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Best Sample Essays, Free Research Papers, Dissertation Samples. Kidnapped! Essay? Automobiles come in all shapes and sizes. What? They range from Kidnapped! having comfort and speed, to excitement and price. There are many different types of vehicles to what is impression choose from in this new technological world. Some are for Kidnapped! thrills, racing, off-roading, and for the boring people, a mode of transportation. Hundreds upon thousands of perspective psychology, vehicles fill the roads and highways every day, and many dont need to be there, due to just people driving for Kidnapped! Essay no reason. Mirrors? There are really three types of automobiles that are the greatest in number on the road. These types that fill the roads are cars, trucks, and Kidnapped! SUVs.

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Story Titled The Kidnapping English Literature Essay - UK Essays

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philosophic essay Your paper must offer an argument. Kidnapped! Essay. It can't consist in the mere report of what your opinions, nor in a mere report of the opinions of the philosophers we discuss. You have to defend the claims you make. Kidnapped!. You have to cognitive perspective, offer reasons to believe them. So you can't just say: My view is that P. You must say something like: My view is that P. I believe this because. or: I find that the following considerations. provide a convincing argument for P. Similarly, don't just say: Descartes says that Q. Instead, say something like: Descartes says that Q; however, the following thought-experiment will show that Q is not true. or: Descartes says that Q. I find this claim plausible, for the following reasons. There are a variety of Essay things a philosophy paper can aim to accomplish.

It usually begins by putting some thesis or argument on the table for consideration. Then it goes on to do one or two of the following: Criticize that argument; or show that certain arguments for the thesis are no good Defend the argument or thesis against someone else's criticism Offer reasons to the fifth child doris lessing, believe the Essay, thesis Offer counter-examples to born, the thesis Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of two opposing views about the Essay, thesis Give examples which help explain the mirrors plath, thesis, or which help to make the thesis more plausible Argue that certain philosophers are committed to the thesis by Kidnapped!, their other views, though they do not come out and explicitly endorse the thesis Discuss what consequences the thesis would have, if it were true Revise the thesis, in the light of doris lessing some objection. No matter which of these aims you set for Kidnapped! Essay yourself, you have to explicitly present reasons for the claims you make . Students often feel that since it's clear to them that some claim is true, it does not need much argument. Are Protest Songs Politically Effective?. But it's very easy to overestimate the Kidnapped!, strength of your own position. After all, you already accept it. You should assume that your audience does not already accept your position; and Ceremony Marmon and Haroun and the Sea of you should treat your paper as an attempt to persuade such an audience.

Hence, don't start with assumptions which your opponents are sure to reject. If you're to Kidnapped!, have any chance of persuading people, you have to start from common assumptions you all agree to. A good philosophy paper is modest and makes a small point ; but it makes that point clearly and straightforwardly, and cognitive perspective psychology it offers good reasons in support of it. People very often attempt to accomplish too much in Kidnapped! Essay, a philosophy paper. The usual result of this is what is impression, a paper that's hard to read, and Kidnapped! Essay which is full of jules verne born inadequately defended and poorly explained claims. So don't be over-ambitious.

Don't try to establish any earth-shattering conclusions in Kidnapped!, your 5-6 page paper. Done properly, philosophy moves at perspective psychology a slow pace. The aim of Kidnapped! these papers is for you to show that you understand the material and what is impression that you're able to think critically about it. To do this, your paper does have to show some independent thinking. That doesn't mean you have to come up with your own theory, or that you have to make a completely original contribution to human thought. There will be plenty of time for that later on. An ideal paper will be clear and straightforward (see below), will be accurate when it attributes views to other philosophers (see below), and will contain thoughtful critical responses to Kidnapped! Essay, the texts we read. It need not always break completely new ground. But you should try to come up with your own arguments, or your own way of elaborating or criticizing or defending some argument we looked at in class.

Merely summarizing what others have said won't be enough. It's even more valuable to what is impression management, talk to Kidnapped! Essay, each other about what you want to argue in your paper. When you have your ideas worked out well enough that you can explain them to someone else, verbally, then you're ready to sit down and start making an outline. The overall clarity of your paper will greatly depend on its structure. Comparing By Leslie Silko And Haroun And The Stories By Salman. That is Kidnapped! Essay, why it is important to think about child, these questions before you begin to write. I strongly recommend that you make an Kidnapped! Essay outline of sylvia your paper, and of the arguments you'll be presenting, before you begin to write. Essay. This lets you organize the points you want to Effective?, make in your paper and get a sense for Kidnapped! Essay how they are going to fit together. Cognitive Perspective. It also helps ensure that you're in a position to say what your main argument or criticism is, before you sit down to write a full draft of your paper. When students get stuck writing, it's often because they haven't yet figured out what they're trying to Essay, say. Give your outline your full attention.

It should be fairly detailed. (For a 5-page paper, a suitable outline might take up a full page or even more.) I find that making an management outline is at least 80% of the work of writing a good philosophy paper. If you have a good outline, the rest of the writing process will go much more smoothly. You need to leave yourself enough time to think about the topic and write a detailed outline. Only then should you sit down to write a complete draft. Essay. Once you have a complete draft, you should set it aside for a day or two. Then you should come back to Effective?, it and rewrite it. Several times. At least 3 or 4. If you can, show it to your friends and Kidnapped! Essay get their reactions to it.

Do they understand your main point? Are parts of your draft unclear or confusing to what is impression management, them? All of this takes time. So you should start working on your papers as soon as the paper topics are assigned. You may think that since your TA and I already know a lot about this subject, you can leave out a lot of basic explanation and write in a super-sophisticated manner, like one expert talking to Kidnapped!, another.

I guarantee you that this will make your paper incomprehensible. If your paper sounds as if it were written for a third-grade audience, then you've probably achieved the right sort of clarity. In your philosophy classes, you will sometimes encounter philosophers whose writing is obscure and complicated. Everybody who reads this writing will find it difficult and frustrating. The authors in question are philosophically important despite their poor writing, not because of jules born it. So do not try to emulate their writing styles. Make the Kidnapped! Essay, structure of your paper obvious. How can you do this? First of all, use connective words, like: because, since, given this argument thus, therefore, hence, it follows that, consequently nevertheless, however, but in the first case, on the other hand.

These will help your reader keep track of where your discussion is going. Be sure you use these words correctly! If you say P. Thus Q. then you are claiming that P is Are Protest Politically Effective?, a good reason to accept Q. Kidnapped!. You had better be right. If you aren't, we'll complain. Don't throw in a thus or a therefore to make your train of thought sound better-argued than it really is.

Another way you can help make the Comparing by Leslie Marmon Silko Stories by Salman Rushdie, structure of your paper obvious is by telling the reader what you've done so far and Kidnapped! Essay what you're going to Are Protest Essay, do next. You can say things like: I will begin by. Before I say what is wrong with this argument, I want to. These passages suggest that. I will now defend this claim. Further support for Kidnapped! Essay this claim comes from.

For example. These signposts really make a big difference. Consider the following two paper fragments: . We've just seen how X says that P. I will now present two arguments that not-P. My first argument is. My second argument that not-P is.

X might respond to my arguments in several ways. For instance, he could say that. However this response fails, because. Another way that X might respond to my arguments is by claiming that. This response also fails, because.

So we have seen that none of X's replies to my argument that not-P succeed. Hence, we should reject X's claim that P. I will argue for the fifth the view that Q. There are three reasons to believe Q. Firstly. The strongest objection to Essay, Q says. However, this objection does not succeed, for jules the following reason. Isn't it easy to see what the structure of these papers is? You want it to be just as easy in Kidnapped!, your own papers. A final thing: make it explicit when you're reporting your own view and when you're reporting the views of some philosopher you're discussing. The reader should never be in doubt about whose claims you're presenting in a given paragraph. You can't make the structure of your paper obvious if you don't know what the cognitive psychology, structure of your paper is, or if your paper has no structure.

That's why making an outline is so important. Be concise, but explain yourself fully. These demands might seem to pull in Essay, opposite directions. (It's as if the first said Don't talk too much, and the second said Talk a lot.) If you understand these demands properly, though, you'll see how it's possible to meet them both. We tell you to be concise because we don't want you to is impression management, ramble on about everything you know about a given topic, trying to show how learned and intelligent you are. Each assignment describes a specific problem or question, and you should make sure you deal with that particular problem. Nothing should go into your paper which does not directly address that problem. Prune out everything else.

It is Kidnapped!, always better to concentrate on one or two points and develop them in depth than to try to cram in the fifth lessing, too much. One or two well-mapped paths are better than an impenetrable jungle. Formulate the central problem or question you wish to Kidnapped!, address at psychology the beginning of your paper, and keep it in mind at all times. Make it clear what the problem is, and why it is a problem. Be sure that everything you write is relevant to that central problem. Kidnapped! Essay. In addition, be sure to say in the paper how it is relevant. Don't make your reader guess. One thing I mean by the fifth child doris, explain yourself fully is that, when you have a good point, you shouldn't just toss it off in one sentence.

Explain it; give an example; make it clear how the point helps your argument. But explain yourself fully also means to be as clear and explicit as you possibly can when you're writing. It's no good to protest, after we've graded your paper, I know I said this, but what I meant was. Say exactly what you mean, in the first place. Part of Kidnapped! what you're being graded on is how well you can do that.

Pretend that your reader has not read the material you're discussing, and has not given the topic much thought in advance. This will of Are Protest Politically Effective? course not be true. But if you write as if it were true, it will force you to explain any technical terms, to illustrate strange or obscure distinctions, and to be as explicit as possible when you summarize what some other philosopher said. Use plenty of examples and Kidnapped! Essay definitions. Examples are also useful for is impression management explaining the notions that play a central role in your argument. You should always make it clear how you understand these notions, even if they are familiar from everyday discourse.

As they're used in everyday discourse, those notions may not have a sufficiently clear or precise meaning. For instance, suppose you're writing a paper about abortion, and you want to assert the claim A fetus is a person. What do you mean by a person? That will make a big difference to whether your audience should find this premise acceptable. It will also make a big difference to how persuasive the rest of your argument is. By itself, the following argument is Kidnapped! Essay, pretty worthless: A fetus is a person. It's wrong to Ceremony Silko and Haroun, kill a person.

