535 or email [emailprotected] to discuss whether you are eligible, and if appropriate reserve your place on the next Eureka program. Whats the ragtime background to did octavian, the Eureka program? Robert Clay, co-founder of Marketing Wizdom, is himself a lifelong entrepreneur. He set up his first business at age 19, with no capital, and ragtime, within 7 years it went global. He developed a process for preventing automotive corrosion that was eventually adopted by every car, truck, bus and aircraft manufacturer in Over the Cuckoos and Other, the world. Along the way he invented the glass sunroof for (novel) cars and launched his second business at did octavian emperor, age 23. It too went global within 3 years. He then sold both businesses to a division of Astra Pharmaceutical (Now Astra Zeneca, and currently valued at some ?63 billion) and in the next four years played a major part in taking his division of the company to No.1 in the world in its field. After this he was in much demand to ragtime, consult with other companies who wanted to replicate what theyd now seen him do three times. Around 18 years ago Robert started work on developing the equivalent of a DNA code for taking any business with high growth potential to market leadership in its niche. This has involved the painstaking accumulation, research, analysis, dissection, organising, re-organising, crafting, testing, streamlining and School, refining the worlds best business growth and marketing know-how, resulting in a knowledge base that now contains over 4 million pages of know-how.

In 2001 Robert started running a unique 3-day workshop for entrepreneurs based on a distillation of some of this unique body of knowledge. The workshop was designed to impart more knowledge about growing a business in 3-days than most people would learn from a couple of lifetimes in business. Often considered to (novel), be a life-changing experience, or equivalent to an MBA in 3-days, many participants went on to become market leaders in their field, some even going from startup to exit for up to ?210 Million. As people became more aware of the depth and value of Roberts know-how, his time was in constant demand, with businesses paying up to the Cuckoos Nest and Other Ken Kesey Writing Essay, ?5,000 a day for his expertise. But demand always exceeded supply because it was only (novel), ever possible to work with a handful of businesses at any one time. For several years he tried to figure out an effective way of working in person with a larger number of businesses. Apart Essay? Finally in 2006 he figured out a way to do this, while simultaneously reducing fees to a level that almost any business could afford; AND providing priceless support from other like-minded entrepreneurs. And so the idea for Eureka was born.

Over the ragtime (novel) next few years Robert and his team were so busy with their existing consulting work that they never had time to Over the Cuckoos and Other Essay, develop Eureka further. At the end of 2008 they decided to stop what they were doing and refocus on (novel), the new model. It took nearly a year to Breaks Apart Essay, complete all work in ragtime (novel), progress, and at One Flew the Cuckoos Nest Ken Kesey Writing, the end of 2009 he finally launched two 3-year pilot groups for the invitation-only Eureka mentoring program. The first mentoring groups are now underway. Ragtime? You can learn more about the program and the results that have emerged from it by watching the video above.

And you can read about more results alongside. The program will be opening up to a maximum of 40 more businesses in Buddhism Breaks Essay, June 2015, and another 40 in September 2015. Please contact us to establish whether you are eligible for the program. Call us now on 01908 933535 to apply for ragtime (novel) your place. Comments or questions are welcome. Before Marketing Wizdom and the Eureka program, we employed five or six staff and turned over Application Letter, around ?700,000 a year.

We now have over ?2.5M turnover, employ twenty people, and within our field of professional HR qualifications, we're the ragtime (novel) UK market leader. For every ?10 we now spend on Google AdWords, we get approximately ?6-700 worth of income, so it has really transformed our business. The Eureka manuals are very comprehensive, thought provoking, and Physics Graduate, vital. The networking and social interaction with other members of the group has also been very beneficial. We get together the evening before each session and share what we've been doing between workshops, while socialising and getting into the right mindset for the next day. We often meet up between workshops for mentoring sessions with each other and if I have a challenge in my business or one of the other members has, we call and help each other sort out our problems - so it's good. Ragtime? I was fortunate enough to come across Marketing Wizdom by chance. I believe the Eureka program is one of the Physics Graduate Letter Essay worlds best kept secrets and if youre invited to join the program I would advise you to jump at it with both feet and grab it with both hands because it really has transformed our business and it's helping to do that month-in, month-out. Robert Wagner, CEO, DPG Plc. Before Eureka no sale ever occurred without my input. Ragtime (novel)? When our relationship started we had consulting revenue of around ?100K and product revenue of ?25K.

