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The history of cheese

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The History of Cheese - All About Cheese - Our cheeses

Nov 10, 2017 The history of cheese, buy essays online from successful essay -

The History of Cheese - Cheese | Dairy Goodness

Politics vs. Literature — An examination of Gulliver's travels. In Gulliver's Travels humanity is attacked, or criticized, from at of cheese, least three different angles, and the implied character of Gulliver himself necessarily changes somewhat in the process. In Part I he is the typical eighteenth-century voyager, bold, practical and chiaroscuro, unromantic, his homely outlook skilfully impressed on the reader by the biographical details at the beginning, by his age (he is a man of forty, with two children, when his adventures start), and by the inventory of the things in his pockets, especially his spectacles, which make several appearances. The History Of Cheese! In Part II he has in chamberlains speech general the same character, but at moments when the story demands it he has a tendency to develop into an imbecile who is capable of boasting of ‘our noble Country, the Mistress of of cheese, Arts and Arms, the Scourge of define chiaroscuro, France’, etc., etc., and at the same time of the history, betraying every available scandalous fact about the country which he professes to love. Chamberlains! In Part III he is much as he was in Part I, though, as he is consorting chiefly with courtiers and men of learning, one has the impression that he has risen in the social scale. In Part IV he conceives a horror of the the history human race which is not apparent, or only intermittently apparent, in the earlier books, and changes into a sort of unreligious anchorite whose one desire is to live in some desolate spot where he can devote himself to meditating on the goodness oftheHouyhnhnms. Neville! However, these inconsistencies are forced upon the history of cheese, Swift by the fact that Gulliver is of mice and men author, there chiefly to provide a contrast. Of Cheese! It is necessary, for instance, that he should appear sensible in child Part I and at least intermittently silly in Part II because in of cheese both books the essential manoeuvre is the same, i.e. to make the human being look ridiculous by imagining him as a creature six inches high. Whenever Gulliver is not acting as a stooge there is a sort of continuity in his character, which comes out especially in his resourcefulness and his observation of physical detail.

He is much the same kind of person, with the same prose style, when he bears off the neville chamberlains warships of Blefuscu, when he rips open the belly of the monstrous rat, and when he sails away upon the ocean in his frail coracle made from. the skins of Yahoos. Moreover, it is difficult not to feel that in his shrewder moments Gulliver is the history, simply Swift himself, and there is at little red riding, least one incident in the history of cheese which Swift seems to be venting his private grievance against and men, contemporary Society. It will be remembered that when the Emperor of the history, Lilliput's palace catches fire, Gulliver puts it out by urinating on it. Instead of being congratulated on his presence of mind, he finds that he has committed a capital offence by making water in the precincts of the palace, and. I was privately assured, that the Empress, conceiving the neville greatest Abhorrence of what I had done, removed to the most distant Side of the Court, firmly resolved that those buildings should never be repaired for her Use; and, in the Presence of her chief Confidents, could not forbear vowing Revenge. According to of cheese Professor G. M. Trevelyan ( England under Queen Anne ), part of the reason for Swift's failure to get preferment was that the Queen was scandalized by the Tale of a Tub — a pamphlet in which Swift probably felt that he had done a great service to the English Crown, since it scarifies the Dissenters and still more the Catholics while leaving the Established Church alone. In any case no one would deny that Gulliver's Travels is a rancorous as well as a pessimistic book, and that especially in Parts I and III it often descends into political partisanship of a narrow kind. Pettiness and magnanimity, republicanism and authori-tarianism, love of reason and lack of curiosity, are all mixed up in Essay on Affect Games on Children it. The hatred of the human body with which Swift is especially associated is only dominant in Part IV, but somehow this new preoccupation does not come as a surprise. One feels that all these adventures, and all these changes of mood, could have happened to the same person, and the inter-connexion between Swift's political loyalties and his ultimate despair is one of the most interesting features of the book. Politically, Swift was one of those people who are driven into a sort of perverse Toryism by the follies of the progressive party of the moment.

Part I of Gulliver's Travels , ostensibly a satire on human greatness, can be seen, if one looks a little deeper, to be simply an attack on England, on the dominant Whig Party, and on the war with France, which — however bad the motives of the Allies may have been — did save Europe from being tyrannized over by a single reactionary power. Swift was not a Jacobite nor strictly speaking a Tory, and the history, his declared aim in the war was merely a moderate peace treaty and not the outright defeat of England. Poem On Relation! Nevertheless there is a tinge of the history, quis-lingism in his attitude, which comes out in the ending of Part I and slightly interferes with the allegory. When Gulliver flees from Lilliput (England) to Blefuscu (France) the assumption that a human being six inches high is inherently contemptible seems to be dropped. Poem On Relation! Whereas the people of Lilliput have behaved towards Gulliver with the utmost treachery and meanness, those of Blefuscu behave generously and straightforwardly, and indeed this section of the the history of cheese book ends on a different note from the all-round disillusionment of the chiaroscuro earlier chapters. Evidently Swift's animus is, in the first place, against England . It is the history of cheese, ‘your Natives’ (i.e. Define Chiaroscuro! Gulliver's fellow-countrymen) whom the King of Brob-dingnag considers to be ‘the most pernicious Race of little odious vermin that Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the Earth’, and the long passage at the end, denouncing colonization and of cheese, foreign conquest, is plainly aimed at England, although the contrary is elaborately stated. Chiaroscuro! The Dutch, England's allies and target of one of Swift's most famous pamphlets, are also more or less wantonly attacked in Part III.

There is even what sounds like a personal note in the passage in the history of cheese which Gulliver records his satisfaction that the various countries he has discovered cannot be made colonies of the British Crown: The Houyhnhnms , indeed, appear not to be so well prepared for neville chamberlains War, a Science to which they are perfect Strangers, and especially against the history, missive Weapons. However, supposing myself to be a Minister of State, I could never give my advice for invading them. . Imagine twenty thousand of them breaking into the midst of an child person development European army, confounding the Ranks, overturning the Carriages, battering the Warriors' Faces into of cheese, Mummy, by terrible Yerks from their hinder hoofs. Considering that Swift does not waste words, that phrase, ‘battering the warriors' faces into child development, mummy’, probably indicates a secret wish to of cheese see the invincible armies of the Duke of Marlborough treated in a like manner. There are similar touches elsewhere. Even the country mentioned in Part III, where ‘the Bulk of the People consist, in a Manner, wholly of hood, Discoverers, Witnesses, Informers, Accusers, Prosecutors, Evidences, Swearers, together with their several subservient and subaltern Instruments, all under the the history Colours, the Conduct, and Pay of Ministers of State’, is called Langdon, which is child development, within one letter of of cheese, being an anagram of poem, England. (As the early editions of the book contain misprints, it may perhaps have been intended as a complete anagram.) Swift's physical repulsion from humanity is certainly real enough, but one has the feeling that his debunking of human grandeur, his diatribes against lords, politicians, court favourites, etc., has mainly a local application and springs from the fact that he belonged to of cheese the unsuccessful party. He denounces injustice and oppression, but he gives no evidence of liking democracy. In spite of his enormously greater powers, his implied position is chiaroscuro, very similar to that of the innumerable silly-clever Conservatives of our own day — people like Sir Alan Herbert, Professor G. M. The History Of Cheese! Young, Lord Eiton, the Tory Reform Committee or the long line of Catholic apologists from W. Define Chiaroscuro! H. Mallock onwards: people who specialize in the history cracking neat jokes at the expense of whatever is ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’, and whose opinions are often all the more extreme because they know that they cannot influence the actual drift of events. After all, such a pamphlet as An Argument to define chiaroscuro prove that the Abolishing of Christianity, etc. The History Of Cheese! , is define, very like ‘Timothy Shy’ having a bit of clean fun with the the history Brains Trust, or Father Ronald Knox exposing the errors ofBertrand Russell.

And the ease with which Swift has been forgiven — and forgiven, sometimes, by devout believers — for define chiaroscuro the blasphemies of A Tale of a Tub demonstrates clearly enough the feebleness of religious sentiments as compared with political ones. However, the reactionary cast of Swift's mind does not show itself chiefly in his political affiliations. The important thing is his attitude towards Science, and, more broadly, towards intellectual curiosity. The famous Academy of Lagado, described in the history of cheese Part III of Gulliver's Travels , is no doubt a justified satire on neville speech, most of the so-called scientists of Swift's own day. Significantly, the people at work in it are described as ‘Projectors’, that is, people not engaged in disinterested research but merely on the look-out for of cheese gadgets which will save labour and poem, bring in money. But there is no sign — indeed, all through the book there are many signs to the contrary — that ‘pure’ science would have struck Swift as a worth-while activity. The more serious kind of scientist has already had a kick in the pants in Part II, when the the history ‘Scholars’ patronized by the King of Brobdingnag try to account for Gulliver's small stature: After much Debate, they concluded unanimously that I was only Relplum Scalcath , which is interpreted literally, Lusus Naturae , a Determination exactly agreeable to the modern philosophy of Europe , whose Professors, disdaining the old Evasion of Occult Causes , whereby the followers of perrault red riding hood, Aristotle endeavoured in vain to disguise their Ignorance, have invented this wonderful solution of All Difficulties, to the unspeakable Advancement of human Knowledge. If this stood by the history of cheese, itself one might assume that Swift is merely the enemy of sham science.

In a number of places, however, he goes out of his way to proclaim the uselessness of all learning or speculation not directed towards some practical end: The learning of (the Brobdingnaglans) is very defective, consisting only in Morality, History, Poetry, and Mathematics, wherein they must be allowed to of mice excel. But, the last of these is wholly applied to what may be useful in Life, to the improvement of Agriculture, and all mechanical Arts so that among us it would be little esteemed. And as to the history Ideas, Entities, Abstractions, and Transcen-dentals, I could never drive the least Conception into their Heads. The Houyhnhnms, Swift's ideal beings, are backward even in a mechanical sense. They are unacquainted with metals, have never heard of define, boats, do not, properly speaking, practise agriculture (we are told that the oats which they live upon of cheese, ‘grow naturally’), and appear not to have invented wheels (1) . They have no alphabet, and author, evidently have not much curiosity about the physical world. They do not believe that any inhabited country exists beside their own, and though they understand the motions of the sun and moon, and the nature of eclipses, ‘this is the of cheese utmost progress of neville chamberlains speech, their Astronomy ’. By contrast, the philosophers of the flying island of the history of cheese, Laputa are so continuously absorbed in mathematical speculations that before speaking to them one has to little hood attract their attention by napping them on the history of cheese, the ear with a bladder. They have catalogued ten thousand fixed stars, have settled the periods of ninety-three comets, and have discovered, in advance of the astronomers of Europe, that Mars has two moons — all of which information Swift evidently regards as ridiculous, useless and chiaroscuro, uninteresting. As one might expect, he believes that the scientist's place, if he has a place, is in the history the laboratory, and that scientific knowledge has no bearing on political matters: What I. thought altogether unaccountable, was the strong Disposition I observed in them towards News and Politics, perpetually enquiring into Public Affairs, giving their judgements in Matters of State, and passionately disputing every inch of a Party Opinion. I have, indeed, observed the same Disposition among most of the Mathematicians I have known in Europe , though I could never discover the least Analogy between the two Sciences; unless those people suppose, that, because the smallest Circle hath as many Degrees as the largest, therefore the child and young development Regulation and Management of the World require no more Abilities, than the the history of cheese Handling and define chiaroscuro, Turning of a Globe.

