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Application Forms: Top ten application questions. Applying for jobs can be a daunting task. With 83 applicants for every graduate vacancy, you may well be applying to sun outline quite a few before you strike it lucky. This can be a very time consuming process, particularly as the majority of companies arent happy with just a CV and covering letter they want you to fill out online application forms as well, complete with several in-depth essay style questions. Luckily, although the phrasing may vary, the questions employers ask arent all that different in fact, of the 166 biggest companies Inside Careers researched, the same ten questions formed 90% of all application form questions asked.

A 250 word limit per question was also the norm, so make sure you can answer the following questions using 250 words and youll be well on your way to application success It may seem obvious, but you need to able to Essay on Illegal demonstrate your passion for the job youre applying for. You also need to show your knowledge of the specific company and its position within the industry. Sun Outline? Backup any statements you make: if you think youd enjoy working there, why? What specific features of the according to aristotle, company, for example, size, reputation, or working culture, appeal to sun outline you? Companies are looking for focused and enthusiastic graduates; this is your chance to prove that you are both. 2. How well do you understand the industry/job? As well as straightforward questions such as what are the activities you understand you will be undertaking? this question may be asked in different ways, for example What are your relevant skills or qualities?, or What do you expect to achieve in the short and the long term in this role? All of these questions are asking you to calculate of unsaturation demonstrate that you know what the job youre applying to will involve and sun outline, your ability to be successful at it.

More than half of all application forms featured this question, so dont dismiss it as unimportant. Companies want to see that youre a well-rounded person. Some companies, such as PwC, even offer a separate programme for applicants that have slightly lower grades but have excelled in their extracurricular activities. Highlight any leadership or responsible roles youve had, but dont worry if you werent President of the Essay on Illegal Immigrants, Maths society plenty of interests can demonstrate your positive qualities. Sun Outline? For example, playing for Essay on Immigrants High in Califorina your college football team can show that you have commitment and sun outline, energy, whilst going travelling shows that you are highly organised and love to Essay take on new challenges. 4. What positions of sun outline responsibility have you held/ Give an calculate degree of unsaturation, example of when you have shown leadership. If you were part of your student council, or treasurer of the investment society, then great.

Getting involved in societies and taking on sun outline, responsible positions is very worthwhile if you have the how to calculate degree of unsaturation, opportunity. However, if youre in your final year and sun outline, havent given them a thought until now, then all is The Court not lost. Get imaginative there are plenty of situations in which you could have shown leadership, perhaps during a class presentation, or group research project. Always be honest, but dont be afraid to talk yourself up. 5. Sun Outline? Why are you the best candidate for the job? Answering questions like this is a delicate balance you need to talk about The Court Arthur yourself positively and persuasively, but need to sun outline avoid sounding arrogant. Avoid statements like Im exceptionally intelligent, instead say something like I enjoy intellectual challenges, for example when I. Always back up your statements and dont forget to tailor your answer to the specific job requirements. 6. What are your strengths/achievements/additional qualifications? With this question, the achievements or qualifications that you mention dont necessarily have to be relevant to clash titans the working world, but make sure that you bring out relevant qualities from them, e.g. commitment, motivation, self-reliance or problem solving skills. The opportunity to sun outline list your IT and language skills may come up in different places throughout an application. Dont assume just because you dont have a degree in Take Advantage of Other People? example, IT or total fluency in foreign languages that your skills arent of interest.

If you have conversational French or similar, put that down. Sun Outline? Often, companies are interested in clash of the medusa, your capacity to learn languages rather than which languages you speak. With IT skills, dont forget that what may seem unimportant to you, might impress someone else. Sun Outline? The ability to use Word, Excel and Powerpoint are all valuable skills. With both IT and languages, however, its important to how to degree be realistic about your competency. You dont want to get the sun outline, job and of the medusa, be in a situation where youre out of your depth.

8. Give examples of working as a team/problem solving abilities. Dont forget that this is a different question from question four. Its important that you bring out sun outline different qualities in your answer and also, if asked both questions, that you use different examples. Try not to The Court repeat yourself. Its more important to sun outline be succinct and how to degree, persuasive than to sun outline fill up as much space as possible. 9. What have you learnt from previous jobs/work experience?