Our product revenue, which has much bigger margins, is now ?850K. Before Eureka we didnt know how to voice and demonstrate the Physics Graduate Essay excellence of our product, process and support. Ragtime? The materials and support structure provided by the program and the ability to have regular conversations with other people who have similar aims has given us an external strategic checkpoint and fresh perspectives on the business. I love the mix of practical advice on on how to Essay, do everything, and the discussion, sharing and input that occurs whenever the ragtime group meets. I also value the of the Civil War Essay opportunity to think about my business, my time, my strategy and ragtime, all the Buddhism steps that I know can move my business forward. (novel)? All of the actions suggested in the program have turned out to emperor, be essential in retrospect, and I now regret the occasions when we initially resisted certain ideas. The program also taught me to be an MD, because I never had a role model before. (novel)? Ive proved that the Nest and Other business can run without my input, yet I can still take a wage so its now a completely different beast. I can choose whether to put time into the business, go on holiday, be ill, or create two other businesses, which I am doing. So Eureka has given me choices. My love for the business has not diminished in the slightest, but I now only ragtime, spend my time doing the things that absolutely no one else can do.

It has given me the To what did Edgar Allan Poe's tragic life affect his work and Dark style? confidence to really be the business woman I want to ragtime (novel), be. I am now confident about building a small business into a large business. I know what has to be done and I have the confidence to do it. Elva Ainsworth, Founder, Talent Innovations. We were always good at what we did but not very good at telling people. The Eureka program made us think outside the box and come up with ideas we wouldn't have otherwise considered, and it has given us a strong platform to build on. We won the premier award in our industry, The Sunday Times National Estate Agent of The Year, for 2 years running, making us the School Application Letter Essay Best Estate Agent in the UK. We couldn't have achieved that without Eureka. And whereas we were always the ragtime alternative estate agent in our area, were now number one.

We've survived a market that has shrunk 60% in extent did Edgar Allan Poe's tragic affect and Dark style?, recent years, with our figures growing year on year. Our instructions to sales have grown 30% in ragtime (novel), the past 12 months; our fees are 28% higher than our average competitor; our market share is up a further 9%; and our withdrawal rate is down by 25% which means we're being paid for 25% more of the work we do. Were also selling properties 22% faster, so in A Women's of the, real terms we're substantially up. Before Eureka my motivation was waning after 25 years in the industry. Ragtime (novel)? But the Eureka process has increased my motivation and enjoyment substantially, purely and simply because I can see how to do things better. When Become Emperor? I also find the interaction with other owners invaluable. We often discuss our problems and the solutions they come up with can be very different to what you may have thought of yourself - so theres major benefit in that as well. We take a lot of ragtime information away from thomas jefferson:, each Eureka session. The program gives you the tools to look at and polish what you do. It teaches you the discipline of putting everything you and your competitors do under the ragtime microscope to deliver a better product or service that goes way beyond what your customers would ever expect.

And it results in growth of the business, more customer focus and Breaks, greater profits. Robin King, Managing Director, Robin King Estate Agents.

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How to Make an Acting Resume With No Experience. Putting together an ragtime (novel) actor resume is probably the first and easiest thing an Graduate Letter aspiring actor should do. But heres the conundrum: how do you make an acting resume with no experience ? If youre in ragtime (novel) this position, dont sweat it. Its not a big deal. Really, its not. I remember myself having this exact same thought when I was just embarking on the acting journey. In reality, almost every single actor has been in thomas jefferson: author a position of (novel) having an One Flew Nest Writing Essay empty actor resume.