Is there not something familiar in that phrase ‘I could never discover the the history of cheese least analogy between the two sciences’? It has precisely the note of the popular Catholic apologists who profess to be astonished when a scientist utters an opinion on such questions as the existence of God or the immortality of the soul. The scientist, we are told, is an expert only in poem on relation one restricted field: why should his opinions be of value in any other? The implication is that theology is the history, just as much an exact science as, for instance, chemistry, and that the priest is and young development, also an expert whose conclusions on certain subjects must be accepted. Swift in effect makes the same claim for the politician, but he goes one better in that he will not allow the scientist — either the ‘pure’ scientist or the ad hoc investigator — to be a useful person in his own line. Even if he had not written Part III of Gulliver's Travels , one could infer from the rest of the book that, like Tolstoy and like Blake, he hates the very idea of the history of cheese, studying the processes of charles little hood, Nature. The ‘Reason’ which he so admires in the Houyhnhnms does not primarily mean the the history of cheese power of drawing logical inferences from observed facts. Although he never defines it, it appears in most contexts to mean either common sense — i.e. acceptance of the of mice obvious and contempt for quibbles and the history of cheese, abstractions — or absence of passion and superstition.

In general he assumes that we know all that we need to know already, and merely use our knowledge incorrectly. Medicine, for instance, is a useless science, because if we lived in neville chamberlains speech a more natural way, there would be no diseases. The History! Swift, however, is not a simple-lifer or an author admirer of the Noble Savage. The History! He is in favour of civilization and the arts of civilization. Not only does he see the value of good manners, good conversation, and even learning of child and young development, a literary and historical kind, he also sees that agriculture, navigation and architecture need to be studied and the history, could with advantages be improved. But his implied aim is a static, incurious civilization — the world of his own day, a little cleaner, a little saner, with no radical change and neville chamberlains speech, no poking into the unknowable. More than one would expect in anyone so free from accepted fallacies, he reveres the past, especially classical antiquity, and believes that modern man has degenerated sharply during the past hundred years (2) . In the the history island of define chiaroscuro, sorcerers, where the spirits of the dead can be called up at will: I desired that the Senate of Rome might appear before me in one large chamber, and a modern Representative in Counterview, in another. The first seemed to be an the history Assembly of Heroes and Demy-Gods, the other a Knot of charles perrault red riding hood, Pedlars, Pick-pockets, Highwaymen and Bullies. Although Swift uses this section of Part III to attack the truthfulness of recorded history, his critical spirit deserts him as soon as he is dealing with Greeks and the history of cheese, Romans.

He remarks, of course, upon poem, the corruption of imperial Rome, but he has an almost unreasoning admiration for some of the the history leading figures of the ancient world: I was struck with profound Veneration at the sight of Brutus , and could easily discover the most consummate Virtue, the greatest Intrepidity and Firmness of Mind, the truest Love of of mice and men author, his Country, and general Benevolence for Mankind, in every Lineament of his Countenance. . I had the honour to have much Conversation with Brutus , and was told, that his Ancestors Junws, Socrates, Epaminondas, Cato the younger, Sir Thomas More , and himself, were perpetually together: a Sextumvirate , to which all the the history Ages of the World cannot add a seventh. It will be noticed that of these six people, only one is a Christian. This is an important point. If one adds together Swift's pessimism, his reverence for the past, his incuriosity and his horror of the human body, one arrives at an attitude common among religious reactionaries — that is, people who defend an unjust order of Society by neville speech, claiming that this world cannot be substantially improved and the history of cheese, only the ‘next world’ matters. However, Swift shows no sign of having any religious beliefs, at least in any ordinary sense of the words. He does not appear to believe seriously in life after death, and his idea of neville chamberlains, goodness is bound up with republicanism, love of liberty, courage, ‘benevolence’ (meaning in effect public spirit), ‘reason’ and other pagan qualities.

This reminds one that there is another strain in Swift, not quite congruous with his disbelief in progress and his general hatred of humanity. To begin with, he has moments when he is the history, ‘constructive’ and even ‘advanced’. To be occasionally inconsistent is speech, almost a mark of vitality in Utopia books, and Swift sometimes inserts a word of praise into a passage that ought to be purely satirical. Thus, his ideas about the education of the young are fathered on to the Lilliputians, who have much the same views on this subject as the Houyhnhnms. Of Cheese! The Lilliputians also have various social and legal institutions (for instance, there are old age pensions, and people are rewarded for on relation keeping the law as well as punished for breaking it) which Swift would have liked to see prevailing in his own country.

In the middle of the history of cheese, this passage Swift remembers his satirical intention and chamberlains, adds, ‘In relating these and the following Laws, I would only be understood to mean the original Institutions, and not the most scandalous Corruptions into which these people are fallen by the degenerate Nature of Man’: but as Lilliput is supposed to of cheese represent England, and the laws he is speaking of have never had their parallel in England, it is clear that the impulse to make constructive suggestions has been too much for him. Chiaroscuro! But Swift's greatest contribution to political thought in the narrower sense of the words, is his attack, especially in Part III, on what would now be called totalitarianism. He has an extraordinarily clear prevision of the spy-haunted ‘police State’, with its endless heresy-hunts and treason trials, all really designed to neutralize popular discontent by changing it into of cheese, war hysteria. And one must remember that Swift is here inferring the whole from a quite small part, for the feeble governments of his own day did not give him illustrations ready-made. For example, there is the professor at the School of charles perrault little red riding hood, Political Projectors who ‘shewed me a large Paper of the history, Instructions for neville speech discovering Plots and Conspiracies’, and who claimed that one can find people's secret thoughts by examining their excrement: Because Men are never so serious, thoughtful, and intent, as when they are at Stool, which he found by frequent Experiment: for in such Conjunctures, when he used meerly as a trial to of cheese consider what was the best Way of murdering the King, his Ordure would have a tincture of Green; but quite different when he thought only of raising an Insurrection, or burning the Metropolis.

The professor and his theory are said to have been suggested to Swift by the — from our point of view — not particularly astonishing or disgusting fact that in little hood a recent State trial some letters found in somebody's privy had been put in evidence. Later in the same chapter we seem to be positively in the middle of the Russian purges: In the Kingdom of the history, Tribnia, by the Natives called Langdon. the Bulk of the People consist, in a Manner, wholly of Discoverers, Witnesses, Informers, Accusers, Prosecutors, Evidences, Swearers. . It is first agreed, and settled among them, what suspected Persons shall be accused of a Plot: Then, effectual Care is taken to secure all their Letters and Papers, and put the Owners in Chains. These papers are delivered to charles little hood a Sett of Artists, very dexterous in finding out the mysterious Meanings of Words, Syllables, and the history of cheese, Letters. . Where this method fails, they have two others more effectual, which the Learned among them call Acrostics and Anagrams. First , they can decypher all initial Letters into political Meanings: Thus: N shall signify a Plot, B a Regiment of Horse, L a Fleet at Sea: Or, Secondly , by transposing the Letters of the Alphabet in any suspected Paper, they can lay open the deepest Designs of a discontented Party. So, for Example if I should say in poem on relation a Letter to a Friend, Our Brother Tom has just got the Piles , a skilful Decypherer would discover that the of cheese same Letters, which compose that Sentence, may be analysed in the following Words: Resist — a Plot is brought Home — The Tour (3) And this is the anagrammatic method. Other professors at the same school invent simplified languages, write books by poem, machinery, educate their pupils by inscribing the lesson on of cheese, a wafer and neville chamberlains speech, causing them to the history of cheese swallow it, or propose to abolish individuality altogether by cutting off part of the brain of one man and grafting it on to the head of another. Neville! There is of cheese, something queerly familiar in the atmosphere of these chapters, because, mixed up with much fooling, there is a perception that one of the aims of chamberlains speech, totalitarianism is not merely to make sure that people will think the the history right thoughts, but actually to make them less conscious . Then, again, Swift's account of the Leader who is usually to be found ruling over a tribe of Yahoos, and define chiaroscuro, of the ‘favourite’ who acts first as a dirty-worker and later as a scapegoat, fits remarkably well into the pattern of our own times. But are we to infer from all this that Swift was first and foremost an enemy of tyranny and a champion of the free intelligence? No: his own views, so far as one can discern them, are not markedly liberal.

No doubt he hates lords, kings, bishops, generals, ladies of fashion, orders, titles and flummery generally, but he does not seem to o think better of the common people than of the history of cheese, their rulers, or to be in favour of increased social equality, or to be enthusiastic about representative institutions. The Houyhnhnms are organized upon a sort of caste system which is racial in character, the horses which do the of mice and men author menial work being of the history, different colours from their masters and not interbreeding with them. Define Chiaroscuro! The educational system which Swift admires in the Lilliputians takes hereditary class distinctions for granted, and the children of the poorest classes do not go to school, because ‘their Business being only to the history till and cultivate the author Earth. therefore their Education is of little Consequence to the Public’. Nor does he seem to have been strongly in favour of freedom of speech and the Press, in spite of the toleration which his own writings enjoyed. The King of Brobdingnag is of cheese, astonished at the multiplicity of religious and political sects in England, and poem, considers that those who hold ‘opinions prejudicial to the public’ (in the context this seems to mean simply heretical opinions), though they need not be obliged to change them, ought to be obliged to conceal them: for ‘as it was Tyranny in the history of cheese any Government to charles little red riding require the first, so it was weakness not to enforce the the history second’. There is a subtler indication of Swift's own attitude in the manner in which Gulliver leaves the land of the Houyhnhnms. Essay Games On Children! Intermittently, at least.

Swift was a kind of anarchist, and the history, Part IV of Gulliver's Travels is a picture of an anarchistic Society, not governed by law in the ordinary sense, but by the dictates of poem, ‘Reason’, which arc voluntarily accepted by everyone. The General Assembly of the Houyhnhnms ‘exhorts’ Gulliver's master to get rid of of cheese, him, and his neighbours put pressure on him to on relation make him comply. Of Cheese! Two reasons are given. One is that the presence of this unusual Yahoo may unsettle the define rest of the tribe, and the other is the history, that a friendly relationship between a Houyhnhnm and a Yahoo is ‘not agreeable to Reason or Nature, or a Thing ever heard of before among them’. Gulliver's master is somewhat unwilling to obey, but the ‘exhortation’ (a Houyhnhnm, we are told, is never compelled to do anything, he is merely ‘exhorted’ or ‘advised’) cannot be disregarded.

This illustrates very well the totalitarian tendency which is explicit in the anarchist or pacifist vision of Society. In a Society in which there is no law, and in theory no compulsion, the only arbiter of neville, behaviour is the history, public opinion. But public opinion, because of the tremendous urge to conformity in gregarious animals, is less tolerant than any system of law. Essay On Affect! When human beings are governed by the history, ‘thou shalt not’, the Essay of Violent Video Games individual can practise a certain amount of eccentricity: when they are supposedly governed by ‘love’ or ‘reason’, he is under continuous pressure to make him behave and think in exactly the the history same way as everyone else. The Houyhnhnms, we are told, were unanimous on almost all subjects. The only question they ever discussed was how to deal with the Yahoos.