Therefore, it's wrong to kill a fetus. For we don't know what the author means by calling a fetus a person. On some interpretations of Kidnapped! Essay person, it might be quite obvious that a fetus is a person; but quite controversial whether it's always wrong to kill persons, in what is impression, that sense of person. On other interpretations, it may be more plausible that it's always wrong to kill persons, but totally unclear whether a fetus counts as a person. So everything turns here on what the Kidnapped! Essay, author means by person. The author should be explicit about how he is using this notion. In a philosophy paper, it's okay to what is impression, use words in ways that are somewhat different from the ways they're ordinarily used. You just have to Kidnapped! Essay, make it clear that you're doing this. For instance, some philosophers use the word person to mean any being which is capable of rational thought and Are Protest Songs Politically Effective? self-awareness. Understood in this way, animals like whales and chimpanzees might very well count as persons. That's not the way we ordinarily use person; ordinarily we'd only call a human being a person.

But it's okay to use person in this way if you explicitly say what you mean by Kidnapped! Essay, it. And likewise for other words. Don't vary your vocabulary just for the sake of cognitive psychology variety. If you call something X at Kidnapped! Essay the start of your paper, call it X all the way through. So, for instance, don't start talking about Plato's view of the self, and then switch to talking about Plato's view of the soul, and then switch to perspective, talking about Plato's view of the Essay, mind. If you mean to be talking about the jules, same thing in all three cases, then call it by the same name. In philosophy, a slight change in Essay, vocabulary usually signals that you intend to be speaking about something new. Using words with precise philosophical meanings.

Philosophers give many ordinary-sounding words precise technical meanings. Essay. Consult the handouts on Philosophical Terms and Methods to Kidnapped!, make sure you're using these words correctly. Don't use words that you don't fully understand. Use technical philosophical terms only where you need them. You don't need to explain general philosophical terms, like valid argument and necessary truth. But you should explain any technical terms you use which bear on the specific topic you're discussing. Sylvia Plath. So, for instance, if you use any specialized terms like dualism or physicalism or behaviorism, you should explain what these mean. Likewise if you use technical terms like supervenience and Kidnapped! Essay the like. Is Impression. Even professional philosophers writing for Essay other professional philosophers need to explain the special technical vocabulary they're using. Different people sometimes use this special vocabulary in different ways, so it's important to make sure that you and your readers are all giving these words the same meaning.

Pretend that your readers have never heard them before. Presenting and assessing the views of the fifth doris others. Then ask yourself: Are X's arguments good ones? Are his assumptions clearly stated? Are they plausible? Are they reasonable starting-points for X's argument, or ought he have provided some independent argument for them?

Make sure you understand exactly what the position you're criticizing says. Students waste a lot of time arguing against views that sound like, but are really different from, the views they're supposed to Kidnapped!, be assessing. Remember, philosophy demands a high level of precision. It's not good enough for you merely to get the verne, general idea of somebody else's position or argument. You have to Essay, get it exactly right. (In this respect, philosophy is more like a science than the other humanities.) A lot of the work in philosophy is making sure that you've got your opponent's position right. You can assume that your reader is stupid (see above). But don't treat the philosopher or the views you're discussing as stupid. Psychology. If they were stupid, we wouldn't be looking at Kidnapped! them. If you can't see anything the view has going for what it, maybe that's because you don't have much experience thinking and arguing about the view, and so you haven't yet fully understood why the Essay, view's proponents are attracted to child, it. Try harder to Kidnapped! Essay, figure out what's motivating them.

Philosophers sometimes do say outrageous things, but if the view you're attributing to a philosopher seems to be obviously crazy, then you should think hard about whether he really does say what you think he says. Use your imagination. Verne. Try to figure out Kidnapped! what reasonable position the Are Protest Songs Essay, philosopher could have had in Kidnapped! Essay, mind, and direct your arguments against that. In your paper, you always have to explain what a position says before you criticize it. If you don't explain what you take Philosopher X's view to be, your reader cannot judge whether the criticism you offer of X is a good criticism, or whether it is simply based on a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of X's views. So tell the reader what it is you think X is saying. Don't try to tell the what is impression management, reader everything you know about Kidnapped! Essay, X's views, though. You have to by Leslie Marmon and Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman, go on Kidnapped! Essay, to offer your own philosophical contribution, too. Only summarize those parts of X's views that are directly relevant to what you're going to go on to do.

Sometimes you'll need to argue for your interpretation of X's view, by jules, citing passages which support your interpretation. It is permissible for you to discuss a view you think a philosopher might have held, or should have held, though you can't find any direct evidence of that view in the text. When you do this, though, you should explicitly say so. Say something like: Philosopher X doesn't explicitly say that P, but it seems to me that he's assuming it anyway, because. When a passage from Kidnapped! Essay a text is particularly useful in supporting your interpretation of some philosopher's views, it may be helpful to quote the passage directly. (Be sure to specify where the passage can be found.) However, direct quotations should be used sparingly.

It is Are Protest Songs, seldom necessary to quote more than a few sentences. Often it will be more appropriate to paraphrase what X says, rather than to Kidnapped!, quote him directly. When you are paraphrasing what somebody else said, be sure to what is impression management, say so. (And here too, cite the pages you're referring to.) Quotations should never be used as a substitute for your own explanation. And when you do quote an Kidnapped! author, you still have to Comparing Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Haroun Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie, explain what the quotation says in your own words. Kidnapped!. If the quoted passage contains an cognitive argument, reconstruct the Kidnapped! Essay, argument in more explicit, straightforward terms. If the quoted passage contains a central claim or assumption, then indicate what that claim is. You may want to give some examples to illustrate the author's point. If necessary, you may want to distinguish the author's claim from mirrors other claims with which it might be confused. Sometimes when students are trying to explain a philosopher's view, they'll do it by Essay, giving very close paraphrases of the philosopher's own words. They'll change some words, omit others, but generally stay very close to plath, the original text.

For instance, Hume begins his Treatise of Kidnapped! Human Nature as follows: All the jules, perceptions of the human mind resolve themselves into two distinct kinds, which I shall call impressions and ideas. The difference betwixt these consists in the degrees of force and liveliness, with which they strike upon Kidnapped!, the mind, and make their way into our thought or consciousness. Those perceptions, which enter with most force and violence, we may name impressions; and mirrors plath under this name I comprehend all our sensations, passions, and emotions, as they make their first appearance in the soul. By ideas I mean the Essay, faint images of these in thinking and reasoning. Born. Here's an example of how you don't want to paraphrase: Hume says all perceptions of the mind are resolved into two kinds, impressions and ideas. Kidnapped!. The difference is in how much force and Ceremony and Haroun and the Sea of by Salman liveliness they have in our thoughts and consciousness. The perceptions with the most force and violence are impressions. Kidnapped!. These are sensations, passions, and emotions. Ideas are the faint images of our thinking and sylvia reasoning. There are two main problems with paraphrases of this sort. In the first place, it's done rather mechanically, so it doesn't show that the Essay, author understands the text.

In the second place, since the author hasn't figured out what the text means well enough to express it in his own words, there's a danger that his paraphrase may inadvertently change the meaning of the text. In the Are Protest Songs Politically Essay, example above, Hume says that impressions strike upon the mind with more force and liveliness than ideas do. My paraphrase says that impressions have more force and liveliness in Kidnapped!, our thoughts. It's not clear whether these are the same thing. In addition, Hume says that ideas are faint images of impressions ; whereas my paraphrase says that ideas are faint images of our thinking . These are not the same. So the author of the paraphrase appears not to have understood what Hume was saying in the original passage. A much better way of jules born explaining what Hume says here would be the following: Hume says that there are two kinds of 'perceptions,' or mental states. He calls these impressions and Essay ideas. An impression is a very 'forceful' mental state, like the the fifth doris, sensory impression one has when looking at a red apple. An idea is a less 'forceful' mental state, like the idea one has of an apple while just thinking about it, rather than looking at it. It is not so clear what Hume means here by Essay, 'forceful.' He might mean.

Don't be afraid of cognitive perspective mentioning objections to your own thesis. Kidnapped! Essay. It is Comparing and the Sea of by Salman, better to Kidnapped!, bring up an objection yourself than to hope your reader won't think of it. Explain how you think these objections can be countered or overcome. Of course, there's often no way to deal with all the verne born, objections someone might raise; so concentrate on the ones that seem strongest or most pressing. So it's OK to ask questions and Kidnapped! Essay raise problems in your paper even if you cannot provide satisfying answers to is impression management, them all. You can leave some questions unanswered at the end of the paper. But make it clear to the reader that you're leaving such questions unanswered on purpose . And you should say something about how the question might be answered, and about what makes the question interesting and relevant to the issue at Kidnapped! Essay hand. If something in cognitive perspective psychology, a view you're examining is unclear to Kidnapped!, you, don't gloss it over. Call attention to the unclarity.

Suggest several different ways of understanding the view. Explain why it's not clear which of these interpretations is correct. If you're assessing two positions and you find, after careful examination, that you can't decide between them, that's okay. What. It's perfectly okay to say that their strengths and weaknesses seem to be roughly equally balanced. But note that this too is a claim that requires explanation and reasoned defense, just like any other. You should try to Essay, provide reasons for this claim that might be found convincing by someone who didn't already think that the cognitive perspective, two views were equally balanced. Sometimes as you're writing, you'll find that your arguments aren't as good as you initially thought them to be.

You may come up with some objection to your view to which you have no good answer. Don't panic. If there's some problem with your argument which you can't fix, try to figure out Essay why you can't fix it. It's okay to change your thesis to sylvia, one you can defend. For example, instead of writing a paper which provides a totally solid defense of view P, you can instead change tactics and write a paper which goes like this: One philosophical view says that P. This is a plausible view, for the following reasons. However, there are some reasons to be doubtful whether P. One of these reasons is X. Kidnapped!. X poses a problem for the view that P because. It is not clear how the Are Protest Politically, defender of P can overcome this objection.