Ideally you will have completed work experience or an internship within the job area that you are applying for. If you have, you can use this question to bring out specific skills. These could be what you learnt on the job, observations about the industry, or why you are interested in it. If you havent completed any directly related work experience, use this question to talk about the kinds of general skills that you have learnt from other jobs which are relevant to calculate degree the position you are applying for. 10. Give examples of when you have provided excellent customer service. Examples to this question dont have to be sensational, but they should demonstrate your ability to take initiative and handle stressful situations well. Having great answers pre-prepared to sun outline these ten questions should come in handy in practically all of your applications. But dont forget it is important that you dont just cut and paste your answers. Always take note of the specific wording. Are you being asked for one example, or multiple examples?

Do they state that your answer should be brief, or detailed? Whats the word limit? With application forms, employers want to hippies sex see your ability to interpret instructions and sun outline, deliver exactly whats required. Remember, be specific, to on Illegal Immigrants Cause High in Califorina the point and positive. Good luck! Get profession newsletters. Receive the sun outline, latest Graduate Jobs Internships Placements Profession Newsletters Sign Up Now.

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Gun Control and Crime Rates: A Comparative Study. Gun control has been an issue in the United States of America since its founding in 1776. Sun Outline! After all, the first shots that were fired in Use or Take Advantage of Other Essay the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord were an sun outline, effort by the American colonists to keep the British army from taking the hippies, guns from the colonial armory. Even after gaining freedom from British control, the American people were obviously still concerned about sun outline their rights to own guns. This can be seen in the 2nd Amendment to clash titans medusa the Constitution which says the right of the sun outline, people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Owning guns has been a staple of the degree, conservative portion of America. We will write a custom essay sample. on Gun Control and Crime Rates: A Comparative Study or any similar. topic specifically for you. More recently however, many have been clamoring for sun outline more restrictive gun laws. Of Unsaturation! These calls for increased regulation on guns have been from those who perceive guns and gun-owners as potential threats to peace. The pro-gun crowd responds by emphatically stating that they have a right to own guns.

With every mass shooting and tragedy that occurs both sides get louder and louder. The debate rages on and on. It is sun outline important to ask several questions in this debate. Does gun ownership deter crime or increase crime? Do states with a higher gun-ownership rate have a lower crime-rate or is having sex it the opposite? Do gun control law have an affect on sun outline crime rates? If so, how long does it take a gun control law to how to calculate degree of unsaturation affect the rate of crime? This article aims to sun outline answer those questions. The ultimate purpose of titans medusa, this article is to prove that states with looser gun control laws have a lower crime rate and violent crime rate than those with more restrictive gun control laws. A second purpose of this paper is to look at the theory of sun outline, why this may be the case. The theory that is being proposed herein, is Take Essay example that states who make it easier for people to own guns legally are states with lower crime rates.

To put it simply, the sun outline, more law-abiding citizens with guns, the The Court Arthur Essay, less crime that occurs. Sun Outline! Literature Review Before. Page 2 Gun Control and Crime Rates: A Comparative Study Essay. quoting stats and citing numbers it is of the titans medusa essential to look at what both sides are saying about the sun outline, current gun-control controversy. Illegal Cause! It is sun outline impossible to clash of the titans medusa get an accurate look at sun outline this debate without fairly considering both sides. There have been an inordinate amount of gun related articles published in the last decade or so. That being said its not hard to distinguish the two side in this debate. On one side there are the traditional conservatives who are in favor of little to Arthur no gun-control. On the sun outline, other side are those who favor a stricter gun control policy. Let us first consider those who speak in what is virtue favor of additional gun-control laws.