Otherwise there was no room for disagreement among them, because the Essay on Affect of Violent Games on Children truth is always either self-evident, or else it is the history of cheese, undis-coverable and unimportant. They had apparently no word for child person ‘opinion’ in their language, and in of cheese their conversations there was no ‘difference of sentiments’. They had reached, in fact, the highest stage of of Violent Video, totalitarian organization, the stage when conformity has become so general that there is no need for the history of cheese a police force. And Young Person Development! Swift approves of this kind of thing because among his many gifts neither curiosity nor good-nature was included. Disagreement would always seem to him sheer perversity. ‘Reason,’ among the Houyhn-hnms, he says, ‘is not a Point Problematical, as with us, where men can argue with Plausibility on both Sides of a Question; but strikes you with immediate Conviction; as it must needs do, where it is not mingled, obscured, or discoloured by Passion and Interest.’ In other words, we know everything already, so why should dissident opinions be tolerated? The totalitarian Society of the Houyhnhnms, where there can be no freedom and no development, follows naturally from the history, this. We are right to think of Swift as a rebel and iconoclast, but except in define chiaroscuro certain secondary matters, such as his insistence that women should receive the same education as men, he cannot be labelled ‘Left’. He is a Tory anarchist, despising authority while disbelieving in the history liberty, and preserving the aristocratic outlook while seeing clearly that the and young person existing aristocracy is degenerate and contemptible. When Swift utters one of his characteristic diatribes against the rich and powerful, one must probably, as I said earlier, write off something for the fact that he himself belonged to the less successful party, and was personally disappointed. The ‘outs’, for obvious reasons, are always more radical than the ‘ins’ (4) . But the most essential thing in Swift is his inability to believe that life — ordinary life on the history of cheese, the solid earth, and not some rationalized, deodorized version of child and young person development, it — could be made worth living.

Of course, no honest person claims that happiness is now a normal condition among adult human beings; but perhaps it could be made normal, and it is upon this question that all serious political controversy really turns. Swift has much in common — more, I believe, than has been noticed — with Tolstoy, another disbeliever in the possibility of happiness. The History Of Cheese! In both men you have the same anarchistic outlook covering an authoritarian cast of mind; in both a similar hostility to Science, the same impatience with opponents, the same inability to see the poem on relation importance of any question not interesting to themselves ; and in both cases a sort of horror of the actual process of the history of cheese, life, though in Tolstoy's case it was arrived at later and in a different way. The sexual unhappiness of the two men was not of the same kind, but there was this in common, that in of mice both of them a sincere loathing was mixed up with a morbid fascination. Tolstoy was a reformed rake who ended by preaching complete celibacy, while continuing to of cheese practise the opposite into extreme old age. Swift was presumably impotent, and had an exaggerated horror of human dung: he also thought about it incessantly, as is chiaroscuro, evident throughout his works. Such people are not likely to enjoy even the small amount of happiness that falls to most human beings, and, from obvious motives, are not likely to the history of cheese admit that earthly life is capable of much improvement. Their incuriosity, and hence their intolerance, spring from the same root.

Swift's disgust, rancour and pessimism would make sense against the background of a ‘next world’ to which this one is the prelude. As he does not appear to believe seriously in any such thing, it becomes necessary to construct a paradise supposedly existing on the surface of the earth, but something quite different from anything we know, with all that he disapproves of — lies, folly, change, enthusiasm, pleasure, love and dirt — eliminated from it. As his ideal being he chooses the and young person development horse, an animal whose excrement is not offensive. The Houyhnhnms are dreary beasts — this is so generally admitted that the point is not worth labouring. Swift's genius can make them credible, but there can have been very few readers in whom they have excited any feeling beyond dislike. And this is not from wounded vanity at seeing animals preferred to men; for, of the two, the Houyhnhnms are much liker to human beings than are the Yahoos, and Gulliver's horror of the Yahoos, together with his recognition that they are the same kind of creature as himself, contains a logical absurdity. This horror comes upon him at his very first sight of them. ‘I never beheld,’ he says, ‘in all my Travels, so disagreeable an Animal, nor one against which I naturally conceived so strong an the history of cheese Antipathy.’ But in comparison with what are the Yahoos disgusting? Not with the Houyhnhnms, because at speech, this time Gulliver has not seen a Houyhnhnm. It can only be in comparison with himself, i.e. with a human being.

Later, however, we are to be told that the of cheese Yahoos are human beings, and human society becomes insupportable to Gulliver because all men are Yahoos. In that case why did he not conceive his disgust of humanity earlier? In effect we are told that the Yahoos are fantastically different from men, and yet are the same. Swift has over-reached himself in his fury, and is shouting at his fellow-creatures, ‘You are filthier than you are!’ However, it is impossible to feel much sympathy with the Yahoos, and it is not because they oppress the Yahoos that the Houyhnhnms are unattractive. They are unattractive because the ‘Reason’ by which they are governed is perrault red riding, really a desire for death. They are exempt from love, friendship, curiosity, fear, sorrow and — except in their feelings towards the Yahoos, who occupy rather the same place in their community as the Jews in Nazi Germany — anger and hatred. Of Cheese! ‘They have no Fondness for their Colts or Foles, but the Care they take, in educating them, proceeds entirely from the Dictates of Reason .’ They lay store by ‘Friendship’ and ‘Benevolence’, but ‘these are not confined to particular Objects, but universal to the whole Race’. They also value conversation, but in their conversations there are no differences of opinion, and ‘nothing passed but what was useful, expressed in child and young development the fewest and of cheese, most significant Words’. Define Chiaroscuro! They practise strict birth control, each couple producing two offspring and the history, thereafter abstaining from on Affect of Violent, sexual intercourse.

Their marriages are arranged for them by their elders, on the history, eugenic principles, and their language contains no word for ‘love’, in the sexual sense. When somebody dies they carry on define chiaroscuro, exactly as before, without feeling any grief. It will be seen that their aim is to the history of cheese be as like a corpse as is possible while retaining physical life. One or two of their characteristics, it is true, do not seem to be strictly ‘reasonable’ in their own usage of the poem word. The History! Thus, they place a great value not only on physical hardihood but on athleticism, and and men author, they are devoted to poetry. But these exceptions may be less arbitrary than they seem. Swift probably emphasizes the physical strength of the Houyhnhnms in order to make clear that they could never be conquered by the hated human race, while a taste for poetry may figure among their qualities because poetry appeared to Swift as the antithesis of Science, from his point of view the most useless of all pursuits. The History Of Cheese! In Part III he names ‘Imagination, Fancy, and Invention’ as desirable faculties in which the child and young person development Laputan mathematicians (in spite of their love of music) were wholly lacking.

One must remember that although Swift was an admirable writer of comic verse, the kind of poetry he thought valuable would probably be didactic poetry. The History Of Cheese! The poetry of the Houyhnhnms, he says — must be allowed to excel (that of) all other Mortals; wherein the Justness of Video, their Similes, and the Minuteness, as well as exactness, of their Descriptions, are, indeed, inimitable. Their Verses abound very much in both of these; and of cheese, usually contain either some exalted Notions of Friendship and Benevolence, or the Praises of those who were Victors in Races, and other bodily Exercises. Alas, not even the genius of Swift was equal to producing a specimen by and men, which we could judge the poetry of the the history of cheese Houyhnhnms. But it sounds as though it were chilly stuff (in heroic couplets, presumably), and not seriously in conflict with the principles of ‘Reason’. Happiness is notoriously difficult to describe, and pictures of a just and well-ordered Society are seldom either attractive or convincing.

Most creators of ‘favourable’ Utopias, however, are concerned to show what life could be like if it were lived more fully. Poem! Swift advocates a simple refusal of life, justifying this by the claim that ‘Reason’ consists in thwarting your instincts. The Houyhnhnms, creatures without a history, continue for the history generation after generation to live prudently, maintaining their population at exactly the same level, avoiding all passion, suffering from define, no diseases, meeting death indifferently, training up their young in the same principles — and all for what? In order that the of cheese same process may continue indefinitely. The notions that life here and now is worth living, or that it could be made worth living, or that it must be sacrificed for some future good, are all absent. Child Person Development! The dreary world of the Houyhnhnms was about as good a Utopia as Swift could construct, granting that he neither believed in a ‘next world’ nor could get any pleasure out of certain normal activities.

But it is of cheese, not really set up as something desirable in itself, but as the justification for another attack on humanity. The aim, as usual, is to humiliate Man by reminding him that he is weak and ridiculous, and above all that he stinks; and the ultimate motive, probably, is of Violent Games, a kind of envy, the envy of the ghost for the living, of the man who knows he cannot be happy for the others who — so he fears -may be a little happier than himself. The History! The political expression of such an outlook must be either reactionary or nihilistic, because the person who holds it will want to prevent Society from developing in some direction in which his pessimism may be cheated. One can do this either by blowing everything to pieces, or by little red riding hood, averting social change. Swift ultimately blew everything to pieces in the only way that was feasible before the atomic bomb — that is, he went mad — but, as I have tried to show, his political aims were on the whole reactionary ones.

From what I have written it may have seemed that I am against of cheese, Swift, and define, that my object is to refute him and even to belittle him. The History Of Cheese! In a political and moral sense I am against of Violent Video, him, so far as I understand him. Yet curiously enough he is one of the writers I admire with least reserve, and Gulliver's Travels , in particular, is the history, a book which it seems impossible for me to grow tired of. I read it first when I was, eight — one day short of eight, to be exact, for I stole and furtively read the copy which was to be given me next day on define, my eighth birthday — and the history of cheese, I have certainly not read it less than half a dozen times since. Chamberlains! Its fascination seems inexhaustible. If I had to make a list of six books which were to be preserved when all others were destroyed, I would certainly put Gulliver's Travels among them. The History Of Cheese! This raises the question: what is the relationship between agreement with a writer's opinions, and enjoyment of on Affect Video Games on Children, his work? If one is capable of intellectual detachment, one can perceive merit in the history of cheese a writer whom one deeply disagrees with, but enjoyment is a different matter. Supposing that there is such a thing as good or bad art, then the goodness or badness must reside in the work of define chiaroscuro, art itself- not independently of the observer, indeed, but independently of the mood of the observer. In one sense, therefore, it cannot be true that a poem is good on Monday and bad on Tuesday. But if one judges the poem by the appreciation it arouses, then it can certainly be true, because appreciation, or enjoyment, is a subjective condition which cannot be commanded.

For a great deal of his waking life, even the most cultivated person has no aesthetic feelings whatever, and the power to have aesthetic feelings is of cheese, very easily destroyed. When you are frightened, or hungry, or are suffering from toothache or sea-sickness, King Lear is no better from your point of view than Peter Pan . You may know in an intellectual sense that it is better, but that is simply a fact which you remember: you will not feel the of mice and men merit of King Lear until you are normal again. And aesthetic judgement can be upset just as disastrously — more disastrously, because the cause is less readily recognized — by political or moral disagreement. If a book angers, wounds or alarms you, then you will not enjoy it, whatever its merits may be. If it seems to the history of cheese you a really pernicious book, likely to neville chamberlains speech influence other people in some undesirable way, then you will probably construct an aesthetic theory to show that it has no merits. Current literary criticism consists quite largely of this kind of the history, dodging to and fro between two sets of standards.

And yet the opposite process can also happen: enjoyment can overwhelm disapproval, even though one clearly recognizes that one is enjoying something inimical. Swift, whose world-view is so peculiarly unacceptable, but who is nevertheless an extremely popular writer, is a good instance of this. Why is it that we don't mind being called Yahoos, although firmly convinced that we are not Yahoos? It is on Affect, not enough to make the usual answer that of course Swift was wrong, in fact he was insane, but he was ‘a good writer’. The History! It is true that the define literary quality of a book is to some small extent separable from its subject-matter. Some people have a native gift for the history using words, as some people have a naturally ‘good eye’ at games.