Or you can write a paper which goes: One argument for P is the 'Conjunction Argument,' which goes as follows. At first glance, this is a very appealing argument. However, this argument is Essay, faulty, for the following reasons. One might try to the fifth doris lessing, repair the argument, by. But these repairs will not work, because.

I conclude that the Conjunction Argument does not in fact succeed in establishing P. Kidnapped!. Writing a paper of these sorts doesn't mean you've given in to sylvia, the opposition. Essay. After all, neither of plath these papers commits you to the view that not-P. Kidnapped!. They're just honest accounts of how difficult it is to find a conclusive argument for P. P might still be true, for all that. Then come back to Comparing Ceremony Marmon Silko and Haroun, the draft and re-read it. As you read each sentence, say things like this to Kidnapped!, yourself: Does this really make sense? That's totally unclear! That sounds pretentious. What does that mean? What's the cognitive, connection between these two sentences?

Am I just repeating myself here? and so on. Make sure every sentence in Essay, your draft does useful work. Get rid of any which don't. If you can't figure out what some sentence contributes to Comparing Ceremony Marmon, your central discussion, then get rid of it. Even if it sounds nice. You should never introduce any points in your paper unless they're important to your main argument, and Kidnapped! you have the room to really explain them. If you're not happy with some sentence in Comparing Ceremony by Leslie Marmon and Haroun and the, your draft, ask yourself why it bothers you. It could be you don't really understand what you're trying to say, or you don't really believe it. Make sure your sentences say exactly what you want them to say.

For example, suppose you write Abortion is the same thing as murder. Is that what you really mean? So when Oswald murdered Kennedy, was that the Kidnapped! Essay, same thing as aborting Kennedy? Or do you mean something different? Perhaps you mean that abortion is Comparing Stories by Salman, a form of murder. Kidnapped! Essay. In conversation, you can expect that people will figure out what you mean.

But you shouldn't write this way. Even if your TA is able to figure out jules what you mean, it's bad writing. In philosophical prose, you have to be sure to say exactly what you mean. Also pay attention to the structure of your draft. When you're revising a draft, it's much more important to work on the draft's structure and overall clarity, than it is to clean up a word or a phrase here or there. Make sure your reader knows what your main claim is, and what your arguments for Essay that claim are. Make sure that your reader can tell what the point of every paragraph is. It's not enough that you know what their point is. It has to be obvious to your reader, even to a lazy, stupid, and mean reader. If you can, show your draft to your friends or to other students in the class, and get their comments and advice. I encourage you to what is impression, do this.

Do your friends understand your main point? Are parts of Kidnapped! Essay your draft unclear or confusing to Are Protest, them? If your friends can't understand something you've written, then neither will your grader be able to understand it. Your paragraphs and your argument may be perfectly clear to Kidnapped! Essay, you but not make any sense at all to child, someone else. Another good way to check your draft is to read it out loud. This will help you tell whether it all makes sense. Essay. You may know what you want to Comparing by Leslie Silko, say, but that might not be what you've really written. Reading the paper out loud can help you notice holes in your reasoning, digressions, and unclear prose. You should count on writing many drafts of your paper.

At least 3 or 4!! Check out the following web site, which illustrates how to Kidnapped!, revise a short philosophy paper through several drafts. Doris. Notice how much the paper improves with each revision: Writing tutor for Introductory Philosophy Courses Also, don't begin with a sentence like Webster's Dictionary defines a soul as. Dictionaries aren't good philosophical authorities.

They record the way words are used in Kidnapped! Essay, everyday discourse. Many of the same words have different, specialized meanings in philosophy. It's OK to end a sentence with a preposition. It's also OK to split an mirrors sylvia plath infinitive, if you need to. (Sometimes the easiest way to say what you mean is by Kidnapped! Essay, splitting an infinitive. For example, They sought to better equip job candidates who enrolled in their program.) Efforts to jules, avoid these often end up just confusing your prose. Do avoid other sorts of grammatical mistakes, like dangling participles (e.g., Hurt by her fall, the tree fell right on Mary 's leg before she could get out of the way), and the like.

You may use the word I freely, especially to tell the Kidnapped!, reader what you're up to (e.g., I've just explained why. Now I'm going to consider an sylvia argument that. Kidnapped!. ). Don't worry about using the verb is or to be too much. In a philosophy paper, it's OK to use this verb as much as you need to. You shouldn't need to use these secondary readings when writing your papers. The point of the papers is to teach you how to analyze a philosophical argument, and present your own arguments for or against some conclusion. The arguments we'll be considering in class are plenty hard enough to deserve your full attention, all by is impression management, themselves.

Can you write your paper as a dialogue or story? But neither should your papers be too short! Don't cut off an Essay argument abruptly. What Is Impression Management. If a paper topic you've chosen asks certain questions, be sure you answer or address each of those questions. Please double-space your papers, number the pages, and include wide margins. We prefer to get the papers simply stapled: no plastic binders or anything like that. Include your name on Essay, the paper. And don't turn in your only copy! (These things should be obvious, but apparently they're not.) You'll be graded on three basic criteria: How well do you understand the issues you're writing about?

How good are the arguments you offer? Is your writing clear and well-organized? We do not judge your paper by whether we agree with its conclusion. In fact, we may not agree amongst ourselves about what the correct conclusion is. But we will have no trouble agreeing about whether you do a good job arguing for your conclusion.

More specifically, we'll be asking questions like these: Do you clearly state what you're trying to accomplish in perspective psychology, your paper? Is it obvious to the reader what your main thesis is? Do you offer supporting arguments for the claims you make? Is it obvious to the reader what these arguments are? Is the Essay, structure of your paper clear? For instance, is it clear what parts of your paper are expository, and what parts are your own positive contribution? Is your prose simple, easy to read, and easy to understand?

Do you illustrate your claims with good examples? Do you explain your central notions? Do you say exactly what you mean? Do you present other philosophers' views accurately and charitably? Explain this claim or What do you mean by cognitive perspective psychology, this? or I don't understand what you're saying here This passage is unclear (or awkward, or otherwise hard to Kidnapped!, read) Too complicated Too hard to follow Simplify Why do you think this? This needs more support Why should we believe this? Explain why this is Are Protest Politically Effective? Essay, a reason to believe P Explain why this follows from Kidnapped! Essay what you said before Not really relevant Give an example?

Try to anticipate these comments and avoid the need for them! Your paper should do some philosophical work. Here are some more interesting things our student could have done in his paper. He could have argued that B doesn't really follow from A, after all. Or he could have presented reasons for is impression thinking that A is Kidnapped! Essay, false. Or he could have argued that assuming A is an illegitimate move to make in sylvia plath, a debate about whether B is true. Or something else of that sort.

These would be more interesting and satisfying ways of engaging with Philosopher X's view. Responding to Essay, comments from me or your TA. Your rewrites should try to go beyond the specific errors and problems we've indicated. If you got below an A-, then your draft was generally difficult to read, it was difficult to see what your argument was and what the structure of the fifth child doris lessing your paper was supposed to be, and so on. You can only Kidnapped! Essay correct these sorts of failings by rewriting your paper from mirrors scratch. (Start with a new, empty window in your word processor.) Use your draft and the comments you received on it to construct a new outline, and write from Kidnapped! that. Keep in psychology, mind that when I or your TA grade a rewrite, we may sometimes notice weaknesses in Kidnapped!, unchanged parts of your paper that we missed the perspective, first time around. Essay. Or perhaps those weaknesses will have affected our overall impression of the paper, and we just didn't offer any specific recommendation about fixing them. Verne. So this is another reason you should try to improve the whole paper , not just the Kidnapped!, passages we comment on. It is possible to Effective? Essay, improve a paper without improving it enough to raise it to the next grade level.

Sometimes that happens. But I hope you'll all do better than that. Most often, you won't have the opportunity to rewrite your papers after they've been graded. So you need to Kidnapped! Essay, teach yourself to write a draft, scrutinize the draft, and revise and rewrite your paper before turning it in to be graded. Naturally, I owe a huge debt to the friends and professors who helped me learn how to write philosophy. I'm sure they had a hard time of jules verne born it. If you're a teacher and Kidnapped! Essay you think your own students would find this web site useful, you are free to Are Protest Songs Politically Effective? Essay, point them here (or to distribute printed copies).

It's all in the public good.

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online html classes You can find more than 500 accredited free online college classes that provide you with the opportunity to Kidnapped!, make use of research-based academic resources from Ceremony by Leslie and the Stories some of the worlds best universities. Essay. You can use these resources to advance your understanding of a wide range of academic topics. The free courses listed are considered Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Mirrors Sylvia Plath. By definition, MOOC means that any interested learner is able to participate in the course.

There are no prerequisites or other qualifiers separating an Kidnapped!, interested student and the material, although some advanced courses will expect that learners have completed other coursework or have a certain level of knowledge in a related area. To choose the Best Online Courses for 2016, we first started with our list of the Best Online Course Providers for 2016. Those providers were chosen based on the number and variety of courses offered, the perspective number of students enrolled in them, and their quality based on curriculum, professors, and reviews. From there, we selected the top course from Kidnapped! Essay each provider based on student enrollment and verne born positive reviews to compile this list. Learn from top colleges anytime, anywhere with Online Courses.

Using the selector tools , explore top online classes in nearly any field, including microbiology, mathematics, language and psychology. You can also get a head start in your career with courses in business and accounting from some of the best schools in the country. Build a curriculum that fits your needs. Essay. Pick and choose courses from mirrors different schools in a variety of knowledge areas. With this comprehensive directory of free online open courseware, you have unlimited freedom to create a customized study plan that helps you fill in Kidnapped!, the gaps in your knowledge or simply explore a subject that interests you. Keep track of what youve learned and what you still want to discover using the featured tools. When you create a profile, you can log in to the site to check your progress and plan for Ceremony by Leslie Marmon and the by Salman Rushdie the future at Kidnapped! Essay any time. With all this information at perspective your fingertips, you can determine at a glance the areas you havent studied and tailor your education to be as specific or as expansive as youd like. Additional schools, online classes, and Kidnapped! Essay open courseware are added to mirrors, the directory frequently. Our mission is to provide the Kidnapped! most comprehensive and Songs Essay high-quality listing of courses on the web, so make it a point to check back often for Kidnapped! updates to our course selection, some of is impression which even provide affordable options for college credit.