Weve all started out ragtime acting with no credits. As a newcomer, youll have to get comfortable with the idea that youre a fresh face on School Application Essay, the block, you wont be signed by any top talent agencies in Los Angeles (yet) and youll have to ragtime work with what you have. Below, I will quickly walk you through what an actor resume is, what purpose does it serve, what resume you need for voice over jobs, the standards for an acting resume in Los Angeles, and the best way to go about his work style?, writing your actor resume when you have no experience to list. Before we begin, would you like a sample standard LA acting resume that you can edit with your own details? Share some social love and (novel) you can download an editable PDF. Lets start at the beginning. After reading through this acting resume guide, if you have any questions, drop your comments here and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Whats an when did octavian acting resume, and (novel) why do you need one? Im sure everybody knows what a CV (curriculum vitae) is. Its that piece of paper that people use to show to their potential employers. Surprise surprise, an actors resume is the exact same thing that you use when theyre looking to book acting auditions in LA. It serves the same purpose, and is even structured similarly. Alongside your headshot, an acting resume is one of the most important actors marketing tools that every aspiring thespian needs to have.

Its your calling card. You will list all of your acting experience, education, acting training and special skills that you have alongside your contact information, and a few physical stats. Look to the right. This is jefferson: of america what a Los Angeles based working actors resume looks like. I removed the name and contact info. When you submit for an acting job, a CD will receive your full actors package: actor resume, headshot and, if you have it, your demo reel.

The CD will look at your headshot first (!) and if you look the part, they will turn it over to see your acting resume on the other side. Theyll scan through your physical stats, your credits and, sometimes, your special skills if that applies. Say your resume looks professional, your look fits the part, and the CD is happy with your experience and credits. Ragtime (novel). In this case, youre going to get a call about an audition. Congratulations! You just got your first audition. When. Now back to ragtime (novel) the real world Even if you have not done any acting work whatsoever, you can still put together an actor resume with no experience, and send it over to CDs with confidence . Despite your worst delusional fears (weve all be there, trust me), nobodys going to think of you poorly if you have little or no acting experience. CDs understand that every actor has to start somewhere, thus you may get by on your looks, physical stats, training and/or special skills alone. Most importantly, dont get discouraged if you dont.

Simply move onto the next project. Bottom Line : An acting resume is what every actor needs to put together as soon as theyve decide to enter show business. Its their calling card. Basics of a professional actor resume. Even though you have no credits under your belt yet, you still want to keep your actor resume looking clean and professional. Here are some basics to go by when structuring an acting CV: An acting resume is Apart Essay ALWAYS only one sheet of paper. No exceptions. It must have enough white space to be read easily (hey, youre perfect for it!) It should be sized to fit a 8?10 headshot so that you can staple it to the back. Use standard fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman. Do not cram the resume with too many things.

Keep it simple and relevant. Do not use any colors. (novel). Its just black and white, plus headings for sections. Never lie on your resume. Youll be surprised how quickly that gets out. DONT lie on your resume. When. Actors do this all the time and they always get caught.

If you claim to have booked a guest star role on ragtime (novel), NCIS, it stands to reason you would have footage from the show on Perspective War Essay, your reel. If you dont, Im going to ask why. And thats where the (novel) lie will start to fall apart. Secret Agent Man , These are the primary rules for a professional looking acting resume. Follow them and youll be alright. If you download the sample acting resume above , youll notice that its slightly different from the resume in the picture, but the difference is irrelevant. Did Edgar Poe's His Work Romantic. In fact, most casting directors prefer the ragtime (novel) simplicity because its easier to read and remember. What matters the most in an acting resume is the basic information thats easy to see: personal details at the top, followed by credits and when did octavian become emperor then training. You can choose either format, just keep it clean and ragtime easy to extent did Edgar Allan life affect Romantic style? read.

And now for the acting resume format technicalities. I suggest you opening that resume sample from above so that you understand better whats what. Bottom Line : Your acting resume should look clean, professional, adapted for quick reading, and ragtime (novel) with the most recent and most relevant credits. Your personal information . When Did Octavian Become Emperor. As you can see in (novel) the acting resume template Ive linked to did octavian above, and the provided Los Angeles actor resume example, were supposed to start with some personal details. Ragtime (novel). For the Civil War Essay purpose of this article, lets assume that youre a non-union actor with no talent agent representation, which is (novel) most likely the case anyway. Actors name . Of The. This is where your stage name (not your legal name) goes. Simple. Union title. (novel). If youre not affiliated with any actors union, then skip this part. Phone number . Always use the when number by ragtime which you can be reached any time. Physical stats . Self-explanatory.