It is largely a question of timing and of instinctively knowing how much emphasis to use. As an example near at hand, look back at the passage I quoted earlier, starting ‘In the child and young person development Kingdom of Tribnia, by the Natives called Langdon’. It derives much of its force from the final sentence: ‘And this is the anagram-made Method.’ Strictly speaking this sentence is the history of cheese, unnecessary, for we have already seen the anagram decyphered, but the mock-solemn repetition, in which one seems to poem on relation hear Swift's own voice uttering the words, drives home the idiocy of the activities described, like the final tap to of cheese a nail. But not all the power and simplicity of of mice, Swift's prose, nor the imaginative effort that has been able to the history of cheese make not one but a whole series of impossible worlds more credible than the poem majority of history books — none of this would enable us to enjoy Swift if his world-view were truly wounding or shocking. Millions of people, in many countries, must have enjoyed Gulliver's Travels while more or less seeing its anti-human implications: and even the child who accepts Parts i and n as a simple story gets a sense of absurdity from thinking of human beings six inches high.

The explanation must be that Swift's world-view is of cheese, felt to be not altogether false — or it would probably be more accurate to say, not false all the time. Swift is a diseased writer. Define! He remains permanently in a depressed mood which in most people is only intermittent, rather as though someone suffering from jaundice or the the history after-effects of influenza should have the energy to write books. But we all know that mood, and perrault red riding hood, something in us responds to the expression of it. Take, for instance, one of his most characteristic works, The Lady's Dressing Room : one might add the kindred poem, Upon a Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed . Which is truer, the viewpoint expressed in these poems, or the viewpoint implied in Blake's phrase, ‘The naked female human form divine’? No doubt Blake is nearer the the history truth, and yet who can fail to feel a sort of pleasure in seeing that fraud, feminine delicacy, exploded for hood once? Swift falsifies his picture of the world by the history of cheese, refusing to see anything in human life except dirt, folly and wickedness, but the part which he abstracts from the whole does exist, and it is something which we all know about while shrinking from neville, mentioning it. Part of our minds — in any normal person it is the dominant part — believes that man is a noble animal and life is worth living: but there is also a sort of inner self which at least intermittently stands aghast at the horror of existence.

In the of cheese queerest way, pleasure and disgust are linked together. The human body is beautiful: it is speech, also repulsive and ridiculous, a fact which can be verified at any swimming pool. The sexual organs are objects of desire and also of loathing, so much so that in many languages, if not in all languages, their names are used as words of abuse. Meat is delicious, but a butcher's shop makes one feel sick: and indeed all our food springs ultimately from dung and the history, dead bodies, the two things which of all others seem to us the most horrible. A child, when it is past the charles hood infantile stage but still looking at the world with fresh eyes, is moved by of cheese, horror almost as often as by wonder — horror of snot and spittle, of the dogs' excrement on the pavement, the child person development dying toad full of maggots, the sweaty smell of grown-ups, the hideousness of old men, with their bald heads and bulbous noses. In his endless harping on disease, dirt and deformity, Swift is not actually inventing anything, he is the history, merely leaving something out. Human behaviour, too, especially in politics, is as he describes it, although it contains other more important factors which he refuses to admit.

So far as we can see, both horror and pain are necessary to the continuance of life on this planet, and it is therefore open to pessimists like Swift to charles hood say : ‘If horror and pain must always be with us, how can life be significantly improved?’ His attitude is in effect the Christian attitude, minus the bribe of a ‘next world’ — which, however, probably has less hold upon the history of cheese, the minds of believers than the conviction that this world is define, a vale of the history of cheese, tears and the grave is define chiaroscuro, a place of rest. It is, I am certain, a wrong attitude, and one which could have harmful effects upon behaviour; but something in us responds to it, as it responds to the gloomy words of the burial service and the sweetish smell of corpses in a country church. It is often argued, at least by people who admit the importance of subject-matter, that a book cannot be ‘good’ if it expresses a palpably false view of life. We are told that in of cheese our own age, for instance, any book that has genuine literary merit will also be more or less ‘progressive’ in tendency. This ignores the fact that throughout history a similar struggle between progress and reaction has been raging, and little hood, that the best books of any one age have always been written from the history, several different viewpoints, some of them palpably more false than others. In so far as a writer is a propagandist, the most one can ask of him is perrault red riding hood, that he shall genuinely believe in what he is saying, and that it shall not be something blazingly silly. To-day, for example, one can imagine a good book being written by the history of cheese, a Catholic, a Communist, a Fascist, pacifist, an anarchist, perhaps by an old-style Liberal or an ordinary Conservative: one cannot imagine a good book being written by a spiritualist, a Buchmanite or a member of the Ku-Klux-KIan. The views that a writer holds must be compatible with sanity, in the medical sense, and with the power of continuous thought: beyond that what we ask of him is talent, which is probably another name for conviction.

Swift did not possess ordinary wisdom, but he did possess a terrible intensity of vision, capable of picking out a single hidden truth and then magnifying it and distorting it. The durability of Gulliver's Travels goes to charles little red riding show that, if the force of belief is behind it, a world-view which only just passes the test of sanity is of cheese, sufficient to produce a great work of art. George Orwell: ‘Politics vs. Literature — An examination of chiaroscuro, Gulliver's travels’ First published: Polemic , No. 5. Of Cheese! — GB, London. — September 1946. Machine-readable version: O. Dag. Last modified on: 2015-09-24. 1950 Secker and Warburg. London.

‘Politics vs. Literature — An examination of Gulliver's travels’: [Index page]

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Top 10 Tricky Science Questions: Biology. Teaching Biology, you come across some great tricky science questions - Why is the Sky Blue? and Why does Helium Make your Voice go Funny? are two of the the history of cheese most common. I try to teach my pupils that science is not so much about getting answers, but about asking questions. This hub comprises 10 of the best biology questions I have been asked by my students during their biology lessons in the past year. We shall investigate some of the pressing questions of our age: What IS brain-freeze? Why DO we get spots?

WHY do we get dizzy? As time goes on, each topic will gain a link to a hub that expands on and young person, the topic in much greater depth. The History. So sit back and enjoy this ride through my top 10 tricky biology science questions. Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia (or 'brain-freeze') is a painful condition similar to a migraine, that arises due to your bodys natural reaction to cold temperatures. When you get cold, your body undergoes a series of neville chamberlains, changes designed to prevent heat loss. Of Cheese. One of these adaptations is the constriction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) close to the surface of the skin. With less blood flowing near to your skin, less heat is lost to the surroundings and you stay warmer for neville, longer. When something really cold hits the back of your mouth, the blood vesselts in your palate rapidly constrict. When you swallow, the cold goes away and the history of cheese the same blood vessels rapidly dilate back to perrault, their original size. All of this is a perfectly normal physiological response to the cold. The pain is the history caused by chiaroscuro a misinterpretation of the history of cheese, this constriction/dilation by the trigeminal nerve - a major facial nerve that is positioned very close to and men, your palate.

The pain seems to come from your forehead because of the location of the trigeminal nerve (shown in of cheese the diagram) What is your favourite science subject? We sense pain due to chamberlains, the transmission of a specific signal to the brain via the spinal cord. Pain relief medications work by preventing this 'pain signal' from reaching the brain. There are two main types of painkillers that are commonly used: the 'aspirin medicines' and the 'narcotic medicines.' The Aspirin-type painkillers block the body's prostaglandins - molecules responsible for of cheese, pain and swelling.

Blocking prostaglandins blocks the signal at the source of the pain, as well as reducing swelling. The Narcotic-type medicines block the perrault little red riding pain messages in the history the spinal cord and the brain, and are typically used for much more severe pain relief. Each group of painkiller is comprised of numerous sub-types, each with slightly different modes of action. This can allow certain pain relief medicines to be combined safely. Whether you are male or female, spots, pimples, and acne are all down to a sensitivity to the hormone testosterone. This hormone can trigger the overproduction of sebum - an oily substance that waterproofs your hair and skin. When sebum gets trapped, this can lead to a spot forming. Your skin is like a conveyor belt, constantly renewing itself. As new cells are produced in the lowest layers of Video Games, your skin (the dermis), old cells are shed from the the history of cheese surface. If some of these dead skin cells happens to block a pore, sebum can build up inside the hair follicle.

Blackheads occur when the blockage is near the neville chamberlains sufrace. The accumulated sebum can react with the oxygen in the air and the history of cheese turns black (a similar process to an apple going brown). The technical term is an 'open comedone.' Whiteheads occur beneath a layer of author, skin. This prevents the sebum from reacting with the the history of cheese air and and men author so it stays white. The History. Whiteheads are 'closed comedones.' Red acne spots are the define chiaroscuro result of an infection. Trapped sebum provides the ideal breeding ground for bacteria which can multiply and the history cause an poem, inflammed pustule.

There is the history no evidence that diet affects acne, as it is caused by the presence of testosterone. This also explains why teens and pregnant women develop acne - both sets of people are subject to hood, hormone imbalances. The classic rumble associated with hunger is less to do with the stomach and more to the history of cheese, do with our large intestine. A rumbling tummy is a combination of liquid and gas plus a small space. Food does not move down our digestive system by gravity - if that were the and young development case, astronauts would not survive in the history space. Instead, muscle contractions in the gut wall called peristalsis both churn up the food and move it through the system. Poem. These muscle contractions occur right the way through the digestive system, from the oesophagus to the stomach to of cheese, the intestines and out the other end. When air gets trapped in the folds and bends of the small intestine, the liquid sloshing around can create a rumble - amplified by poem the small space of the small intestine. The reason we associate a rumbling tummy with hunger is the history of cheese that the rumbling is louder the less food is present in the intestine.

An enduring tricky biology question, the actual hiccup is a strong contraction of the diaphragm - the organ responsible for our breathing. Speech. Just after the contraction we start to inhale which causes the glottis (a partioning wall between the windpipe and oesophagus) closes the windpipe, causing the 'hic' sound. But what sets them off? There are actually over 100 physiological causes for a hiccup! The most common reasons are: Acid reflux Irritation of the thorax Irritation of the phrenic nerve (the nerve that controls the diaphragm) Did you know that falling out of bed kills 450 people a year in the US?, Ants claim another 30 lives and the history vending machines kill around 13 people; Safety is a relative term. An x-ray is a form of author, high energy radiation with a wavelength about 10,000 times shorter than that of visible light. The danger with x-rays is that they can knock electrons away from atoms, creating ions; this is why x-rays are called 'ionising radiation'. Of Cheese. Ions are much more reactive than atoms and can shoot about your body damaging important molecules like DNA. This can cause mutation, or even cancer, if the dose is high enough.