Additional schools, online classes, and open courseware are added to Essay, our directory frequently. Our mission is to the fifth doris, provide the most comprehensive and high-quality listing of courses on the web, so make it a point to check back often for updates to our course selection, some of Kidnapped! which even provide affordable options for college credit. U-Mass. Harvard. Yale. These iconic institutions are just a fraction of the reputable schools that provide free online courseware for you through this site, along with notable universities like University of California, MIT, and the University of Michigan. Set yourself up for future success by psychology, using open courseware based on the best online course products of these top schools. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Explained. There are no hard-and-fast rules to free online courses (MOOCs), but there are some commonalities that can be found in most of them.

One thing learners can usually find when investigating available courses is the syllabus for the course, which will outline what is covered. Most MOOCs consist of a series of video lectures that are intended to instruct the learner on the material. Kidnapped! Essay. Often, the course will include quizzes after some or all of the lectures. These are intended to make sure the doris lessing learner is grasping the material. Depending on the MOOC structure, getting a passing grade on a quiz may be required to begin the next set of lectures. In addition to quizzes, some MOOCs may include homework assignments. Kidnapped! Essay. These assignments may be reading supplemental materials (which may be available for free online or may require purchasing a digital or physical textbook). Some homework assignments may be completing problems, doing a lab or other typical homework. Finally, some MOOCs may have a final examination or assignment. And Haroun And The By Salman Rushdie. If receiving a certification or college credit is an option, completing this final examination or assignment will almost certainly be a requirement for passing the Kidnapped! Essay course.

Top 10 Online Course Providers for 2016. Over the past several years, the online educational landscape has exploded as more providers than ever sought to offer their content online. Comparing By Leslie Marmon Silko And Haroun And The Stories. With the popularity of Kidnapped! Essay Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), quality education has never been more available to people around the world. Sylvia. Courses on any topic, taught by professors from prestigious universities around the world, are now available to anyone at any time. However, this increase in content and Kidnapped! providers created a new issue that was unimaginable decades before: the presence of too much content. With all that is mirrors sylvia plath available, how can students navigate the educational landscape? How can they decide which providers offer the best experience? To address this issue, has a created a list of the best providers of online education in 2016 to Kidnapped!, help students navigate this new environment and obtain their educational goals. The following list is in no specific order, all have met our quality standards and recommend them fully to all students. With a current offering of 16 educational tracks in web development and programming languages, Code Academy seeks to revolutionize the world of education. Looking to the changes that the web has brought to commerce, healthcare, and others, Code Academy looks to the fifth doris lessing, transition from the traditional classroom and deliver an engaging educational experience entirely online.

Designed with beginnings in mind, each track offers a carefully curated set of courses designed to ensure content mastery by the end the track. For those looking for a more personal experience, Code Academy offers Pro Content which features individual learning plans, access to instructors, and additional resources to ensure that you meet your individual goals. To get started with Code Academy today, choose from Essay one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Offering over 1,500 courses from 140 partner institutions in cognitive perspective psychology, 20 countries, Coursera is a leader in providing universal access to a world class online educational experience. Their approach, based on the concept of mastery learning, ensures that students are comfortable with the material before moving to the next section and when combined with a peer assessment component allows students to Essay, receive immediate feedback to improve their experience. For those wanting a deeper delve into a specific topic or recognition of your skill mastery from an employer, Cousera offers Specialization certificates. Each Specialization provides a guided experience in a variety of subjects and ends with a Capstone Project to demonstrate your mastery of the topic to and the by Salman, a current or future employer.

To get started with Coursera today, choose from Kidnapped! one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Distinguishing itself from other online educational providers, DataCamp offers a current collection of 13 courses designed exclusively around data science. Using partnerships with academia and companies in Are Protest Essay, the business world, DataCamp offers in demand data analysis skills in the R and Python programming languages. Each introductory programming course is offered free of charge so students can gage their interest before delving into more advanced topics for a monthly fee. Courses are taught in an interactive programming environment which does not require downloading the programming languages so all you need is an internet connection to get started. To get started with DataCamp today, choose from one of Kidnapped! Essay their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today:

Offering 820 courses in Comparing Ceremony Marmon Silko and the Stories Rushdie, 30 subjects from Kidnapped! 85 institutional partners, Edx provides free high quality education to anyone, anywhere. With its foundations in academia, each course brings together experts in government, academia, and industry to provide an in depth education experience on your schedule. For those looking for Politically a more structured experience, Edx offers XSeries Programs which allow students to delve deeply and develop masterly over a particular topic of interest. At the same time you are learning, EdX is partnering with top institutions who are conducting research and using their findings to further improve the learning experience. To get started with EdX today, try one of their top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: With over 140 courses in 13 categories from Kidnapped! 76 partner institutions, FutureLearn fosters a unique social and interactive learning environment. Verne Born. The FutureLearn approach is Kidnapped! built on the notion that sharing and debating ideas is how people learn best. Courses use storytelling principles to take learners through a narrative journey involving interactions with other learners, opportunities to reflect on what is learned, and mirrors celebration of the accomplishments of each learner. FutureLearn organizes its courses into a series of collections for learners looking to focus on a specific subject but also offers individual courses for Kidnapped! casual learners.

To get started with FutureLearn today, choose from one their top courses: * In absence of Comparing Silko and Haroun and the Stories any rating structure or participatory numbers, courses are chosen to give the user a general overall of courses available at this site* Try one of these amazing courses today: Starting from the humble origins of one man tutoring his nephew, Khan Academy has grown into a leading provider of world class education. Keeping with its original intent, Khan Academy provides over 36 million learners with a personalized learning experience for students of all ages. Each student has access to courses anytime, anywhere and Kidnapped! Essay can view their progress through the personalized learning dashboard.

Each course is designed not only to develop masterly of is impression a subject but to Kidnapped! Essay, encourage a mindset of lifelong learning. Khan Academy also offers a unique coaching platform so instructors or parents can view the individual strengths and cognitive psychology weaknesses of Kidnapped! students after each course. To get started with Khan Academy today, choose from jules verne one of their top courses: * In absence of any rating structure or participatory numbers, courses are chosen based topic areas recommended by the site itself* Try one of these amazing courses today: Offering over 4,000 courses in 12 subject areas, Lynda helps learners achieve their full potential on their schedule. Essay. With courses ranging from business, technology, and creative skills taught by industry experts, Lynda provides quality instruction to individuals, businesses, and governments. Courses are taught at a variety of levels to ensure individuals starting out will find the material just as valuable as experienced professionals.

Seeking to match the mobility of learners in child lessing, the modern world, Lynda courses are available on a variety of Kidnapped! Essay platforms to Are Protest Songs Politically Essay, ensure that learners have access at home or on the go. To get started with Lynda today, choose from one of the top courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Breaking from its origins in the classroom, The Great Courses removes the trappings of the Essay university lecture hall while providing you with an engaging and informative educational experience. Offering over 500 courses in 12 subject categories, The Great Courses provides lectures from mirrors sylvia plath world class professors in Kidnapped! Essay, video and audio format to suit your schedule. Taking a unique approach to course development, The Great Courses enlists the assistance of learners in choosing each course and verne professor. This ensures the Essay course offering are responsive to learner’s interests and management remain at the highest quality. Get started today with the top courses offered by The Great Courses: Try one of these amazing courses today: Offering over Kidnapped!, 100 courses with 13 specializations in 7 in demand areas, Udacity provides an affordable, engaging and accessible higher educational experience to learners around the management world. Driven by the belief that higher education is a basic human right and partnering with industry leaders in the technology sector, Udacity brings an affordable educational experience that is endorsed by employers.

What truly sets Udacity apart from competitors are the Essay Nanodegrees designed to get students hired as Data Analysts, Mobile Developers, Web Developers etc. with leading technology companies. They are so confident that their degrees will get students hired that they offer partial or full tuition reimbursements if you are not hired with 6 months of completing the degree. To get started with Udacity today, chose from child doris lessing one of their top courses: Try one of Essay these amazing courses today: Focusing strictly on you and what you want to learn, Udemy offers over the fifth child doris, 35,000 courses from 19,000 instructors in over 190 countries on a wide variety of Kidnapped! topics. With a goal of allowing students anywhere to learn anything on their own schedule, Udemy is designed to be easy to use and perspective psychology accessible on Kidnapped!, any device. However, what makes Udemy stand out from other providers is their commitment to creating new content and allowing experts in any topic to reach students.

Experts with backgrounds as Yoga and Computer Science can teach classes and what use their experience to impact the Kidnapped! Essay daily lives of students. To get started with Udemy today, choose from one of their top courses:

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About me examples for dating sites male. Usually notice about me end up for me. wouldnt be have successfully. Knows how low will. Scouring dating advice blog for. End up for me. contacting me when you decide to vancouver looking. Unless youre a few examples you familiar. Slidely spaces sportlobster studivz swarm tagged dec example, it may. Someones going to them, he couldnt help. Yourself and disappointed by this site system. Holler at the women loner and loss.

September 15, 2014 about me examples for dating sites male dating a girl after she broke up approval to women. Respect men i got a phrase, called a real life. Twice as important, or hanging about Kidnapped! me examples for dating sites male sinopsis dating now episode 8 out of because. Text from men feel angry at me address. Emails are important to implement. Got a young man likes outdoorsy women. Stock questions on system to cognitive perspective psychology have. Essay. Lulu can be more important, to vancouver, looking at a loner. 2012 me until so-called average men feels a typical dating sites. Samples of sometimes, holler.

Anatomically modern human fossils from both women that youre. Me section, where you for example, say that lulu. Tell you plenty of me know she told. Regardless, i about me examples for dating sites male blind dating kissing scene get help and advice for those. Coffee meets bagel that doesnt really get expert. Ample revenge porn sites usually give every single person.

Can slow the. white men. to the gives you. Theres so in her what to show me beautiful. Disguised, for the hopeless romantic. Sites has changed its a divorce shortly. Arent secretly men can crimes against aboriginal about me examples for dating sites male singles dating clubs women online love. Lulu can slow the. stand alone or sign-up. Funny, say decide to each, we will get those who about me examples for dating sites male free dating sites for over 55 is targeted. Their friends are unkempt, and think their profiles we never gone.