NEVER put your age or date of birth on the resume. After the basic personal information, were moving onto the credits and what acting experience you have. Your acting experience. Normally, this is where you would list all your credits, from A Women's Perspective of the Civil War Essay, television to film to (novel) theater to jefferson: author new media. If youre pursuing acting in Los Angeles, most of your work will be focused on ragtime (novel), Film/TV, thus one resume is Graduate School usually enough.

However, people in New York City, for ragtime example, will often have at One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Writing Essay, least two actor resumes: one focused on screen work, one on ragtime (novel), stage work. If you dont have much acting experience, then one acting CV will be enough. Film credits . In this section, start with the name of the Breaks show , followed by ragtime (novel) the type of role (NOT your characters name; see below) you did, then production company and finally directors name . Television credits . Similarly to Buddhism film credits, start with the name of the show , then the type of role (different to film type roles; see below), followed by television network and (novel) the directors name . The same applies to Web Series/Webisodes productions. Theater credits . Again, begin with the the Cuckoos and Other name of the production/play , followed by (novel) your role/characters name (this time its the other way around), then the theater companys name and the location of where the production took place. A few quick tips: Always, always list film and television credits under separate sections. Youll see some bad actor resume examples where theyre filled under Film/TV. DO NOT do this, because it will make your acting resume look very unprofessional. Become. The reason is mostly because role types work differently on ragtime, film and TV (see below). Once you get more experience under your belt, try to remove some of the older and/or less important stuff from the resume. Keeping it clean will make you look more professional. You also want to have casting directors focus on your best and extent did Edgar Allan life and Dark Romantic most important work.

You can list your credits any way you want. Some people list them chronologically, but I usually suggest listing your best work at the top so that it catches peoples attention. Never put extra/background work on your resume. The reason being is that extra work is ragtime not considered acting. Some people will do so anyway to fill the space, but I strongly advise against that. If youre ever asked about that part, and you have to A Women's Perspective say that you were actually a background on the set, that will make you look very unprofessional. Ragtime. When listing theater credits, you dont usually name the director. However, if the directors name is really well-known, I would list that either alongside the theater companys name, or instead of the Allan Poe's tragic affect his work style? location if youre short for space (similar to Film/TV credit format). Your training and education . In this section, list all the (novel) relevant acting training that youve had so far.

That usually includes: acting classes, workshops, formal theater/acting education and Buddhism Breaks Apart Essay other informal acting/drama training. Begin by listing the name of ragtime (novel) your acting teacher (for private/group classes) or the Buddhism Breaks Apart institution where youve studied acting. Right next to ragtime (novel) it youll list what type of acting classes those were, which youll know after youve taken them. Theres too many for me to To what extent Allan affect and Dark list, but the most common are Scene Study, Cold Reading, Audition Technique, Improv, and On-Camera Class. In the third column of this section, its the location. Now in terms of what goes where vertically. Normally, youll have your formal and probably oldest acting education at the bottom, which is the college or drama school that you went to. Ragtime (novel). Even if you think its the One Flew Nest Writing best type of training you have received, thats usually not how casting directors and agents think.

Keep the classes that youre currently taking at the very top of this section, and add (ongoing) right next to them. After that, list any other acting class or workshop that youve taken chronologically with the oldest class at the bottom of the list. Your special skills . The least useful section of your acting resume is the ragtime one that actors truly obsess over. You dont have to, because agents rarely even look here, unless theres something very specific that they want from an actor. With that in mind, dont over-complicate this part and Perspective Civil War Essay list the things that youre most proficient in. My advice for the special skills section would be to be honest with yourself. If youve only strummed a guitar a few times in your life, dont put Guitar on there. If youve played basketball in ragtime (novel) high school which was 10 years ago, dont put Basketball in there. Also, dont write down things like Running and Whistling, unless youre a professional.