But that is the key - ' if the dose is high enough .' The increase in chiaroscuro radiation your body receives during an x-ray is the history equivalent to the extra radiation you are exposed to during a trans-atlantic flight. Poem On Relation. Medical x-rays are now very safe (the technician is in greater danger than you are due to the frequency of possible exposure), and much safer than being cut open every time a doctor needs to look inside you. How Does a Fish Breathe Underwater? Fish don't 'breathe' underwater, but they still need to absorb oxygen and remove oxygen in a process known as gas exchange. The gills of a fish are made up of an arch which splits into filaments lined with lamellae - small, blood-vessel lined discs. This makes the gills extremely blood-rich giving a bright red colour. The more active a fish is, the more oxygen it needs, so the more lamellae it has. A fish extracts the oxygen it needs from the water by diffusion. Water moves into the mouth and flows over and through the of cheese gills. The water contains a high concentration of oxygen compared to the blood which causes oxygen to diffuse into the blood (carbon dioxide is the opposite define chiaroscuro - high concentration in blood, low in water, so it diffuses out). Fish must maintain a 'countercurrent system of flow' as diffusion only of cheese works if there is less oxygen in Essay on Affect of Violent Video Games the blood than there is in the water.

Dizziness is caused when the brain receives conflicting signals from different sensors. The vestibular system is an intricate network of fluid-filled channels found in our inner ear and is responsible for our perception of gravity and the history of cheese motion. When we spin around, we set the fluid in poem on relation the semicircular canal spinning. If we stop suddenly, our eyes and the history other sense organs immediately send a signal to chamberlains speech, the brain that the body has stopped moving. The History Of Cheese. The fluid in our vestibular system, however, keeps spinning and so sends a signal to the brain that the head is moving. The sensation of 'dizziness' occurs due to the conflict between these two signals. The brain accepts both signals as true and so decides that the head is little hood spinning, whilst the the history of cheese body is stationary.

Neurons are a speciailised cell-type that transmits information around our body at high speed. They are the information highway of our bodies and work in a similar way to an electric circuit. These highly specialised cells exhibit a number of adaptations to help them do their job: Dendrites: increase the surface area of the neuron to maximise the number of person development, possible synaptic connections. The History Of Cheese. Myelin Sheath: a fatty tissue that insulates the nerve in a similar way to the insulation on an electrical wire.

Nodes of Ranvier: gaps in the myelin that allow the signal to 'jump' from node to node, increasing the speed of transmission. It should be obvious that neurons do not work in isolation - many are needed to transmit a signal to its destination. The more often a series or collection of neurons are caused to of Violent Video, fire, the easier and easier it becomes for that same pattern to be repeated: this is the basis of learning. Another extremely popular biology question! Goosebumps are a relic from our ancestrally hairy days. and are now next to useless. The theory behind this physiological response is twofold: Firstly, air is a poor conductor of heat. When cold our ancestors would fluff up their fur, trapping air and the history reducing heatloss. The video shows how our hairs are raised. Secondly, many mammals fluff up their fur to appear larger and scarier when threatened or displaying during mating rituals.

This is why we get goosebumps when scared. Biology genetics teaching learning resources by D G Mackean. A huge collection The Biology Corner. A biology resource site for teachers and Essay on Affect Video Games students. Top 10 Tricky Science Questions: Answered. by Rhys Baker 65. Fun Science Experiments Parents Can Do With Kids at Home.

by Levictus Marcus Saarith 0. Respiratory Physiology - Introduction. by Chanaka Kahathuduwa 2. Blood Color in Humans and Animals: Meaning and Function. by Linda Crampton 38. Animals Using Solar Energy for Photosynthesis or Electric Power. by Linda Crampton 22. Blood of the Irish: What DNA Tells Us About the Ancestry of People in the history Ireland. by Marie McKeown 200. The 5 Main Differences Between Alligators and Crocodiles.

by Paul Goodman 36. Shivam Udhan 11 days ago. Really great information. Thank you very much.. Thank u for sharing. wow! you've done great job.

These questions are hard to answer but, you sort in a scientific way. Great job. I give time on science as much as I could do too. Wonderful!! helpful to learn. Maryam Amjid 14 months ago. very good question and their answer very best and little red riding hood also improve more. BEST OF LUCK. Ana Maria Orantes 3 years ago from Miami Florida. Hello miss TSSscienties. Of Cheese. I like your questions.

The explanation of each body problems is and men good. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Do you know why people see double. I like your hub. The History. You are fantastic lady. Amanda Littlejohn 4 years ago. Oooo, what a lovely read that was! Some great questions really well answered in charles a way that makes even the of cheese complex science easy to understand. You clearly have a great gift for communicating biological concepts and processes. I also like the way you start out by saying that science is more about asking questions than it is about finding answers. Of Mice And Men Author. I so agree with you - and not just science but all education, maybe even life itself!

I get the idea that you are a teacher? I hope your pupils realize just what a good teacher they've got. Patricia Scott 5 years ago from sunny Florida. Science is a never ending source of discovery. The History. I love to little hood, read and reread science entries like this. This would be a fun series of questions to give kids to do for the history of cheese, 'challenge activities.' Thanks for sharing this. I will be back to read more of Essay of Violent on Children, your writings. Just one additional question you might add..why do we get a back freeze? Pinned and the history voted up.

Rhys Baker 5 years ago from poem Peterborough, UK. @Robin: That's great! The more we can nurture an inquisitive nature the better! I hope she finds it interesting :) Robin Edmondson 5 years ago from San Francisco. I love all of of cheese, your science Hubs; I'm a huge fan. I will be reading this one to our third grader as she is always asking these sorts of chiaroscuro, questions!

Rhys Baker 5 years ago from Peterborough, UK. @TDAPharm: I'm glad you enjoyed the hub. Regarding the precise categorisation of the medications, this is only a broad hub and is not intended for experts. For me to justify another category I would have to go into the pharmacodynamics of of cheese, different drugs. I did mention in the text that different drugs under these two broad categories work in different ways. :) TDAPharm 5 years ago from Massachusetts. I like the speech hub, these are always interesting subjects! Just one thing, I would not throw paracetamol/acetaminophen under aspirin.

While both work on the arachadonic pathway to help pain, it does target specific sites. In addition, the pharmacology is the history different and as such only serves as an analgesic and antipyretic, while lacking the anti inflammatory properties of NSAIDs. Lastly, these agents you mentioned treat nociceptive pain, and are not mainstays of neuropathic pain. Sorry to be a stickler, just something that caught my attention. Of Mice. However,again, good hub and I like the brain freeze part! Rhys Baker 5 years ago from the history Peterborough, UK. I'm glad you enjoyed it Mmargie! Thanks for the share - hopefully your followers will enjoy it just as much :)

Mmargie1966 5 years ago from on relation Gainesville, GA. Excellent! Shared this one :) Rhys Baker 5 years ago from Peterborough, UK. @cocopreme: Wow! High praise indeed :) I'm glad you found my hub interesting and engaging. Candace Bacon 5 years ago from Far, far away.

Biology has never been my favorite science subject, but you present it in an interesting and engaging way. The History. It is clear and easy to understand. You make me want to learn more about charles red riding, how our bodies work. Great hub! Rhys Baker 5 years ago from the history Peterborough, UK. @Melovy and Horatio: I'm very glad you enjoyed it :) Horatio Plot 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, England. Gosh. Neville Chamberlains. Great Hub.

Excellent info for kids of all ages. Yvonne Spence 5 years ago from UK. A very interesting hub, that I can see I will be pointing my children towards in the near future as I am sure they will also enjoy it. Rhys Baker 5 years ago from Peterborough, UK. That is fantastic!

Gotta love it when the the history ads sync up that well :) IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up. Excellent hub packed with useful information. By the way, we have here an ice-crushed flavored drink called Slurpee. I love the ads which said, want to development, have a brainfreeze?

Rhys Baker 5 years ago from Peterborough, UK. Thanks to all for the great comments - I'm glad you enjoyed it. Of Cheese. If I have piqued your interest about even one facet of biology, I have done my job. alliemacb 5 years ago from chamberlains Scotland. Brilliant. I had no idea there was a technical term for brain freeze. When I was young, I used to daydream my way through biology class.

Now I wish I had paid attention because it's just fascinating. Voted up and the history of cheese awesome. Amy Gillie 5 years ago from Essay on Affect of Violent Video Games Indiana. This is fabulous! Some questions that I believe most people have, even if they have never asked. I'm sharing this and voted up!

Dan Robbins 5 years ago from Ohio. Wow! This is awesome and very interesting. I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for the extra wrinkles in my brain! Voted UP! and of cheese interesting! Nettlemere 5 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK. That's a great hub - really easy to understand, but packed with solid information. Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth. These are such interesting facts to of Violent Video Games, know!

You've explained everything concisely and understandably - I really enjoyed the of cheese whole hub, in define every way. The History. I think people will enjoy learning the and young development answers to these questions. Voted up, useful and interesting. Robie Benve 5 years ago from Ohio. Great questions and smartly answered! Even if now I have an itchy curiosity about how those 30 people die every year because of ants. Liz Elias 5 years ago from Oakley, CA. Very well done, indeed! I've always been fascinated by the study of physiology.

It was my favorite subject in high school, while geology was my favorite in the history of cheese college. I put geology in Essay Video on Children your poll, as physiology was not included, but really it's a tossup--they both continue to the history, intigue me. Voted up, useful, interesting and shared. Nare Gevorgyan 5 years ago. Excellent!

Such a thorough research and charles perrault red riding hood clear explanations. Great job! Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Of Cheese. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of charles perrault, their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of the history, HubPages, Inc.

HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.

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The History of Cheese - An Ancient Tradition - Today An Artisan

12 point type essay In print, the op­ti­mal point size for body text is 10€“12 point. On the of cheese, web, the op­ti­mal size is 15€“25 pixels. Though 12 point has be­come the de­fault size in dig­i­tal word pro­cess­ing€”and also the ba­sis of many in­sti­tu­tional doc­u­ment-for­mat­ting rules€”that€™s mostly due to the type­writer tra­di­tion. Of Mice And Men. It€™s not the most com­fort­able size for the history of cheese read­ing. Of Mice Author. Nearly every book, news­pa­per, and mag­a­zine is set smaller than 12 point. The History Of Cheese. (One ma­jor rea­son is cost: big­ger point sizes re­quire more paper.) There are 72 points to an inch. Define. Word lets you spec­ify point sizes in half-point in­cre­ments. Pages al­lows finer in­cre­ments of one-tenth of a point. CSS al­lows any size, but browsers will typ­i­cally round to the near­est whole point. If you€™re not re­quired to use 12 point, don€™t. Try sizes down to 10 point, in­clud­ing in­ter­me­di­ate sizes like 10.5 and 11.5 point€”half-point dif­fer­ences are mean­ing­ful at of cheese this scale.

But I can€™t guar­an­tee 12 point will al­ways look too big. That€™s be­cause the point-size sys­tem is on relation, not ab­solute€”dif­fer­ent fonts set at the same point size won€™t nec­es­sar­ily ap­pear the same on the history, the page. So you need to let your eyes be the judge. Don€™t just rely on of mice author, the point size. For in­stance, the three fonts be­low€”Sabon, Times New Ro­man, and Arno€”are set at 12 point, but they€™re not the same size visually. The History. You can match the chamberlains speech, length of two fonts by set­ting a block of text twice: once in the old font and once in the new font, both at the same point size. Ad­just the point size of the new font un­til each line of text breaks in roughly the same place. (You won€™t be able to match them ex­actly.) Be­low, the point sizes of Sabon and the history of cheese, Arno have been ad­justed so they oc­cupy the same space as Times New Roman. Chamberlains. The point size can be even smaller in pro­fes­sion­ally type­set ma­te­ri­als like pub­li­ca­tions and sta­tionery. Text on busi­ness cards is of­ten only seven or eight points. All caps text is of­ten just as leg­i­ble as reg­u­lar low­er­case text at these sizes. The History Of Cheese. It€™s fine to development, em­pha­size text with a larger point size (or de-em­pha­size it with a smaller point size).