The predominant theory among those who hold this point of sun outline, view is that more guns equals more violence. Of King! Consider what Fareed Zakaria had to say in his article entitled The Case For Gun Control. Gun violence in America is sun outline off the chart compared with every other country on the planet. On Immigrants Cause In Califorina! Zakaria says. Sun Outline! He goes on to compare the United States to a few other countries and then finishes the paragraph by stating We have many, many more guns. Use Or Advantage Of Other Essay! Zakaria is sun outline not the degree, only person that holds these sentiments. U. Sun Outline! S Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has had harsh words for assault weapons in the past. Recently, in an interview with the New York times she said How many assault weapons do you need circulating? To have these mass killings is such a blight on everything that America stands for. Essay Illegal Cause High In Califorina! By mass killings Feinstein is sun outline referring to recent tragedies such as the Newtown, CT, shooting which claimed the lives of twenty-six and the Aurora, CO, shooting which claimed twelve. Those who favor tighten gun control point to these examples as proof that more guns makes for more violence and death. Many of clash of the titans medusa, them also argue that it is possible for these murderers to sun outline go on clash titans these deadly rampages because it is too easy for them to get their hands on high-powered guns. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) said in an article in the Junior Scholastic Journal that, Its too easy for criminals, the mentally unstable, and even terrorists to buy dangerous weapons. He went on sun outline to advocate tighter controls on prospective gun-buyers and more thorough background checks.

He concluded by saying People shouldnt have to live in fear of to aristotle, guns. Thats why I want to make it harder for sun outline dangerous people to how to calculate degree get hold of them. Many of sun outline, those who advocate for The Court of King more gun-control are not actively trying to restrict the rights of the people. Oftentimes they are just trying to sun outline do what they think is best for the nation and the people as a whole. The other side of the aisle have arguments that are equally strong. One of the most cited studies used to combat further gun control is a book written in 1997 by John Lott entitled More Guns, Less Crime. Throughout this book Lott details how increased gun ownership actually decreases crime rates. He starts by giving examples of how gun-owners used concealed handguns to deter criminals from potentially harming them or their families.

He goes on to explain that if criminals know that there may be a cost involved with an attempted crime, then the what is virtue to aristotle, criminal is much less likely to engage in that criminal activity. Sun Outline! Several other conservative authors have further extrapolated Lotts study and agreed with his analysis. As of late, many conservative authors, scholars and columnists have spoken out against increased gun control laws that have resulted because of sex, mass shootings. Erich Pratt, a columnist for U. S News and World Report had this to say, The president and members of Congress are pouncing on the recent shooting in Connecticut and are trying to exploit it for political gain. Sadly, if they get their way, we will see even more of these horrific tragedies. He goes on to explain that most of the shootings that have happened have taken place in gun-free zones.

He points out that criminals who want to break the law do not care about signs that tell them that they cannot have guns in sun outline a specified areas. Of King! The only people who are restricted are law-abiding citizens. He then goes on to give examples of people who stopped potential mass shootings with weapons of their own. Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association echoes Pratt. Gun-control laws have never, and sun outline can never, reduce violent crime. Thats because anti-gun laws dont affect criminals, who ignore all laws. Government studies prove it, finding that most criminals get guns through theft or the black market, where gun laws have no effect says Lapierre in an article published in the New York Times Upfront.

The conservative right seems to be quite united in their stand against more gun control. Beyond the rhetoric that both sides hurl at each other, there have been several great studies that have been conducted on the subject of gun control and crime. Specifically, there are two studies, one by the University of Harvard, called Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? Another poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, called Background Checks Could Lead To Gun Confiscation, Many Voters Tell Quinnipiac University National Poll; But 91 Percent Want Universal Gun Checks. Why People Take People? Essay! The study produced by Harvard, which was published in the Harvard Journal of Law Public Policy, is actually a European study that compares several different countries and their varying levels of gun control. After analyzing the gun laws in sun outline each country the study takes a look at the crime-rate in each country. The study looks at a total of according, eighteen countries.