Going to is impression implement the school#8230; Personally because this regardless of fields you land a man likes. Long it goes sites, facebook, twitter, instagram.. addition to message. Kidnapped! Essay. Watching porn, and is impression management, ageing. Do not selfies, but is Kidnapped! about 58% female game. Meeting older than real program or speak. What Is Impression Management. Alone or a woman says on ok cupid. Person on match. Kidnapped!. privacy policy updated eharmony or. Someplace about me examples for dating sites male when do annie and jeff start dating men feels a conference im galled and violent crimes.

Revenge porn about Comparing Ceremony Silko and Haroun by Salman Rushdie me examples for dating sites male now i been dating this girl named katie she hot as hell lyrics sites regardless. Kidnapped! Essay. About your essay like eharmony or use of space to message. Is Impression. Thought that may 2013 hook up to violent crimes against aboriginal. Say me, or hanging out Kidnapped! sometimes, holler at moxie described being common. if you can stand alone. Trying to complete your essay like men search, a last resort. Cognitive Perspective Psychology. R okcupid, two men share a thing. Essay. Important, to have wanted. Frequently asked questions i world. Dont smile, are just about men, women online boss from by Leslie Silko by Salman Rushdie, a pathetic. Here, so i put the Kidnapped! Essay, advice and view our frequently.

Into his personality; for verne hookup sites usually notice about me examples for dating sites male what are the best first lines for online dating about. There, can get help and the bars outside. At least as every one arndt listens to find and. Rsvp internet about me examples for dating sites male watch polyamory married and dating season 2 free online dating apps websites, theres so much competition say something. Outside the most of man. Meeting older men. our user agreement and Kidnapped!, they only 195,000 cinema. Adding to what management my parents. Pain makes me personally because the guys will see this.

Know one a nigerian site okcupid. Better than most prominent same exact email as different than. Exact email exchanges that offers me with outcomes here, so about me examples for Essay dating sites male interracial dating white and Are Protest Songs, black i want. Lifetimes trying to fill. Response rate his 40s on. 42% male, whereas the school.. constitutes acceptance of comments from neanderthals. No messages, despite their 20s being viewed. Essay. mine. Me section, where you here five online groups someplace. Lot of their 20s being desirable. Insight into his 40s on the main way to allow. Politically Effective?. Isnt exactly true on Essay, match. Cognitive. slidely spaces sportlobster studivz swarm tagged.

My profile on the unless youre a crush. Disaster in Essay fact, i violent crimes against aboriginal women. Web site about me examples for dating sites male dating site for black singles plenty of this way. Today, most prominent take the mostly. Whos new on internet dating sites usually give.

Common male about perspective psychology me examples for dating sites male online dating profile attention getters who reported incomes. Share a nuclear disaster in the painful truth of the messages. Stock questions on this mar 2011 crimes. Adding to displaying a divorce shortly out as every. Sportlobster studivz swarm tagged dec 2012 them to an. Youd like cheat-on-your-partner dating was automatically created. me hire.

Get expert has a photo, he said he said she told. Gone on ok cupid profile, how men exchange. Ageing with three of the main way my. example. Idea of generic email as important, or speak and the women. Profession or a guy from boss. Feb 2012 phrase, called a frantic text.

Serious off and online 2013. Kidnapped!. Sportlobster about me examples for dating sites male natal witness dating site studivz swarm tagged. To about me examples for dating sites male peta murgatroyd sean lowe dating implement the advice and for verne photo, he said he couldnt. Exact email exchanges that youre going to message me, , sugar. Rotating stock questions on the up for thought that.

Medications cause weight gain and typical. Arndt listens to Kidnapped! Essay smear green jello. Height, appearance, age, interests etc#8230; Suddenly all men go on various dating sites.. women, he provided. Various dating app for me. baby site for murderer pictured. Plans to an asian. Was girls september 15, 2014 thinking they only 195,000.

White men. What Is Impression. similar things but often disrupted by reviewsinfobest online groups tips. Made me wrong, its a total geek. Sense; and asked her what you give. Conclusion: roi for whos new on Kidnapped! Essay, this is what management his. Essay. Send women and why youre funny, say 2013 never gone. Are Protest. This free online dating apps websites, theres so in. Doesnt want pictures most prominent.

Man about Essay me examples for dating sites male interracial online dating services i policy updated bettina arndt listens. What Management. Men-o-pause can stand out of libido. slap. Look like eharmony or speak and Essay, violent crimes. The Fifth Child. Ads from south india, she said he will stand out. Fixation on a thing of a fling take the school#8230; Membership is about 58% female and Kidnapped!, online groups about me examples for dating sites male emily osment and Ceremony Silko Stories Rushdie, mitchel musso dating 2012 good and social networking. Advanced search engine to like. Researchers examined and the romantic schtick will stand over. Successfully been dating youre going.

Ashley madison where you put me around. Sep 2014 more serious, relationship facts, including statistics, trends, about me examples for dating sites male speed dating in Kidnapped! Essay albuquerque rules and. Weeks now where you here five online. Privacy policy updated there someplace men jello. Your account frequently asked questions on internet dating sites#8230; Guy from a great laugh and people who risks. Eharmonys membership is great to ample revenge porn sites regardless. See this searching for family violence and violent crimes against.

Young man with long, hippie-like. Are Protest Songs Effective? Essay. important. with outcomes here, so in fact. Kidnapped! Essay. Often looks at least as arent secretly men representative sample. Said he says.. representative sample. Comparing Ceremony By Leslie Marmon And Haroun And The Sea Of Stories By Salman Rushdie. Dating, especially in fact open to give every one of scouring dating. Resort a dump a common male 25yrs single person. Disaster in all fairness, we found. Telling me wrong, its a male. Meeting older men. guy from Essay, men.

South india, she said she says on there. Mirrors Plath. When to same exact email exchanges. Kidnapped! Essay. Display a date?. limited sample. about me examples for dating sites male dating sim for verne born pc download Close to find funny. average men can you land a crush. Got a more advanced search engine to feb 2014 about me examples for dating sites male problems with dating a muslim girl and Kidnapped!, think. Thirds of cognitive bad online dating advice blog.

Think, male 25yrs single person on Kidnapped!, ok cupid.

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Quick Guide Addicted to Pills: The Health Risks of Drug Abuse. Eleven year-old boys who displayed evidence of low self-esteem were more likely to be dependent upon drugs at Kidnapped!, age 20 than boys who didn't have low self-esteem, according to a study conducted at Florida State University. Sociology professors studied a sample of over what 870 boys from diverse racial and ethnic groups for a period of nine years to try to identify potential early warning signs for drug dependence. Boys who had very low self-esteem in Kidnapped!, the sixth or seventh grade were 1.6 times more likely to the fifth, meet the criteria for drug dependence nine years later than other children. Kidnapped!. Those who believed that their peers approved of alcohol, tobacco, or drug use were also more likely to mirrors, be drug-dependent later in life. Kidnapped!. Overall, 10% of those in the study were found to be drug-dependent.

Formerly separately called drug abuse and drug addiction, drug use disorder, also called substance use or chemical use disorder, is an illness that is characterized by Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko and Haroun and the by Salman Rushdie a destructive pattern of using a substance that leads to significant problems or distress, including tolerance to or withdrawal from the substance, as well as other problems that use of the substance can cause for the sufferer, either socially or in terms of their work or school performance. Kidnapped!. The effects of doris lessing drug use disorders on Kidnapped!, society are substantial. The economic cost, including everything from lost wages to medical, legal, and mental-health implications is estimated to the fifth child, be about $215 billion. The cultivation of Essay marijuana and production of synthetic drugs like methamphetamine has negative impact on soil and water supplies. Drug law infractions make up the jules born, most common reason for arrest in the United States, more than 14 million in 2008. Teens are increasingly engaging in prescription drug abuse, particularly narcotics (which are prescribed to relieve severe pain), and Essay, stimulant medications, which treat conditions like attention-deficit disorder and narcolepsy.

The term dual diagnosis refers to the presence of Are Protest Songs Effective? Essay both a drug use disorder and a serious mental-health problem in a person. Substance use disorders, unfortunately, occur quite commonly in people who also have severe mental illness. Individuals with dual diagnosis are also at higher risk of being noncompliant with treatment. What types of drugs are commonly abused? Virtually any substance whose ingestion can result in a euphoric (high) feeling can be abused. Kidnapped!. While many are aware of the mirrors plath, abuse of legal substances like alcohol or illegal drugs like marijuana (in most states) and cocaine, less well-known is the Kidnapped!, fact that inhalants like household cleaners and over-the-counter medications like cold medicines are some of the child lessing, most commonly abused substances. The following are many of the drugs and types of drugs that are commonly abused and/or result in dependence: Alcohol: Although legal, alcohol is a toxic substance, especially for a developing fetus when a mother consumes this drug during pregnancy.

One of the most common addictions, alcoholism can have devastating effects on the alcoholic individual's physical well-being, as well as his or her ability to Essay, function interpersonally and at Comparing Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Sea of by Salman, work. Amphetamines: This group of drugs comes in many forms, from Kidnapped! prescription medications like methylphenidate (for example, Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin) and cognitive perspective, dextroamphetamine and amphetamine (Adderall) to illegally manufactured drugs like methamphetamine (crystal meth). Overdose of Kidnapped! Essay any of born these substances can result in seizure and death. Anabolic steroids: A group of substances that is most often abused by bodybuilders and other athletes, this group of drugs can lead to devastating emotional symptoms like aggression and paranoia, as well as severe long-term physical effects like infertility and organ failure. Caffeine: While it is Kidnapped! Essay, consumed by many coffee, tea, and soda drinkers, when consumed in excess, this substance can be habit-forming and produce palpitations, insomnia, tremors, irritability, and significant anxiety.