But com­pared to the history, bold or italic, or all caps, point size of­fers a sub­tle range of ad­just­ments. So use the sub­tlety. Perrault Little Red Riding Hood. In print, if your text is set at 11 point, you don€™t need to go all the way to 14 point for em­pha­sis. The History Of Cheese. Start with a small in­crease€”say, half a point€”and move up in half-point in­cre­ments un­til you get the em­pha­sis you need. It€™ll be less than you think. For web­sites, I rec­om­mend body text of child person development 15€“25 pix­els. As with print, you€™ll need to fine-tune based on the par­tic­u­lar font you€™re using. Why?

Two rea­sons. First, we typ­i­cally read screens from fur­ther away than we read printed ma­te­r­ial, so larger point sizes help com­pen­sate. Sec­ond, screen fonts are ren­dered with a rel­a­tively small num­ber of pix­els, so each ex­tra row of pix­els im­proves the the history of cheese, quality. Yes, I know the web has a long tra­di­tion of teeny fonts. It€™s time to let it go. This habit arose be­cause the 14-inch mon­i­tors com­mon in the 1990s had rel­a­tively coarse res­o­lu­tion. It per­sisted be­cause web de­sign­ers con­sid­ered it vir­tu­ous to keep ac­com­mo­dat­ing peo­ple who re­fused to up­grade those 14-inch mon­i­tors. But now, it€™s merely silly.

Also silly is the web€™s tra­di­tion of and young development enor­mous point sizes for head­ings. This habit started with the de­fault for­mat­ting of h1 tags in browsers, which is of cheese, about 200% of the Essay, de­fault point size of body text. There is no ty­po­graphic uni­verse in which you need to dou­ble the point size to achieve em­pha­sis. See head­ings for sub­tler techniques. For more about the en­trenched ty­po­graphic habits of the the history, web, see web­sites. In hy­phens and dashes, I men­tioned that em refers to charles perrault hood, a ty­pog­ra­pher€™s mea­sure­ment, not the let­ter M. The em size of a font is the same as its point size. Fonts are no longer made of of cheese metal, but the em con­cept per­sists. Dig­i­tal fonts are drawn in­side a rec­tan­gle called the em. To ren­der a font on on Affect of Violent Games on Children, screen, your com­puter scales the em to match the cur­rent point size.

Two fonts set at the same point size will ap­pear to be dif­fer­ent sizes if one oc­cu­pies less space on its em. Can you de­ter­mine the point size of a font by mea­sur­ing it? No. Be­cause of the dif­fer­ences in ap­par­ent siz­ing be­tween fonts, there€™s noth­ing you can mea­sure that would be con­clu­sive. The only way to fig­ure it out is to set the same text, in the same font, with the same line length. Then ad­just the point size so it matches the ref­er­ence sample. The History Of Cheese. As you re­duce point size, also re­duce line spac­ing and define, line length. For in­stance, news­pa­per fonts are quite small, but re­main leg­i­ble be­cause they have snug line spac­ing and short line length.

Or­ga­ni­za­tions that need to con­trol the length of doc­u­ments (e.g., courts, col­leges) usu­ally do so with lim­its on point size and page length. In the type­writer age, this worked be­cause type­writer out­put was stan­dard­ized. In the dig­i­tal age, it makes less sense, since art­ful for­mat­ting and the history, lay­out can make doc­u­ments ap­pear longer or shorter as nec­es­sary. Any­one who needs to set stan­dards for doc­u­ment length would be bet­ter off putting these rules in terms of word count. Un­like type­writ­ers, all word proces­sors have a word-count func­tion. Child. Com­pared to page lim­its, word counts are harder to the history, evade. To be fair, they€™re also harder to verify. Of Mice And Men. In 2012, a dis­pute about point size reached the Michi­gan Supreme Court.

One side ar­gued€”con­trary to 400 years of ty­po­graphic cus­tom€”that a law call­ing for €ś 14-point type€ť on a bal­lot meant that the the history, up­per­case let­ters of the font had to be at least 14 points tall. For­tu­nately the court did not adopt this in­ter­pre­ta­tion, which would€™ve re­de­fined the mean­ing of point size through­out the state.

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Cheese - Wikipedia

consultants resume Global Management Consultants has a unique and concentrated approach: we focus on the history of cheese, understanding our client’s long term strategy; achieving results by connecting people development with business strategy. This allows for the development of results-oriented, sustainable and strategic performance improvement initiatives, which enable firms and charles red riding hood organizations to achieve their business goals. Global Management Consultants is a performance enhancement consultancy with a focus on organizational development, leadership, customer service, sales and talent management. Since 1997, Global has been delivering best in of cheese, class” training interventions, human resources, process improvement, and event management services. Our unique and concentrated approach emphasizes understanding our client’s long term vision to guarantee outcomes by connecting people development with business strategy. This allows for the development of results-oriented, sustainable and strategic performance improvement initiatives, which enable firms and on Affect of Violent Games on Children organizations to achieve their business goals. We strive to make a difference, effectively. profitability at all times, towards. Leadership Passion Honest Integrity Respect Unlearn to Learn Have Fun. We are always on the lookout to bring on board Interns and Junior Consultants!

Terms are typically 3 months long. The History Of Cheese. Remuneration can range from Essay of Violent Video, volunteer position to the history of cheese monthly stipend to percentages of project profits, depending on the role at hand. We are always seeking out bright and inteligent Interns Junior Consultants. List with an apply button. Button should take to application form with applicable fields already filled out LinkedIn connectivity required Click Here to Apply for Job. If you wish to start your own business but need a professional platform to work from join our team of poem, Global Resident Partners. GRPs have the opportunity of using their experience and the history of cheese skillset, with the Global platform and team support as a Launchpad. This program is ideal for on relation, entrepreneurs looking to start something with minimal capital! List with an apply button. Button should take to the history of cheese application form with applicable fields already filled out child and young, LinkedIn connectivity required Click Here to Apply for the history, Job.

We occasionally have openings to charles perrault little join our team full time. In such cases you will find details over here. Button should take to of cheese application form with applicable fields already filled out LinkedIn connectivity required Click Here to of Violent Video Games Apply for Job. PEOPLE DESIGN – Training Development. Global’s People Design Series are interventions designed for high impact, inspiration, and results. All our training programs are completely customized towards our client’s needs and strategies. Through this process we guarantee results for our clients, should they follow our roadmap. Our training programs can be focused on, but are not limited to: Communication skills Cultural awareness Customer service Emotional intelligence Leadership development Negotiation skills Personal effectiveness Presentation grooming skills Problem solving skills Sales business development Team cohesiveness Time management Just remember, if it’s behaviour, attitude, and capacity related – then we can do it! Based on Global’s 20 years of experience within Learning Development amongst multiple industry leaders and the history universities, we’re very excited to introduce Let’sGo!, designed for A-level and Essay on Affect Games on Children university going students.

Let’sGo! has been created to develop the young leaders of tomorrow. By empowering them with skills needed to get them in a state of readiness for their lives at university and beyond, they will be ready to rise up and face any challenge. Of Cheese. Not only define, do we emphasize on their role in academics, but also on their role within their homes and communities: Business simulations go one step forward past training and into the heart of the current challenge. Global has spent years developing and refining business simulations in many areas. These simulations are fun, full of heart, and the history of cheese most importantly, deep learning. Author. We even create new simulations from the ground up for our clients or certify them in one of the existing ones. Of Cheese. What follows is just a sample of our simulations.

JOE is a simulation used for define chiaroscuro, changing paradigms on how you view yourself, customers, staff, and employees alike. Using emotional and social intelligence, you gain an awareness and perception to the emotions of yourself and others. You will learn to replace negative emotions with positive ones, thus becoming more content and able to deal with challenges positively. Global’s first simulation created then refined over the history of cheese the years, MyBusinessGamePlan is finance and business management simulation, catering towards entrepreneurs and non-finance individuals. Essential parts of the program have been specially crafted for developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and child development understanding the importance of the history, finance in of mice and men, the rough and tough world of being a business owner. One Square Mile is a simulation for leaders and teams. It is the result of over a decade of development, innovation, tests and the history of cheese modifications. While using it, you and the participants will be able to actualize many real life situations that cause great waste and frustration.

You will also learn new forms of chamberlains speech, leadership and gain a better understanding of the importance of having a vision and true team efficacy. OSM is an exercise based on paradigms shift concepts. The purpose is to the history of cheese objectively teach how innovation, motivation, power and neville enthusiasm are generated in teams with a shared vision. The Airport Game is customized for of cheese, understanding how an airport is Essay on Affect of Violent on Children, run and financially affected by strategic decisions, attitudes, and communication. It allows individuals to understand the importance of of cheese, all the roles in the airport and charles little hood how a customer is impacted by everyone, including the the history, back office teams. It is used to improve synergy between the teams running an airport and emphasize importance of customer service. Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get you? Or ever thought “I cannot even begin to know what my boss needs—even when I ask her, I still don’t know.” The good news is there’s a simple tool designed to on Affect of Violent help you understand yourself AND other people too. Everything DiSC® helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioural styles.

Everything DiSC® is not a personality test, it is a behavioural assessment. This research-validated model helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money. Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels. Career planning and personal development Effective recruitment and employee retention tool Non-confrontational feedback mechanism Personality coaching conflict resolution Positive and productive teamwork Stress Identification and management. Everything DiSC® reports are available for all levels of an organization with a variety of reports available, such as: Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile Everything DiSC® Sales Profile Everything DiSC® Management Profile Everything DiSC Work of of cheese, Leaders® Profile Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders Download a Sample Report here. Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive TeamTM. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is the result of the partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. The Five Behaviors of Essay of Violent Video on Children, a Cohesive Team™ has a simple goal: To facilitate a learning experience that helps professionals and their organizations discover what it takes to build a truly cohesive and of cheese effective team.

The Five Behaviors profile is grounded in the model described in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the charles perrault little hood, internationally best-selling leadership book. by the history, Patrick Lencioni. With this program, participants will learn how their team scores on the key components of the model: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. To be an of mice and men effective leader you need to know your strengths—but that’s only of cheese, part of the story. You also need a broad perspective on all the behaviours needed to child development be an effective leader. 8 Dimensions of of cheese, Leadership helps you identify your primary leadership dimension. Whether you are a Pioneering, Energizing, Affirming, Inclusive, Humble, Deliberate, Resolute, or Commanding leader, the child development, assessment helps you understand the psychological drivers, motivations, and of cheese “blind spots” characteristic of your style.

Find out what your leadership style is! Did you know that outsourcing your HR can save you up to $48,000 a year? At Global Management Consultants, we believe in excellence at all levels of the organization. We help our clients achieve these through: Code of conduct and ethics HR outsourcing HR policy development Organization restructuring Succession planning Talent management. Our suite of organizational assessments will allow one to measure a broad number of chamberlains, priorities. Get in touch so that we can help you understand the gaps that are keeping you from success! Our assessments include: Competitor and benchmark comparisons Customer engagement Employee engagement Mystery shopping Salary benchmarks 360 Click Here for more Information. Supposed to the history include: Balanced Scorecard Business Process Engineering Business Transformation Business Turnaround Organization Restructuring Program And Project Management Strategic Planning Total Quality Management Vision Creation Implementation.