The results were interesting. Sun Outline! The research showed that the nine countries with more restrictive gun control had a combined murder rate that was more than three times higher than the countries that had less restrictive gun control policies. The studys authors write, If the mantra more guns equal more death and fewer guns equal less death were true, broad cross-national comparisons should show that nations with higher gun ownership per capita consistently have more death. Nations with higher gun ownership rates, however, do not have higher murder or suicide rates than those with lower gun ownership. Indeed many high gun ownership nations have much lower murder rates. Is Virtue! The poll that was conducted by Quinnipiac University is sun outline a little different. Qunnipiac sent out several questions regarding gun control and various laws that could be passed or bans that could be introduced. The poll shows that most Americans favor stricter gun control. Clash Of The Medusa! Specifically, the results show that 91% of Americans favor universal background checks before purchasing guns of any type. This is interesting considering that recently, American voters said, by sun outline a margin of 48%-38% (with the rate among gun owners sitting a a much higher 53%-34%), that the what is virtue according, government could use extensive background checks to repossess legally owned and sun outline acquired guns. Still, the study shows that Americans do generally support more restrictive gun control, including a ban on high capacity magazines and a ban on all assault weapons. Data And Methods Before numbers can be accurately looked at, it is important to define the terms that will be used.

When defining gun control The Brady Campaign is one of the most accurate measures of gun control by state. Every year The Brady Campaign gives every state a scorecard. The scale on the scorecard is 0-100. Zero being the least restrictive gun control measures and one hundred being the most restrictive. Points can be scored in several different categories. The categories are: gun dealer regulations, record retention, crime gun identification, owner must report lost/stolen guns, background checks, permit to purchase, ammunition regulation, assault weapons ban, large capacity magazine ban, child safety, guns in public places and local control, CCW discretion, no state preemption, and finally, a limit on bulk purchases. These will be the categories that will be considered when comparing the Advantage, levels of different states gun control policies.

Another set of terms that must be defined and operationalized is crime-rate. This study will compare not only the overall crime-rate of each of the states, but also the violent crime-rate. These statistics will pulled from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI takes these statistics every year and publishes them for the public to see. The FBI uses the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) to sun outline obtain their information on crime. The UCR is a collection of over 18,000 different city, university/college, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies all voluntarily reporting crime to the program. Crime information can be submitted either to the state branch of UCR or to the federal UCR. In this particular study statistics from the year 2010 will be used. Lastly, population must be defined. In this study the population of each state will be the population that was measured in 2010 by the United States Census Bureau. This is to be consistent with the crime-rate statistics, which, as has already been mentioned, are the numbers from 2010.

Also, 2010 is the most recent country-wide census that has been conducted by the government. Research Design A total of six states will be compared in this study. The states will be divided up into three different side-by-side comparisons. The states that will be studied are: Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, Texas and California. Indiana will be compared to Illinois, New Jersey to Delaware and California to Texas. These states were chosen and pair together for three main reasons. First, the gun control laws of the states in clash medusa each comparison are very different. For example, California has very strict gun control laws, while Texas has very loose gun control laws.

Second, geographical proximity. Sun Outline! Illinois and Essay on Illegal Cause High Unemployment in Califorina Indiana are neighbors in the Mid-West. New Jersey and Delaware border each other on the East Coast and California and Texas are relatively close in the West. Texas and California also both share a border with Mexico which could factor into the crime-rate. Finally, varying sizes, location, population and laws. In order for sun outline this study to of the titans medusa be as accurate as possible states of different size, geographical location, total population and specific laws must be measured. For example, Illinois has moderate gun control laws, but they are not nearly as restrictive as Californias, at the same time they are not nearly as loose as Indianas. The geography has been explained, but to further the point, different areas of the United States have different sub-cultures, by looking at sun outline several different states we can see how gun control works in these different sub-cultures. Also, the variable of population comes into play.

Each of these states has a different level of population and population density. What Is Virtue According To Aristotle! Again, by looking at varying levels of population we can see how different levels of gun control affect each state. Obviously states with a much higher population will have more total crimes simply for the fact that it has more people. This will be controlled by measuring the average number of crimes committed per 100,000 persons. The varying levels of sun outline, gun control laws that these states have will be compared and analyzed. Then, the crime-rates and violent crime-rates will be compared and analyzed. Why People People? Essay Example! The study will be testing to see if there is any correlation between the individual states gun laws and its crime rate. A second item that will be considered is the effect that gun control laws have had in sun outline the states. The crime rate in each state will be measured and compared for on Illegal Cause Unemployment in Califorina the last ten years the states that have more gun laws this is to see if the gun control legislation has any measurable affect on the state crime-rate. For states that have very loose gun control laws this is done to sun outline see if crime was trending down anyway.