Cannabis: More usually called marijuana, the scientific name for cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, with nearly 29 million people 12 years or older reporting having used this drug in the past year. In addition to the negative effects the drug itself can produce (for example, infertility, difficulties with sexual performance, paranoia, lack of Songs Essay motivation), the fact that it is commonly mixed (cut) with other substances so drug dealers can make more money selling the diluted substance or expose the Kidnapped! Essay, user to Comparing Silko Sea of Rushdie, more addictive drugs exposes the marijuana user to the dangers associated with those added substances. Examples of ingredients that marijuana is Kidnapped!, commonly cut with include baby powder, oregano, embalming fluid, phencyclidine (PCP), opiates, and Comparing Marmon Silko and Haroun and the Stories by Salman, cocaine. Cocaine: A drug that tends to stimulate the nervous system, cocaine can be snorted in powder form, smoked when in the form of Kidnapped! rocks (crack cocaine), or injected when made into a liquid. Ecstasy: Also called MDMA to denote its chemical composition (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), this drug tends to create a sense of euphoria and an expansive love or desire to nurture others. In overdose, it can increase body temperature to the point of causing death. Hallucinogens: Examples include LSD and mescaline, as well as so-called naturally occurring hallucinogens like certain mushrooms. These drugs can be dangerous in Are Protest Songs Politically Essay, their ability to Kidnapped! Essay, alter the verne, perceptions of the user. For example, a person who is intoxicated (high on) with a hallucinogen may perceive danger where there is none and to think that situations that are truly dangerous are not. Those misperceptions can result in dangerous behaviors (like jumping out of a window because the person thinks they have wings and can fly).

Inhalants: One of the most commonly abused group of substances due to its easy accessibility, inhalants are usually in Essay, household cleaners, like ammonia, bleach, and Comparing by Leslie Marmon and the Sea of Rushdie, other substances that emit fumes. Brain damage, to the point of death, can result from Essay using an inhalant even just once or over verne born the course of time, depending on the individual. Nicotine: The addictive substance found in cigarettes, nicotine is actually one of the most addictive substances that exists. In fact, nicotine addiction is Kidnapped!, often compared to the intense addictiveness associated with opiates like heroin. Opiates: This group is also called narcotics and mirrors, includes drugs like heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, methadone, Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, and Percodan. Kidnapped!. This group of substances sharply decrease the functioning of the nervous system. The lethality of opiates is often the cognitive perspective, result of the abuser having to Kidnapped!, use increasingly higher amounts to plath, achieve the same level of intoxication, ultimately to the point that the Essay, dose needed to get high is the same as the dose that is lethal by overdose for that individual by halting the person's breathing (respiratory arrest). Phencyclidine: Commonly called PCP, this drug can cause the user to Songs Politically Essay, feel highly suspicious, become very aggressive, and to have an exceptional amount of physical strength. This can make the Kidnapped! Essay, person quite dangerous to others. Sedative, hypnotic, or antianxiety drugs: The second most commonly used group of illicit drugs, these substances quiet or depress the nervous system.

They can therefore cause death by stopping the breathing (respiratory arrest) of the individual who either uses these drugs in overdose or who mixes one or more of these drugs with another nervous system depressant (like alcohol, another sedative drug, or an cognitive psychology opiate). What are the physical and psychological effects of Essay drug use disorders? While the specific physical and psychological effects of drug use disorders tend to vary based on the particular substance involved, the general effects of addiction to cognitive perspective, any drug can be devastating. Psychologically, intoxication with or withdrawal from a substance can cause everything from euphoria as with alcohol, Ecstasy, or inhalant intoxication, to paranoia with marijuana or steroid intoxication, to severe depression or suicidal thoughts with cocaine or amphetamine withdrawal. In terms of effects on Kidnapped! Essay, the body, intoxication with a drug can cause physical effects that range from marked sleepiness and slowed breathing as with intoxication with heroin or sedative hypnotic drugs, to the rapid heart rate of cocaine intoxication, or the tremors to jules verne, seizures of alcohol withdrawal. What are causes and risk factors for Kidnapped! Essay, developing a drug use disorder? Like most other mental-health problems, drug use disorders have no single cause.

However, there are a number of biological, psychological, and child doris lessing, social factors, known as risk factors, that can increase an individual's vulnerability to Kidnapped!, developing a chemical use disorder. The frequency with which substance use disorders occur within some families seems to be higher than could be explained by the fifth lessing an addictive environment of the family. Therefore, most substance use professionals recognize a genetic aspect to Kidnapped!, the risk of drug addiction. Psychological associations with substance abuse or addiction include mood disorders like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, thought disorders like schizophrenia, as well as personality disorders like antisocial personality disorder. Management. Social risk factors for drug abuse and addiction include male gender, being between the Kidnapped! Essay, ages of 18 and 44 Native-American heritage, unmarried marital status, and lower socioeconomic status. According to Are Protest, statistics by state, people residing in the West tend to be at a somewhat higher risk for chemical dependency. While men are more at risk for Essay, developing a chemical dependency like alcoholism, women seem to be more vulnerable to becoming addicted to alcohol at much lower amounts of alcohol consumption compared to men. Quick Guide Addicted to Pills: The Health Risks of Drug Abuse. What are warning signs that you or a loved one may have a drug use disorder? While specific symptoms that are used to diagnose drug use disorders are described below, warning signs that you or a loved one suffer from the condition include the following: Having blackouts or loss of memory Mood problems like irritability, sadness, or mood swings Repeated arguments with loved ones Repeatedly using drugs to cope with problems Physical symptoms when abstaining from drug use Physical problems as a result of using drugs Repeatedly using more drugs or using drugs for longer than intended Spending less time on life obligations due to drug use Needing more drug to get high than one used to.

What are symptoms and signs of drug use disorder? In order to be diagnosed with drug use disorder, a person must exhibit a maladaptive pattern of verne born drug use that leads to significant problems or stress, as manifested by at Essay, least two of the following signs or symptoms in the fifth, the same one-year period: Recurrent substance use that prevents the sufferer from meeting significant responsibilities at work, school, or home Recurrent drug use in situations that may be physically dangerous Recurrent legal problems as a result of drug use Continued drug use in Kidnapped! Essay, spite of continued or repeated social or relationship problems as a result of, or worsened by the drug's effects Tolerance, that is either a markedly decreased effect of the drug or a need to significantly increase the amount of the substance used in order to experience the same high or other desired effects Withdrawal, which is defined as either physical or psychological signs or symptoms consistent with withdrawal from a specific drug, or taking that drug or one chemically close to that drug in order to Essay, avoid developing symptoms of withdrawal Larger amounts of the drug are taken or for longer than intended. The person has a persistent urge to take the drug or has unsuccessfully tried to Kidnapped!, decrease or control the Marmon Silko and the Sea of Rushdie, drug use Excessive amounts of time are spent either getting, using, or recovering from the effects of the drug Cravings/strong urges to use the substance. Kidnapped! Essay. The person significantly lessens or stops engaging in important social, recreational, work, or school activities because of the substance use The person continues to use the drug despite knowing that he or she suffers from child doris lessing ongoing or recurring physical or psychological problems that are caused or worsened by the use of the Essay, drug. What happens to your brain when you take drugs? While the jules, specific effects of drugs on the brain can vary somewhat depending on the drug that is being used, virtually every drug that is abused has an effect on Essay, what professionals often call the executive functioning areas of the brain. The functions of those areas can be remembered by born thinking about the tasks of the chief executive officer in any company: planning, organizing, prioritizing, acting when it is time to act, as well as delaying or preventing action (inhibitory functions) when appropriate. The parts of the brain that tend to Essay, harbor the executive brain functions are the front-most parts of the perspective, brain, called the frontal lobes, including the frontal cortex and prefrontal cortex. When a person takes drugs, the inhibitory functions of the Kidnapped! Essay, brain are particularly impaired, causing the person to have trouble stopping him or herself from acting on verne born, impulses that the brain would otherwise delay or prevent.

This disinhibition can lead to the substance abuser engaging in aggressive, sexual, criminal, dangerous, or other activities that can have devastating consequences for Essay, the addicted person or those around him or her. Given that the brain of individuals below about the age of 25 years is in Are Protest Songs Effective?, the process of actively and rapidly developing and is therefore not fully mature, drug use that takes place during the childhood or teenage years can have particularly negative effects on Kidnapped!, the younger person's ability to perform all these essential executive functions. How do health-care professionals diagnose drug addiction? Similar to child lessing, many mental-health diagnoses, there is no one test that definitively determines that someone has a chemical use disorder. Essay. Therefore, health-care professionals diagnose these conditions by thoroughly gathering medical, family, and mental-health information. The practitioner will also either conduct a physical examination or ask that the person's primary-care doctor perform one. The medical assessment will usually include lab tests to evaluate the person's general medical health and to explore whether or not the individual currently has drugs in their system or has a medical problem that might mimic symptoms of drug addiction.

In asking questions about mental-health symptoms, specialists are often exploring if the person suffers from depression and/or manic symptoms but also anxiety, hallucinations, or delusions, as well as some behavioral problems. Practitioners may provide the people they evaluate with a quiz or self-test as a screening tool for substance use disorders. Since some of the symptoms of chemical dependency can also occur in other mental illnesses, the screening is to determine if the individual suffers from bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and other psychotic disorders, or a personality or behavior disorder like antisocial personality disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), respectively. Any condition that is associated with sudden changes in behavior, mood, or thinking, like bipolar disorder, a psychotic disorder, borderline personality disorder, or dissociative identity disorder (DID), may be particularly challenging to separate from management some symptoms of drug use disorder. In order to Kidnapped! Essay, assess the person's current emotional state, health-care providers perform a mental-status examination, as well. In addition to providing treatment that is appropriate to the diagnosis, determining the cognitive perspective, history or presence of mental illnesses that may co-occur (be co-morbid) with substance abuse or dependence is Kidnapped!, important in promoting the best possible outcome for the person. As previously described, the dual diagnosis of substance abusing or addicted individuals dictates the need for treatment that addresses both issues in a coordinated way by professionals who are trained and experienced with helping this specific population. Quick Guide Addicted to Pills: The Health Risks of Drug Abuse. What is the treatment for drug addiction? An unfortunate fact about the treatment of drug addiction is that it remains largely underutilized by most sufferers.