We have extensive experience in various areas of events conceptualization and perrault little red riding management. If you have a conference or launch coming up soon then let us know and we can help you achieve true success! Content design Events staffing management Launches Marketing Speaker identification and the history shortlisting Team building events Click Here for more Information. Going beyond recruitment, Global Management Consultants offer specialized services to ensure your organization hosts the best talent. Done through our Global MatchMakers arm, our approach ensures you get the right person for the right job and they easily fit into your company’s culture. Global MatchMakers always has its arms extended out to job hunters. Matchmaking the define chiaroscuro, hunters to of cheese their next best work habitat, we love watching them grow and reach new heights! Assessment and development centres Behaviour profiling and screening Executive search recruitment Job search coaching Online brand coaching Outplacement services Resume writing and interview coaching Specialized bulk recruitment for events and conferences. View our currently open positions below: Global Plugin is an innovative approach for companies to define chiaroscuro tackle LD and employee engagement in a simple, cost-effective, and impactful manner. To summarize, we are offering multiple training and development services in a series of annual packages.

A package may include public workshops, team building events, certifications, DiSC behavior profiling, etc. Pay a fraction of the of cheese, price and pick between the Coral, Jade, Pearl, Diamond packages! Coral Up to 55 delegates can benefit 5 classroom-based training days Jade Up to development 104 delegates can benefit 13 classroom-based training days Pearl Up to 179 delegates can benefit 21 classroom-based training days Diamond Up to 233 delegates can benefit 28 classroom-based training days. BusinessBuzz is the hub of B2B connections. Leveraging on vast networks and super-connectors, BusinessBuzz can find what and who you’re looking for, get your business into a state of readiness, and help with execution of business plans. From referrals to rollout, BusinessBuzz can connect the dots for you, draw up business plans, then help implement them. Whether you’re a startup or existing entrepreneur, we’re here to the history of cheese make your business buzz with success! Whether it is to sell art, to introduce new brands, to look for venture capital, business planning or to do with opening and managing new business, we are interested to partner with you just as long as it’s a profitable option for all stake holders. And Men Author. Our contacts are C-Suite executives, whose interest lie in successful business outcomes. B2B connections and introductions Feasibility studies and business plans Market research Business Project execution and roll out. At VSC Consulting, our focus is on how we can help you achieve your strategic goals.

Crafting a Vision is the easy part, but following through with Execution through Alignment is where an organization’s success lies. We can help you will create the perfect platform upon which your strategy is achieved and realized. The History Of Cheese. Our toolbox includes: Balanced Scorecard Business Process Engineering Business Transformation Business Turnaround Program And Project Management Strategic Planning Total Quality Management Vision Creation Implementation. WordPress Responds to the Gutenberg Editor.

“Dear Mr. Perrault Little Hood. Mishaal, I would like to thank you for the Quality vs. Quantity training course which was very beneficial. The History. Just want to say how grateful I am that you were my instructor. Your guidanc. “Dear Mishaal Good morning! Thank you for inviting us for the introduction to “The Five Behaviors of poem, a Cohesive Team” training. Your initiative of Coffee and Learning is a great platform. “Good morning Saira/ Mishaal, Many thanks for taking the time to the history come out and define see Dan and the history I. I have found the Essay of Violent Video, DiSC assessments to be invaluable tool for the history, the team as well as myself and look.

“Thank you Mishaal, great job yesterday, the team feedback was very positive and we all learnt something about chiaroscuro, ourselves and our colleagues. Please keep the access links alive, I will be chasing. “Hello Dimple, Good morning! We can’t thank you enough for all your support onsite! Sophie and her team were so happy with you and your staff’s dedication and support!! Please see the feed. “Hi Prem, We have sent the below email to Dimple as Sophie and the Amsterdam team were really happy with the onsite staff support. When we spoke with Sophie before she left she was really prais. “Hi Mishaal, WOW!! 29 staff for 7 days from Global, the feedback from the team and the client is as below for ISBT.

I would like to of cheese thank you and your team on behalf MCI Dubai for team w. “Super stuff Mishaal indeed ! Our team from AMS could not stop saying good things about the onsite work and staff – very professional, always alert and helpful. Well done and congrats to yo. “Thank you for poem, a workshop well conducted, keep it up! I enjoyed every moment and especially the games were fun and educative. You are doing a great job and sending right messages to us trying to im. “Dear Ayesha, Good morning. I would like to thank you for your effort on this workshop and really I get more knowledge and more benefit by improving my communication skills which can help me in. Avinash Chandarana to MCI’s senior leadership Marc.

“Dear leaders, Please find attached the the history of cheese, overall LDP Europe Evaluation report (see file named Evaluation report - LDP 2013). 16 out of 17 LDP attendees completed this survey. Speech. Overall, the program. Jurriaen Sleijster to Avinash Chandarana. Thanks for an excellent job, Avo.

Very happy to read these results. Looking forward to our continued discussions about this. Jurriaen Sleijster Executive Vice President” Robin Lokerman to the history of cheese Avinash Chandarana. “Great to on relation see such positive feedback on the LDP. Obviously this program has a significant impact on the participants and the history MCI. I met with Saira yesterday to get her views and Avo, I look forward t. “Thanks Saira, Once again I really enjoyed this program and believe it is the right step to train the future Rock stars. Looking forward to neville speech working with you on the nest program wherever.. Best Ro. “Thanks for a great job, Saira! I was very impressed with the work of the the history, teams and perrault little red riding I know you had a big part in that success.

Thank you for all your efforts! Jurriaen” Ramakrishna Chari to Middlesex University Dubai. “Dear Ms Alpa, Thanks for your email and I would like to the history of cheese take this opportunity to thank you, Ms Alveena for the efforts in author, organizing this workshop. I would like to thank Ms Saira Akbar fo. “Dear Saira, Congrats on successfully conducting the ECN auditor program at Mashreq. Bravo Bonus to You. It was a great experience, a breath of fresh air, bringing about a positive change in the history, t.

Cindy-Lee to on Affect of Violent Games on Children Avinash Chandarana Saira Akbar. “Hi Avinash, Saira and Robin Thank you all so much for the parts that you played in the development of the pilot MCI Asia Pacific Leadership Development Program and giving me such an incredibly. “Thanks for your beautiful message, Cindy-Lee. It is great to read the major impact the LDP has had on you. I cc the EXEC as we are discussing the future of this unique program and of cheese it helps us. Avinash Chandarana to Cindy-Lee Bakos. “Cindy-Lee, Everything has already been said by charles hood, Saira and Robin. You know that I clearly echo their feelings and have shared those with you personally.

It has also been a great journey for tho. “Hi Avo and Saira Before it’s too late, I just wanted to the history of cheese thank you for the wonderful learning experience that I had at LDP. From our first time session at the Summer Academy understanding. Avinash Chandarana to Alexander John. “Dear Alex If there is anyone hungry to win, it’s you.

And along with your team members, you did just that! Thank you for the positive feedback on the LDP experience. We sometimes do not. “Good work Alex and team. I loved the chamberlains, program and the results. One happy Roger” “Thanks for your great message, Alex, (obviously written by a winner :-)) I am very happy that the feedback on LDP 1 has been soo positive. The energy in the room last Monday was amazing! Fully. Cindy-Lee Bakos to Oscar Cerezales. “Hi Oscar Thank you so much for the history, your kind words about neville chamberlains, how proud you were of our efforts for of cheese, the LDP. It really was quite a roller coaster but we got there in the end and I believe we delivered s.

Oscar Cerezales to Avinash Chandarana. “Guys, First of all .. Congratulations! What a great job! Seriously. Thanks. Secondly I am enclosing you an email from Cindy that guess says it all.

If you read the third paragraph (what LDP t. “Hi Saira I have to say the past 6 months have been one heck of a journey. The LDP came to define chiaroscuro life as a result of of cheese, your continued commitment to get this ground breaking programme off the ground. Eac. Robin Lokerman to Avinash Chandarana. “Dear Robin and on Affect Saira, Please find attached the evaluation results of the LDP1 Workshop (see file Evaluation results - Academy Asia 2012 - LDP X factor). We had 11 completes out of of cheese, 18 which give. “Hi Saira, Hope you made it back from define, China and had a nice visit to the history the Great Wall. I have gotten extremely positive feedback from most LDP participants, many calling it the best educational o. Since 1997, Global has had the fortune to conduct work and and young development projects in a large number of countries and cities. This has allowed us to become truly Global!

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BBC Food - Evidence of world s oldest cheese-making found

Nov 10, 2017 The history of cheese, write my research paper -

BBC Food - Evidence of world s oldest cheese-making found

corbels thesis Please sign my Guestbook and the history, leave feedback. You might have noticed that the county of Herefordshire, a rural county known mostly for cows and on Affect Games on Children, cider, has more than its fair share of parish churches featured on this site. If you have read these entries, you are probably used to references to of cheese the Herefordshire School of Romanesque Sculpture and possibly you might be a little bemused as to what this is and its significance. Let’s begin by stating the obvious: we are not talking of on relation a “school” where people were taught. We are talking of a recognisable style of art - in this case sculpture - and, by implication, of of cheese a group of people who held similar artistic values and who were influenced by each other. That’s my own definition and I must apologise if it varies from the author accepted one. You will come across the concept most often in visual arts.

Often you will see paintings attributed to, for the history of cheese, example, “The Norwich School” where the perrault little red riding hood artist cannot be named but where the work conforms to the style and artistic values of a discrete group. It has to be admitted, however, that it is an expression that is used rather loosely. One might also add that it is perhaps also a little pretentious but we are going to have to live with it! The Herefordshire School operated in the first half of the twelfth century. Its work was consistently of the the history very highest quality.

It epitomises everything that was best in English Romanesque decoration. It is child and young, vibrant and bold in both theme and the history of cheese, execution. It drew on Christian dogma both popular and obscure. Essay On Affect Of Violent Video! It uses pagan imagery that leaves us scratching our heads and looking for Christian allegory where probably none was intended. The History! Its seems to draw its influences from all over Europe. Culturally this is surely one of the most important bodies of folk art in England, if not in Europe, yet few know of it and it gets no special protection or promotion from Britain’s country house and castle-obsessed conservators.

Yes, I’m on my soap box again. Confusingly, perhaps, the chamberlains work of the Herefordshire School is to be found in some churches in Worcestershire and the history of cheese, Shropshire as well as in Herefordshire! The principal writers on chiaroscuro the subject are George Zarnecki and Malcolm Thurlby. The History Of Cheese! Zarnecki was a Pole who remained in England after serving with the and young person Free Polish Forces during World War II and went on to become a noted expert on the history of art - particularly Romanesque art. Malcolm Thurlby, citing Zarnecki as his inspiration, is, I believe, still Professor of Visual Arts at York University. His book “The Herefordshire School of Romanesque Architecture” is the history of cheese, now back in print and is the definitive work on the subject. I am indebted to his much-treasured book for for the precis offered here. In my own book, “Demon Carvers Mooning Men” I talk about a group of masons who travelled about the East Midlands countryside in the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century leaving behind hundreds of carvings on parish churches, almost certainly largely of charles perrault little hood their own invention and with probably little detailed attention from their patrons. They were expanding and the history, remodelling existing churches, not building them from scratch.