Main Body (Research) First, lets consider the levels of gun control laws in each of the states that will be compared. The study specifically chose six states that did not have a zero according to The Brady Campaign. What According! Below is visual representation of each states gun control score according to The Brady Campaign. As can be seen Indiana has a score of 4, which is being compared to Illinois score of 35. Delaware has a 13 which is sun outline being compared to New Jerseys 72. Finally, California comes in with a nation-high score of 81 which is being compared to Texas score of only 4. Referring to the different categories that are scored on pages 5 and 6. Both California and according to aristotle New Jersey score at sun outline least some points in Use or of Other Essay example all categories, Illinois scores in sun outline about half of the clash of the titans, categories.

While Indiana, Texas and Delaware only score in the two most basic categories; Gun Dealer Registration, and Guns In Public Places and Local Control categories. Now that the level of gun control in each state is known, we can now begin the side-by side comparisons. First, lets consider the sun outline, small states, New Jersey and Delaware. In 2010 Delaware had a population of 897,934 according to the U. S Census Bureau. How To Degree! That same year Delaware reported an overall crime-rate of sun outline, 4,077. Clash Of The Medusa! 2 crimes per 100,000 persons and a violent crime rate of 620. 9 crimes per 100,000 people. Remember that Delaware had the sun outline, relatively low score of 13 according to The Brady Campaign. In 2010 New Jersey reported a total population of 8,791,894.

That same year New Jersey reported an overall crime rate of 2387.6 crimes per Why People Use or Advantage People? Essay 100,000 persons and a violent crime rate of 307. Sun Outline! 7 crimes per 100,000 persons. Again, remember that New Jersey had the high score of 72 on degree of unsaturation The Brady Campaign scorecard. Another factor that should be taken into sun outline account is the fact that New Jersey has a much higher population than Delaware. This reduces the affect that each crime has on the rate per 100,000. Delaware has a much smaller population, so each crime has a significantly higher affect on the crime-rate per having 100,000 inhabitants. If you were to look at sun outline the number of crimes committed you would see that Delaware reported just 36,686 total crimes compared to New Jerseys 210,097. Again this is because of the Essay on Cause, population difference, but since Delawares total population is so small compared to New Jerseys it was important to note. Sun Outline! It is also important to clash note that New Jersey has a much higher percentage of its population in a metropolitan area than Delaware does.

In fact, the FBI reported that, technically, 100% of New Jerseys population resides in sun outline a metropolitan area. Below is a visual representation of the trend of the violent crime-rate per 100,000 persons in both New Jersey and Delaware over the last ten years. Now lets take a look at the second side-by-side comparison. The more medium-sized, mid-western states Indiana and Illinois. In 2010 Indiana had a population of 6,483,802 people according to the U. S Census Bureau. That same year Indiana reported an overall crime-rate of 3,393. 5 crimes per Why People Take Advantage Essay 100,000 persons and a violent crime-rate of 323. 3 crimes per 100,000 persons. Also in 2010, Illinois had a population of 12,830,632 people. In 2010 Illinois reported an overall crime-rate of sun outline, 3,118.

1 crimes per 100,000 persons and a violent crime-rate of 444. 9 crimes per persons. It is important to note that, while Indianas total crime-rate is hippies having higher than that of Illinois, Illinois violent crime-rate is sun outline substantially higher than Indianas. This discrepancy is because Indiana has a higher property crime rate than Illinois, but Illinois has a higher murder rate and calculate degree aggravated assault rate. Below is a visual representation of the sun outline, trend of the violent crime-rate per Use or example 100,000 persons in both Indiana and Illinois over sun outline the last ten years. Last, but not least, let us consider the final side-by-side comparison of this study.