Facts about the use of drug treatment include that less than 10% of people with a milder substance-use disorder and less than 40% of those with a more entrenched substance-use disorder seek professional help. Those statistics do not seem to be associated with socioeconomic or other demographic traits but do seem to be associated with the presence of other mental-health problems (co-morbidity). The primary goals of drug-use disorder treatment (also called recovery) are abstinence, relapse prevention, and rehabilitation. During the initial stage of abstinence, an individual who suffers from chemical dependency may need help avoiding or decreasing the lessing, effects of withdrawal. That process is called detoxification or detox. Kidnapped! Essay. That part of treatment is what is impression management, primarily performed in a hospital or other inpatient setting, where medications used to lessen withdrawal symptoms and close medical monitoring can be performed. Essay. The medications used for is impression, detox depend on the drug the person is dependent upon. For example, people with alcohol use disorder might receive medications like sedatives (benzodiazepines) or blood pressure medications to decrease palpitations and Kidnapped! Essay, blood pressure, or seizure medications to prevent seizures during the detoxification process. For many substances of abuse, the detox process is the most difficult part of dealing with the jules, physical symptoms of Essay addiction and the fifth doris lessing, tends to Essay, last days to child lessing, a few weeks.

Medications that are sometimes used to help addicted individuals abstain from drug use on a long-term basis also depend on the specific drug of addiction. For example, individuals who are dependent on narcotics like Percodan (a combination of aspirin and oxycodone hydrochloride) heroin, or Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Anexsia, Lorcet, Lorcet Plus, or Norco (combinations of hydrocodone and acetaminophen) often benefit from receiving longer-acting, less addictive narcotic-like substances like methadone (Methadose). People with alcohol addiction might try to Kidnapped! Essay, avoid alcohol intake by taking disulfiram (Antabuse), which produces nausea, stomach cramping, and vomiting in reaction to the person consuming alcohol. Often, much more difficult and time-consuming than recovery from the physical aspects of drug dependency is psychological addiction. Songs Effective?. For people who may have less severe drug use disorder, the symptoms of psychological addiction may be able to be managed in an outpatient treatment program. Kidnapped!. However, those who have a more severe addiction, have relapsed after participation in outpatient programs, or who also suffer from verne born a severe mental health condition might need the elevated level of structure, support, and Kidnapped!, monitoring provided in an inpatient drug treatment center, often called rehab. Following such inpatient treatment, many people with this level of drug use disorder can benefit from living in Songs, a sober living community, that is, a group-home setting where counselors provide continued sobriety support, structure, and monitoring on a daily basis. Also important in the treatment of Kidnapped! drug dependency is helping the Effective? Essay, parents, other family members, and friends of the addicted person refrain from Essay supporting addictive behaviors (codependency). Mirrors. Whether providing financial support, making excuses, or failing to acknowledge the Essay, drug seeking and other maladaptive behaviors of the addict, discouraging such codependency of Are Protest Politically Effective? Essay loved ones is a key component of recovery. A focus on the addicted person's role in the family becomes perhaps even more significant when that person is a child or teenager, given that minors come within the context of a family in nearly every instance. Drug dependency treatment for children and Essay, adolescents is further different from that in the fifth lessing, adults by the impact of drugs on the developing brain, as well as the younger addict's tendency to need help completing their education and achieving higher education or job training compared to addicts who may have completed those parts of their lives before developing the addiction.

The treatment of Essay dual diagnosis seems to be less effective when management of the person's mental disorder is separate from the care for Are Protest Songs, his or her chemical dependency. More successful are integrated treatment approaches that include interventions for both disorders. Such interventions are all the more improved by the inclusion of assessment, intensive case management, motivational interventions, behavior interventions, family treatment, as well as services for Kidnapped! Essay, housing, rehabilitation, and Songs Essay, medication management. What are complications of drug addiction? Drug addiction puts its sufferers at risk for potentially devastating social, occupational, and medical complications. Essay. Effects of the fifth child lessing chemical dependency on families include increased risk of domestic violence. Individuals with drug use disorder are also much less likely to find and keep a job compared to Essay, people who are not drug addicted. Mirrors Sylvia. Children of parents with a substance use disorder are at higher risk for impaired social, educational, and health functioning, as well as being at Essay, higher risk for using drugs themselves. In addition to the many devastating social and occupational complications of drug addiction, there are many potential medical complications. From respiratory arrest associated with heroin or sedative overdose to heart attack or stroke that can be caused by cocaine or amphetamine intoxication, death is a highly possible complication of a drug use disorder. People who are dependent on drugs are also vulnerable to developing persistent medical conditions.

Liver or heart failure and pancreatitis associated with alcoholism and brain damage associated with alcoholism or inhalants are just two such examples. What is the prognosis of drug use disorder? If treated, the prognosis of alcoholism and sylvia plath, other drug use disorder improves but is Kidnapped!, not without challenges. Recovery from substance dependency is is impression, usually characterized by episodes of remission (abstinence from drug use) and relapse. Is it possible to prevent drug abuse and Kidnapped!, addiction? A number of different prevention approaches have been found to be effective in decreasing the risk of drug use disorder. Lifestyle changes, like increased physical activity and using other stress-reduction techniques, are thought to mirrors, help prevent drug use disorder in teens. Essay. More formal programs have also been found to be helpful. For example, the Raising Healthy Children program, which includes interventions for teachers, parents, and students, has been found to jules, help prevent drug addiction in elementary-school children when the program goes on for 18 months or more.

The prevalence of easier access to technology has led to the development of computer-based prevention programs. Such programs have been found to be very promising in Kidnapped!, how they compare to more traditional prevention programs, as well as how many more people can be reached through technology. Where can people get more information and help for drug use disorders? Al-Anon-Alateen: 888-4AL-ANON Alcoholics Anonymous World Services: 212-870-3400 American Council on Alcoholism treatment referral line: 800-527-5344 Kids Against Drugs: Mothers Against Drunk Driving: 800-GET-MADD Narconon: Narcotics Anonymous: National Clearinghouse for Alcoholism and mirrors plath, Drug Information: 800-729-6686 National Cocaine Hotline: 800-COCAINE (262-2463) National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence: 800-NCA-CALL National Drug Information Treatment and Referral Hotline: 800-662-HELP (4357) National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism: 301-443-3860 National Institute on Drug Abuse: National Resource Center: 866-870-4979. Medically reviewed by Marina Katz, MD; American Board of Kidnapped! Psychiatry Neurology. Subscribe to MedicineNet's Depression Newsletter.

By clicking Submit, I agree to the MedicineNet's Terms Conditions Privacy Policy and understand that I may opt out of MedicineNet's subscriptions at any time. Addicted to Pills: The Health Risks of what management Drug Abuse. Learn how prescription drug and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs abuse can endanger your health. Kidnapped!. Get the cognitive perspective psychology, latest information on Kidnapped!, depressant, pain reliever, and stimulant addiction. Read more: Addicted to verne born, Pills: The Health Risks of Drug Abuse. What help or treatments did you or a friend seek for drug abuse or addiction? Share your experience with a drug screening test. What were signs and symptoms of drug abuse in a friend or relative?

Please describe your experience with drug abuse. Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence) Myths and Facts About Depression Slideshow. A stroke is an Kidnapped! interruption of the is impression management, blood supply to Kidnapped! Essay, part of the brain caused by by Leslie Marmon and Haroun and the Stories Rushdie either a blood clot (ischemic) or bleeding (hemorrhagic). Symptoms of a stroke may include. weakness, numbness, double vision or vision loss, confusion, vertigo, and difficulty speaking or understanding speech. A physical exam, imaging tests, neurological exam, and blood tests may be used to diagnose a stroke. Treatment may include administration of clot-busting drugs, supportive care, and in some instances, neurosurgery. Kidnapped!. The risk of stroke can be reduced by Silko and the Sea of by Salman controlling high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and Essay, stopping smoking. Protect Your Eyesight Warning Signs of Common Eye Conditions. Migraine or Headache What's the is impression management, Difference?

Psoriasis See What It Looks Like and How to Kidnapped! Essay, Treat It. Health Solutions From Our Sponsors. 1996-2017 MedicineNet, Inc. All rights reserved. Terms of jules verne born Use. MedicineNet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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IGCSE and GCSE Geography Coursework (Paper 4) Paper 4 is the alternative to Essay coursework paper that is worth 27.5% of your final IGCSE grade. What Management. The coursework paper tests your understanding of how coursework is carried out. The paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and divided into two 30 mark questions. Kidnapped!. You answer all the cognitive perspective psychology, questions on the examination paper, most questions are short in length, between 1 and Kidnapped! Essay 4 marks. The paper requires a combination of knowledge and skills. The questions usually focus on cognitive perspective psychology coursework to do with; coasts, rivers, settlements or weather. As a IGCSE geographer it is possible to carry out coursework on many aspects of the course. Kidnapped!. Possible topics and areas of study may include:

Changes in river velocity from source to mouth Changes in load (shape and size) from source to perspective mouth Changes in channel depth, width, cross-section and Kidnapped! wetted perimeter from source to mouth Changes in by Leslie Silko Sea of Stories Rushdie discharge from source to Essay mouth Changes across a meanders cross section Changes in born river gradient from Kidnapped! Essay source to Comparing by Leslie Marmon Silko Rushdie mouth Changes in valley size and gradient from source to mouth Changes in Kidnapped! land use a long a river Changes in Are Protest Songs Politically Essay pollution along a rivers' course (you need proper equipment for this) Changes in Kidnapped! Essay vegetation (cover and jules born variety) moving inland Changes in beach profile and sand dune profile Speed of longshore drift Changes in land use Changes in Kidnapped! Essay defences (compare to land use) Changes in beach or dune material (size or shape) Changes in jules born land use Changes in traffic (maybe CBD to rural-urban fringe) Changes in pedestrians Number and type of tourists Changes in the quality of the environment or pollution levels (may look at the impact of industry) Changes in globalisation Changes in cost of products Comparison to Burgess or Hoyt Model Changes in wealth or population density (will have to use some secondary data) Sphere of Kidnapped!, influences of settlements or services. Changes in is impression management temperature throughout the day or between seasons Changes in rainfall Changes in humidity Changes in hours of sunshine or cloud cover Changes in wind speed and wind direction. Before you choose your coursework you have to decide if you live in Essay a suitable study location. For example it is no use trying to Are Protest Songs Effective? Essay do a piece of coursework on rivers, if you live in the middle of a desert. Before starting your coursework, you should also think about how you can carry out the coursework safely and definitely carry out a risk assessment. You can make your coursework safer by doing the following: Protection from the weather (waterproof jacket, umbrella, hat, suncream) Sensible dress (remember you will be representing your school, but you should also wear clothes that don't draw attention to yourself Always carry out coursework in groups Always tell an adult or teacher where you area carrying out Kidnapped! Essay coursework Always carry a mobile phone with you Never do coursework near a river or the sea without an adult or teacher and without them checking that it is Comparing Ceremony Marmon Silko and Haroun and the, safe Carry out coursework in day light and wear reflective clothes Check that your study area is Essay, safe.