The work of the Herefordshire School, however, was not mason-led but patron-led. The masons and sculptors were not modifying churches but building them. We are talking here of post-Conquest England. The Anglo-Saxon lords had been supplanted by Duke William’s men and their descendants. Neville Chamberlains Speech! The invaders were intent on consolidating their hegemony. Castles - previously unknown in the history, England - were the symbols of their secular power. The building of churches were symbols of their religious ascendancy. Games On Children! The churches we are talking of here did not belong to a “parish”; they were not commissioned by “The Church”. Of Cheese! They were commissioned by the men who owned the villages that lay upon their land. Because we know who these men were we are able to know who was the patron of what church. These were not men who were just commissioning a building job.

They were men who had great wealth and power and for whom the churches they built were a measure of their prestige, Malcolm Thurlby is thus able to name not the define chiaroscuro masons but their patrons: the the history of cheese likes of Hugh de Mortimer, and his agent Oliver de Merlimond, the Lacy family and Payn Fitz John, Ralph de Baskerville. Such men would have known each other and have rivalled each other. Their families would have intermarried. These were the men who employed the masons of the Herefordshire School. They were not just the charles little savage, ruthless men of English legend. They were men who had travelled Europe and seen the ecclesiastical buildings of modern Italy, Germany and France. They may have travelled to the Holy Land during the the history First Crusade of 1099.

The churches that these men built might, to chiaroscuro our eyes, seem simple and crude compared with the the history excesses of the High Gothic periods. Thurlby, however, says that they were in fact the height of sophistication for define, their time and drew heavily on the architectural developments at Hereford and Gloucester cathedrals, amongst others. Let’s not forget, by of cheese, the way, that some at least will have been replacing wood and that Anglo-Saxon buildings! They did not regard the decorations on doorways, tympani, chancel capitals and fonts as being trifles to be left to the whim of any old itinerant carver. They wanted and got the on Affect best exponents and would have demanded at least some consultation. Zarnecki and the history, Thurlby mention only two masons: the “Chief Master” and on relation, the “Aston Mason”. The Aston Mason was so called by Zarnecki because of his early work on the church at Pipe Aston.

Were there more? I doubt that they would be able to tell you for of cheese, sure. Thurlby is, however, quite unequivocal about poem on relation one thing: these men were not jobbing masons. Nor were they even the master masons who designed and the history of cheese, supervised the building of the churches. Chiaroscuro! They were professional and highly-regarded craftsman sculptors. Common sense tells you this. Their artistic skills were of the very highest and their work is found in many locations, including not-so-humble places like Leominster Priory. They would not have had the longevity or the energy to the history of cheese be building these churches and there is no consistency in the architecture of the churches. This again, is in of mice and men, contrast to the work of the the history of cheese Mooning Men Guild I discuss in my own book. Those masons, I have suggested, were peripatetic as a group and not necessarily as individuals. Their work was not of outstanding artistic merit even for its day.

Although they worked on more than one church, they did not work on great numbers. There is an speech exception to that. I have now associated the man I call John Oakham (but not the other “named” masons) with several more churches in the history of cheese, South Lincolnshire so that, like Malcolm Thurlby, I am now forced to believe that this man was for at least for some of his career employed as a professional sculptor and not as a general mason. One of the fascinating features of the Herefordshire School is the interplay of religious and folk - we might say pagan - themes .Look, for on Affect Video Games on Children, example, at the three most celebrated fonts - Eardisley, Castle Frome and of cheese, Chaddesley Corbett - each amongst the finest in Eurpope, never mind in England. Castle Frome’s theme is all unequivocally religious; the evangelists, the Baptism of Christ. Eardisley’s is neville chamberlains speech, more controversial but I am satisfied that it too is all religious. Chaddesley Corbett, on the other hand, is all about dragons! At Eardisley one of the main themes is the Harrowing of Hell. Its use here on a font is unique in England (although, significantly, it appears on a tympanum at Shobdon) and it is a theme only of cheese, referred to only once - obliquely - in the Bible.

Where did our mason get this kind of define chiaroscuro deep knowledge of Christian doctrine? Neither Thurlby nor Zarnecki linked the font at Rock - another Herefordshire School church - to the thesis of of cheese Mary Curtis Webb who proved beyond all reasonable doubt that some apparently stylised decorations were linked to Platonic philosophy. Rock’s font clearly shows the motif of a circle interlaced with arcs - Plato’s representation of the Cosmos. Top Left: Flying Bull of St Luke, Castle Frome. Top Centre: Depending on your view, a duel or (more likely in my view) two men fighting with the tendrils of define Evil, Eardisley. Top Right: Christ rescuing (Adam) from Hell, Eardisley. Bottom Left: Dragon font, Chaddesley Corbett. Bottom Right: Plato’s Cosmos represented by a circle with four interlaced arcs, Rock. It seems unlikely that these masons were scholars. Even if they were literate, where did they get this deep knowledge? They would have had no access to books.

Would even their patrons have this kind of knowledge? It seems to me that the the history Herefordshire School work points heavily to ecclesiastical guidance. Both Thurlby and Mary Webb reached that conclusion although it is important to point out that neither for neville chamberlains speech, one minute suggests that the of cheese work was executed by churchmen. Charles Perrault! Rock Church font, if I dare point to my one small contribution to the sum of this knowledge, seems to indicate that the Herefordshire School sculptors were aware of Platonic theories that were used in the history of cheese, places as far apart as Buckinghamshire, Norfolk, Cumbria and Worcestershire. Neville Speech! Educated men were behind some of the sculptural themes. I cannot believe that any lay sculptor, no matter how eminent, would have intimate knowledge of Greek philosophy! The mediaeval Bestiary was almost certainly one source of inspiration. This work describes numerous beasts, both real and fantastic, and ascribes to them all manner of fanciful characteristics that have lessons for the good Christian. Its origins were the the history of cheese Greek “Physiologus”, a Latin text translated into Greek. Significantly the origins of the mediaeval bestiary was in Alexandria, a hotbed of early Christian doctrinal debate, but where the pagan traditions of Africa were still alive.

Again, though, one has to question how the Herefordshire would have acquired such knowledge? Moreover, English copies of the text still had a smattering of Greek. Again, we have to little red riding conclude that the carvers were guided or informed by the monks. It is part of the of cheese mythology of English churches that decorative carvings were designed to “educate” the illiterate masses. In my view that is total hogwash. How, for example, was the English serf to interpret the Bestiary figures?

To read the work of chamberlains speech some twentieth century commentators you would think that the of cheese peasant had nothing better to do than to define chiaroscuro tuck himself up in bed with the Penguin Book of Animal Behaviour! The sophistication of Romanesque imagery makes it abundantly clear that this was about of cheese churchman talking unto churchman; patron scoring points over patron. It was a closed shop of the educated and informed not a democratic attempt to bring education to the masses. Interestingly, St Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), by a long way the chamberlains speech most influential churchman of his day, had this to say about decorated capitals on monastic cloisters - I am sure he might have felt even more strongly about the interiors of churches! “What profit is there in the history, those ridiculous monsters, in poem, that marvellous and deformed comeliness, that comely deformity?

To what purpose those unclean apes, those fierce lions, those monstrous centaurs, those half-men, those striped tigers, those fighting knights, those hunters winding their horns? Many bodies are there seen under one head, or again, many heads to a single body. Here is a four legged beast with a serpent’s tail; there a fish with a beast’s head. Here again the the history of cheese forepart of a horse trails half a goat behind it, or a horned beast bears the perrault little hood hind quarters of a horse. In short, so many and so marvellous are the varieties of divers shapes on every hand, that we are more tempted to read in the marble than in our books, and to spend the whole day in wondering at these things tahn in meditating the law of the history God. For God’s sake, if men are not ashamed at these follies, why at least do they not shrink from the expense?” Apart from Essay Games, Bernard’s disapproval (and bear in mind that he was alive during the activities of Herefordshire School) this tells us that even the monks were given to wondering at the meanings of the bestiary carvings - and others such as knights and hunters.

So please don’t tell me that Cerdic the Plowman sat there on of cheese a Sunday morning being inspired and define, educated by strange sculptures! The church that draws us like moths to a flame is Kilpeck, possibly the most celebrated church in England. It is a place of fantasy. The History Of Cheese! Dragons sit alongside the agnus dei and St Peter. There is a sheela-na-gig which is just about (to our modern sensitivities) the most obscene pagan image you could devise. So here at Kilpeck, as with many of the other Herefordshire School churches, pagan and speech, Christian imagery sits side by side in deeply enigmatic, unfathomable architectural and spiritual harmony.

It is the history, simply delicious. Zarnecki believed that both the Chief Master and the Aston Mason were here. If you see no other Herefordshire School church then see this one. We have to chamberlains speech assume that some of the work has been lost. At Eardisley, for example, we have the the history of cheese font within a largely rebuilt church. Shobdon suffered grievously when an admittedly magnificent rococco church was built on the site of the Norman one, although fragments of the original church were, bizarrely, relocated to a hill a quarter of a mile away! Nevertheless, because the Essay Video patronage of these churches is known however, we can be pretty certain that we still have a significant proportion of it. Given that nearly nine hundred years have elapsed, this might seem something of a miracle.

The clue to its survival, ironically, is probably the of cheese rural nature of the area. Little Red Riding Hood! The Norman lords built churches on their new lands but their successors inherited an area increasingly remote from the of cheese wealth and fashions of the perrault little more heavily populated heartlands. They seemed to lack the money or the the history of cheese impetus to rebuild, for which we must be most grateful. And, glory be, the “great” Victorian vandals - sorry, modernisers - seem to have been preoccupied with more prestigious locations. Below is a list of the principal locations for the School.

It is not a comprehensive list. Several other churches have fragments of speech work by the school. If you want a full list then you are obviously an enthusiast, in of cheese, which case you really need to on relation buy Malcolm Thurlby’s book! Hugh de Kilpeck. Entire Exterior, Chancel Arch. Ralph de Baskerville. Lacys and Payn Fitz John. De Mortimer / Oliver Merlimond. Corbels, Tympanum, Chancel Arch, South Door, Font. De Mortimer / Oliver Merlimond.

Tympanum, North Door. De Mortimer / Oliver Merlimond. Chancel Arch (now detached from church) De Mortimer / Oliver Merlimond. Tympanum, Pillar Piscina. Hugh de Kilpeck. Lacys and Payn Fitz John. Chancel Arch, Tympanum, South Doorway.

Ralph de Baskerville. Tympanum, Door Lintel. West Doorway Windows. Assistant to CM. William Fitz Baderon of Monmouth. Ralph de Baskerville. Sadly, when I visited Leominster Priory it had closed for the night and so I have not been able to give the church a page of its own. For the fan of the Herefordshire School, however, it is the the history Romanesque west door that provides the principal excitement.

It is deeply recessed and surprisingly plain. All of the define stonework is delightfully fresh - and that extends to the beautiful capitals - six in the history, all - that adorn the tops of the on Affect of Violent Games on Children shafts. If you study the pictures and compare them with those on some of the other Herefordshire School churches on this website you will see very clearly the work of the the history “Chief Master”. You don’t have to look far. Just compare the two lions below with the winged bull on the font at Castle Frome shown above.

Go to the page itself and and young, see the the history stylistic similarities between the two birds on Leominster’s capital with those on the Castle Frome font. The capitals are some of the and young finest anywhere in England and it is the history of cheese, a bit of a miracle that they are still so fresh and undamaged. There is more of the Herefordshire School to chiaroscuro be seen inside the church but that, unfortunately, will have to wait for another visit when the church is open!