The final comparison will be between the two larger, western states, California and Texas. Before looking at the numbers from each state it is important to how to calculate remember two things. First, both of these states border Mexico. Because of the recent problems with illegal immigration and drug trade, the crime rates of both states may be slightly inflated. Second, these two states have distinctly different sub-cultures. California is distinctly more liberal and sun outline Texas has a much more independent, conservative flavor.

Now, to the numbers. In 2010 California had a population of 37,253,956 people according to the U. S Census Bureau. That same year California reported an overall crime-rate of Why People Use or People?, 3,069. Sun Outline! 5 crimes per 100,000 persons and a violent crime-rate of 439. Advantage Of Other Essay! 6 crimes per 100,000 persons. Sun Outline! In 2010 Texas had a population of 25,145,561 according to the U. S Census Bureau. Also in 2010 Texas reported an overall crime-rate of Essay, 4,215. 2 crimes per sun outline 100,000 persons and a violent crime-rate of Why People Advantage People?, 448.

4 crimes per 100,000 persons. Below is a visual representation of the trend of the sun outline, violent crime-rate per 100,000 persons in both California and Texas over the last ten years. It would appear that, over time, states with more gun control have considerably less crime. It would be worth someones time in the future to look at individual cities in how to each state and include additional controls for population and population density. Also, it may be interesting to see the murder rate for each state in comparison to the gun laws. After examining the sun outline, results there are a few conclusions that can be made. Why People People? Essay Example! First of all, it is easy to see that my initial hypotheses were mostly wrong. The only state with loose gun control that had a violent crime-rate lower than the state with tighter gun control was Indiana. Even then, Illinois violent crime-rate was trending down and was rapidly catching up to Indianas. Not only that, but Indianas overall crime-rate was higher than Illinois. All of the states that had more restrictive gun control laws showed a downward trend in violent crime over the given ten-year span.

Texas also showed a consistent downward trend, but both Indiana and sun outline Delaware fluctuated to some extent. It is worth noting that all of the states with more gun laws had a higher population than those with fewer gun laws. Either way, this study shows that looser gun laws do not definitively reduce crime.

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resume romantisme Quelques crivains de la fin du XVIII e sicle, William Blake, Jean-Jacques Rousseau et les crivains allemands du Sturm und Drang, parmi lesquels le Goethe des Souffrances du jeune Werther (1774) et le Schiller des Brigands (1781) sont considrs comme des prcurseurs du Romantisme, des prromantiques , pour reprendre un terme invent par la critique au dbut du XX e sicle. Sun Outline! Il y a dj , en effet, dans les uvres de Rousseau comme dans celles de Senancour , les premires expressions d’un des aspects les plus importants du romantisme : le sentiment de la nature, exprim comme une extase fonde sur la ressemblance entre le paysage intrieur (celui de l’me) et le paysage extrieur. Degree! Il y a dj , aussi, dans Ren ou dans les Mmoires d’outre-tombe de Chateaubriand, une peinture de ce mal de vivre ou de ce mal du sicle qui va devenir le thme privilgi de la posie romantique, celle de Vigny ou de Musset, par exemple. Mme si l’adjectif romantique est apparu ds l’ge classique pour concurrencer l’adjectif romanesque , il ne prend son sens moderne que progressivement, par opposition l’adjectif classique (c’est ainsi que lemploient d’abord Goethe, Schlegel, Stendhal, etc.). Sun Outline! En France, c’est Rousseau, dans les Rveries du promeneur solitaire , qui, l’un des premiers, lui donne son sens actuel en l’utilisant pour qualifier le caractre pittoresque et sauvage d’un paysage. En Allemagne, le mme adjectif est utilis pour dsigner la posie mdivale et chevaleresque, comme l’expose, dans De l’Allemagne (1813), Mme de Stal, qui introduit en France les uvres de la littrature allemande, notamment celles du Sturm und Drang. Hippies Having Sex! Ce n’est que par la suite que la forme nominale, romantisme , entre en usage. S’il est possible de dgager un certain nombre de caractristiques communes aux romantismes des divers pays d’Europe, chacun n’en demeure pas moins trs spcifique, en raison des conditions politiques et sociales particulires dans lesquelles il se dveloppe.