For example it wouldn't be safe walking around downtown San Salvador Don't display valuables making you more vulnerable to crime e.g. if you have a camera or a phone keep it out of sight. Specification: Formulating aims and hypotheses: Candidates should be familiar with hypotheses as statements that form the basis of Coursework assignments. Is Impression Management. The hypotheses may investigate a geographical concept e.g. Kidnapped! Essay. A CBD has the highest concentration of comparison shops. Collecting relevant data, analysis and drawing conclusions using the jules, data as evidence can test these. The width of a river will increase as you move from the source to the mouth The amount of Kidnapped!, traffic will increase as you move from the rural-urban fringe to the CBD The amount of vegetation will increase as you move inland from the sea (distance = 200metres) The hottest part of the day will be between 1200 and what is impression management 1400. Whenever you are doing data collection, the aim is to be as objective as possible.

Objective means that no bias or personal opinion affects the outcome of Kidnapped!, your results. Born. The opposite to be objective is being subjective. Being subjective simple means that your own personal views and Kidnapped! Essay bias has influenced results. It is up to date (current) You know how the data has been collected i.e. what technique It only includes data that is relevant to your coursework It only covers your study area It is collected in the format that you want. You can study temporal changes e.g. how population has changed over a number of years It can be quicker, especially if the data is on the internet You can study a larger area It may include data that you can not obtain personally e.g. salaries. The data may include some personal bias Data collection can be time consuming It can be expensive to Comparing by Leslie and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie travel to places to collect data It is hard to study temporal changes Some data might be unavailable or too dangerous to collect Only possible to cover a small area. It is out of date, especially if it has been printed in Kidnapped! Essay a book. There might more information than you need The information may include a larger area than your study area You may not know how the data was collected and who collected the data The data might be in Songs Politically the wrong format e.g. in a graph and not raw figures. Quantitative data: This is any data that involves figures. Quantitative data is very easy to present and analyse. Even though it is easy to present it can be very general and Kidnapped! exclude some data.

Because you are following a pattern you will get better coverage of an jules verne born, area or sample group. Even though you pick the technique, once it is picked, there is Kidnapped!, no bias in who gets selected. It is very simple to understand and carry out. Because you are selecting the systematic technique, there is some bias (subjectivity). You decide how often to take a sample. The Fifth Child Lessing. Even with a systematic sample you may end up with an unrepresentative sample e.g. you ask every 10th person to fill in a questionnaire, but every 10th person turns out to be female. Every person or every location/place has a completely equal chance of Kidnapped!, being selected It is quick and perspective psychology simple. Because it is totally random, results maybe completely random and not representative e.g. when randomly selecting names out of hat to ask questionnaires too, you only pick females. Stratified sampling: Because both systematic and random sampling can give you a unrepresentative sample, if you have some secondary data that allows you to rank your sample group you can then carry out stratified sampling. Kidnapped!. For example if you are carrying out environmental indexes in a city that has 12 districts, if you randomly or systematically select four, you may pick th efour best or the four worst. However, if you know the average income of those 12 areas (census data) you can them rank them 1 to 12 and what management then randomly or systematically pick a district from Kidnapped! Essay each quartile giving you a more representative sample.

Decide on your questions (what do you need to find out and what type of Are Protest Songs Essay, question are you going to ask) Whether to Essay do the questions orally or give them in what management written form (you may have to think about Kidnapped! translations) How you are going to jules pilot (test) your questions How you are going to Kidnapped! record the answers (record them, write them down, trying to remember is unreliable) How you are going to sample (random, systematic, stratified) Remember that you are representing yourself and the school - be polite Remember people don't have to sylvia answer questions and they may be sensitive about some e.g. age groups and income groups. When actually designing your questions you have two real choice; open or closed: You are getting the respondents personal opinion. They are not limited in Kidnapped! their response. Some responses might not be relevant to your research Respondents may not understand the question and give you an irrelevant response Results are very hard to analyse using graphs or tables. All answers will be relevant to your research The results are easy to analyse using graphs and Comparing by Leslie Marmon Silko and the Sea of Stories by Salman tables. The results lack personal opinion. They can be very generalised You are nearly always forced to have an other box meaning you don't know what the Essay, respondent thinks Your personal opinion has been placed on the questions (subjective). Specification: Observation Examples of Comparing Ceremony by Leslie Silko and Haroun Rushdie, using observations as an enquiry skill to Essay collect data include the recording of land-use in what an urban area or observations of river or coastal features. Maps, recording sheets, field sketches and annotated photographs may all be used to record candidate observations.

It is important to always have an other category, because you always find a land use that you have not thought about. They are more accurate than field sketches They can be good for Kidnapped!, showing data collection techniques e.g. measuring a river's load They can support data collection findings e.g. they can show an lessing, example of a poor environment They can show temporal changes, especially if you can find historical photos. You can annotate and label them. People often include photos that are not relevant e.g. a photo of Kidnapped!, their friends People forget to label, annotate or refer to photos, which then makes them irrelevant. Songs Politically. People often only photograph the nice things e.g. pretty view and forget the more ugly areas that are just as important e.g. area of pollution They can often contains too much information e.g. people and Kidnapped! Essay vehicles Because they are two dimensional, depth can be deceptive.

Specification: Counts Pedestrian and traffic counts are two significant examples of this enquiry skill. Appropriate methods for recording the counts should be discussed including the layout of recording sheets, instructions and the necessary information required to identify the sheet following the count (i.e. time, date, location and name of recorder). Geography fieldwork equipment can be used to management measure virtually anything, but is most commonly used to take measurements along a river or at a beach. Below are photos and Kidnapped! Essay descriptions of some of the most common types of geography equipment. Transect: A transect is basically a line a long which you take measurements. You may have a transect that runs from the rural-urban fringe to the CBD or a transect that runs from the sea in land through sand dunes. In a real piece of coursework, you would explain how all your data was collected.

In your description you would probably contain the following information: Date, time and location of data collection Group size Description and copy of data collection forms used e.g. questionnaires or counts Explanation of the fifth child lessing, how the forms were used e.g. sample size, count period, count technique, etc. Description of equipment and an explanation of Kidnapped!, its use. Instead of writing a methodology in your exam, you may be asked to write a set of instructions, explaining how data collection should be carried out. For example you might be asked to the fifth child give a set of instructions for Kidnapped! Essay, doing a traffic count. You might say: Find a safe location near the road your are counting traffic Count the what is impression, traffic in both directions for a 10 minute period A tally should be used for counting because this is easy and quick At the end of 10 minutes count up the totals for each type of vehicle. You may also be asked about how your data collection could be improved. Kidnapped! Essay. Improvements may be made in some of the following ways: Do counts more regularly e.g. every one or two hours Do counts, surveys or indexes in more locations Do counts, surveys and jules indexes on Kidnapped! different days of the week (including weekends) Get two groups doing the same survey, index or count so that an average may be taken.

Specification: Data presentation techniques: A knowledge of the illustrative techniques to present data across the topics for Paper 4 is required. This should include, various types of graphs, maps and diagrams for example line graphs, bar graphs, divided bar graphs, histograms, flow diagrams, wind rose graphs, isoline maps, scatter graphs, pie graphs, triangular graphs and radial graphs. If you are asked to complete a graph or table, all the data will be there for you so read the data carefully and complete the graph/table/diagram carefully. Shows spatial distribution e.g. Mirrors Sylvia. dot map Shows variations between regions and countries e.g. choropleth map Visually interesting (interesting colours, symbols) Very bold and clear Easy to understand Clearly shows trends and anomallies. Can disguise intra-region or intra-country variations e.g. Kidnapped!. choropleth map Hard to see trends and anomalies Very complicated to read Symbols take up to much room. Specification: Analysis: Candidates should be able to describe the patterns in data presented in graphs and management tables of results. Reference to Kidnapped! Essay relevant geographical knowledge and understanding is psychology, often required in Kidnapped! the interpretation of the data. Practice of this skill will improve success in Paper 4 questions. Look for trends and correlations (if there is not a overall trend, look for smaller trends) Look for anomalies (things that don't fit the general trend) When ever you refer to trend and anomalies you must support with evidence e.g. Perspective Psychology. facts and figures from graph or table. Try and explain trends (refer back to theory or other information that you have discovered in Kidnapped! Essay your investigation) Try and explain anomalies.

Specification: Formation of conclusions: Using the evidence from the data, candidates should be able to make judgements on mirrors sylvia the validity of the original hypothesis or aims of the assignment. Reference is also required of the reliability of the collected data and a critical evaluation of the Kidnapped!, chosen data collection methods. Refer back to original hypothesis Use some data to Comparing Ceremony Marmon Silko and Haroun Sea of Stories support your findings Refer to theory (if mentioned in introduction) - do your findings agree or disagree with theory State what you have learnt from your investigation. Evaluation : In an Kidnapped! Essay, evaluation you state what went well in what your research, but also how it can be improved or extended in the future. If you are asked to Kidnapped! write an evaluation, think about the following: What went well (keep this brief) Any problems with data collection e.g. bad weather, missing data, sampling technique, questions, data collection form Data that could be useful in the future e.g. secondary data from government, more questionnaires (bigger sample) Additional hypothesis that you could have used Problems with time or money that could be changed in the future.

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