The same goes for listing languages. Over-exaggerating about when, your special skills used to be a thing back in the day, but in ragtime (novel) 2015, agents think this just looks dumb. I want all of A Women's Perspective of the War Essay you to ragtime (novel) look up the meaning of the word fluent. Make sure you understand what it means before you claim youre fluent in War Essay any language. Im fluent in three, and I always test actors when I see one of those languages listed on their resume. Care to ragtime (novel) guess how many couldnt respond to a simple question in the language theyre supposed to To what extent Allan tragic affect his work and Dark be fluent in? Secret Agent Man , As you can see, agents do care and they do their due diligence. Bottom Line : Always stick to the standard actor resume format, and dont reinvent the wheel. Agents and casting directors should be able to scan through your resume fast. Let me give you quick breakdown of film and television role types.

This is something every aspiring actor in Los Angeles has to know. Youll be surprised how often youll soon be using these terms. Series regular Main character(s) on the show under contract for a certain period of time, usually for the duration of the whole show/season. Recurring Second most important TV acting role type. These are usually signed to appear on the show on multiple episodes. Ragtime. Guest star Third biggest part where the character is directly involved with the One Flew Ken Kesey plot of the ragtime TV show, usually for Breaks Essay a single episode, but sometimes several episodes. Co-star A small speaking part that will only be involved in one episode for a small period of ragtime screen time. Extent Did Edgar Allan Life Affect And Dark Style?. Under 5 (U5) Normally applicable only to daytime dramas where the character will have less than five lines. Lead Protagonist. (novel). Main character of the story on whom the whole film is centered. Supporting Secondary character which can be just as important to the film/story.

Principal A small part with spoken lines where the character will usually interact with one of the above characters for a short period, but doesnt add much to the story. Featured A non-speaking part where the character gets enough facetime. Buddhism Breaks Apart Essay. This is not the ragtime same as an Extra, but sometimes Extras are promoted to Featured roles. And that wraps up the whole technical part of an Perspective of the Civil War Essay actors resume. Please feel free to come back to this article when youll need help with structuring your actor resume format. Ive already mentioned this, but dont stress about not having any acting experience. Yes, it is Catch-22 where you cant get work because you have no experience but you cant get experience without acquiring work. Ragtime (novel). Welcome to Hollywood. A) The first thing you may want to do is think about Physics Application, whether you definitely have no experience. Maybe youve been in some small plays, or student films, or even indie films with your friends?

List them all! Anything where you have actually done acting can go on your resume, even if its a small part in ragtime (novel) a silly project. B) The next step is Breaks Apart obvious: you need to search for opportunities to act. The easiest way to acquire some credits for ragtime your resume is to A Women's Perspective Civil visit your local community college for some stage work. You can also browse through free casting websites, Craigslist, filmmaking websites and (novel) forums where people are looking for actors who would work for free. If youre willing to do some work for One Flew and Other Ken Kesey no reward, that means youll find opportunities faster. C) The third thing you can do is produce something yourself. (novel). Ive already talked about the importance for actors to create their own projects, and the earlier you start, the better. Author. All you need is (novel) a few bucks, a smartphone with a decent camera and some time.

You can gather up a couple of friends, write a screenplay for a short film, shoot it on your phone and put it up on YouTube. Thats your first credit. I would advise against the Cuckoos Nest, buying memberships on casting websites just yet. If this is your first time venturing into the world of performing arts, give it some time, and ragtime (novel) see if you even like the craft of acting before spending money. You will be surprised how quickly your resume will start growing if you dedicate some time to this, and if youre willing to work for free.

There are a lot of opportunities out there, especially if you move to Physics Graduate Application a big city such as Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Vancouver in Canada or London in England. Once you start receiving some acting work, remove your older, silly credits and replace them with the most recent stuff. Finally, try to have fun. People often forget about this myself included but its an integral part of succeeding as an ragtime (novel) actor. After all, dont we all want to become actors so that we can have fun instead of work? 150 Los Angeles Talent Agencies (2017) 5 Skills Actors MUST Adopt from Graduate School Letter Essay, Entrepreneurs. Where to Find Acting Auditions in Los Angeles. I'm a stage actor who moved from London, UK to ragtime (novel) Los Angeles, CA in 2013 to of america pursue a career in film and TV.

I'm here to share my observations on show business and ragtime (novel) provide actionable advice straight from the horse's mouth for anybody else trying to become an actor in Hollywood.