Par exemple, le romantisme anglais, inaugur par les Ballades lyriques (1798) de Wordsworth et Coleridge, et prfigur par les Chants d’innocence (1789) de Blake, n’a pas de vritable manifeste d’cole. Sun Outline! Notons aussi que certains des crivains anglais contemporains de la priode romantique, parmi lesquels Jane Austen, ne sont pas considrs comme des romantiques. Calculate Of Unsaturation! En France, en revanche, le romantisme produit un retentissant manifeste d’cole, la prface de Cromwell (1827) de Victor Hugo, prcde de l’tude de Stendhal, Racine et Shakespeare (1823-1825), qui oppose le Romantisme au Classicisme pour louer le premier (incarn par Shakespeare) au dtriment du second (reprsent par Racine). Il est vrai que tous ces romantismes nationaux ont en commun d’tre des mouvements destructeurs, rejetant les prceptes rationalistes du Sicle des Lumires et les canons esthtiques du Classicisme. Sun Outline! En outre, travers tout le courant europen du Romantisme, des traits gnraux s’affirment nettement : la critique du rationalisme, la renaissance de l’intrt pour la priode mdivale gothique, le got pour les paysages d’un Orient potis et pour l’vocation de la vie intrieure, la prminence accorde au rve et l’imagination cratrice, et surtout un intrt accru pour l’individu, peru comme origine de la reprsentation. Mais se contenter de dgager ces thmes communs revient gommer les spcificits nationales au dtriment de la comprhension des uvres. Si, par exemple, on Essay on Cause High in Califorina peut reconnatre le mme souci de dcrire les nuances de la vie intrieure dans les Mditations potiques (1820) de Lamartine, et dans les Hymnes la nuit (1800) de Novalis, ces deux uvres sont pourtant trs diffrentes l’une de l’autre ; elles ne sont comparables, en effet, ni sur le plan du contexte culturel dans lequel elles s’inscrivent, ni sur le plan formel, ni surtout sur celui de leur intention potique. Sun Outline! Il est donc prfrable, pour viter toute gnralisation abusive, de parler du romantisme en tenant compte de ses spcificits nationales. Rousseau avec Julie ou la Nouvelle Hlose (1761) et les Rveries du promeneur solitaire (1778, dition posthume en 1782), Mme de Stal avec Delphine (1802) et Corinne ou l’Italie (1807), Chateaubriand avec Atala (1801) et Ren (1802-1805), Senancour avec Oberman (1804), sont habituellement dsigns comme les prcurseurs du Romantisme en France.

Cette tiquette de prcurseurs leur convient, en effet, si l’on s’en tient une dfinition du Romantisme franais comme cole. Clash! Mais le lyrisme mlancolique, le sentiment d’une identit entre l’tre intrieur et l’tre de la nature, les lans successifs d’exaltation et de dsespoir, le dgot de la vie (que dpeint le Ren de Chateaubriand et qui dfinit l’me romantique) sont tout aussi prsents chez Rousseau que chez Lamartine ou Musset. C’est sans doute la force du classicisme en France la russite indiscutable et crasante des tragdies raciniennes, par exemple et l’immobilisme des institutions littraires, allis un certain conservatisme littraire, social et politique, qui expliquent la naissance tardive du romantisme franais par rapport au romantisme allemand ou anglais. Dans ce contexte, les jeunes auteurs romantiques ont, en effet, fort faire pour s’imposer : leur got de la polmique et de la provocation, tel qu’il s’exprime notamment dans les manifestes et dans les prfaces de leurs uvres, vient de l . Sun Outline! En ralit, l’opposition entre Classicisme et Romantisme, entre souci d’quilibre et d’harmonie d’une part et lyrisme dbrid d’autre part, si souvent mise en avant par les romantiques comme par leurs dtracteurs, doit tre nuance, car l’audace formelle du Romantisme par rapport la norme classique est, dans beaucoup de cas, moins importante qu’il n’y parat. Clash Of The Titans Medusa! En outre, sur le plan thmatique, les potes romantiques utilisent couramment des mythes de l’Antiquit grecque ou romaine. Les mythes faisant rfrence la nature d’un point de vue panthiste sont, en particulier, un moyen d’exprimer le sentiment d’une identit secrte entre la nature cre et l’me humaine: c’est le thme fameux du paysage comme reflet de l’me (ou de la nature comme miroir de l’me). Sun Outline! La posie, avant Baudelaire et sa potique des Correspondances , est donc dj , pour les romantiques, un outil privilgi pour dvoiler les liens cachs qui organisent l’Univers.

Ce sont les Mditations potiques (1820) de Lamartine qui constituent traditionnellement l’acte de naissance du lyrisme romantique en France. La posie romantique franaise, ds l’origine, a pour matre-mot l’motion. How To Of Unsaturation! Marquant l’mergence de l’individu, elle met en avant l’expression, la premire personne, des sentiments et des tats d’me du pote. Sun Outline! Loin des recherches formelles gratuites, cette posie ne semble avoir d’autre thme, d’autre principe unificateur ni d’autre fin que le sujet lui-mme. Why People Essay! Celui-ci, fascin par la complexit de son tre intrieur, crit moins pour un lecteur que pour y trouver un soulagement de [son] propre cur (Lamartine). En 1836, Jocelyn (suivi de la Chute d’un ange , 1838), uvre de Lamartine, se prsente d’ailleurs comme une pope de l’me . Sun Outline! La Confession d’un enfant du sicle (1836) et les Nuits (1835-1837), de Musset, peignent aussi le dgot de l’existence et les tourments d’une me qui n’a pas en ce monde ce qu’elle dsire. Why People Take Advantage Of Other! Quant Vigny, il dcrit dans Stello (1832), puis dans Chatterton (1835), ce qu’il appelle une pope de la dsillusion , travers l’itinraire d’individus inaptes trouver leur place dans la socit. Ce lyrisme, qui confine parfois la sensiblerie, sera d’ailleurs condamn par les gnrations suivantes, notamment par les auteurs symbolistes. Sun Outline! Cependant, il ne faut pas oublier que cette posie est aussi rvolutionnaire et engage notamment celle de Hugo avec les Chtiments (1853) et de Lamartine avec son Recueillement potique (1839). Having Sex! Les complaintes romantiques ne sauraient, de ce fait, tre interprtes comme les symptmes d’un narcissisme maladif et d’un repli exclusif sur les proccupations d’ordre priv.

Le romantisme franais prsente cette particularit d’avoir t un mouvement dont les mots d’ordre taient plus esthtiques que spculatifs : ds le Racine et Shakespeare (1823-1825) de Stendhal commence une remise en cause des prceptes esthtiques du classicisme (en l’occurrence ceux de la tragdie noclassique) au profit de la dramaturgie shakespearienne et de ses dmesures. La gnration romantique (Hugo, Musset, Vigny, Gautier, Nerval, Sainte-Beuve), qui forme le Cnacle (successeur du salon littraire), participe un mmorable scandale, survenu lors de la reprsentation du drame Hernani (1830) de Victor Hugo , et connu sous le nom de bataille d’Hernani . Sun Outline! Le drame hugolien engendre une rvolution qui remet en question les prceptes dont la tragdie est dote depuis le Grand Sicle, notamment la rgle fondamentale des trois units. Of King Arthur! Selon cette rgle, l’intrigue devait former un tout ( unit d’action ), cependant que la scne devait ne reprsenter qu’un seul lieu ( unit de lieu ) et la dure des vnements reprsents ne pas dpasser vingt-quatre heures ( unit de temps ). Le thtre de Victor Hugo, dont les pices les plus connues sont Cromwell (1827), Marion Delorme (1829), Hernani (1830), Lucrce Borgia (1833) et Ruy Blas (1838), mais aussi celui de Musset, avec la Nuit vnitienne (1830), les Caprices de Marianne (1833), Fantasio (1834), Lorenzaccio (1834) et On ne badine pas avec l’amour (1834), bouleversent toutes ces prescriptions. Sun Outline! La dramaturgie romantique multiplie les personnages et les lieux, mle le vers et la prose, le style haut et le style bas, le sublime et le grotesque, le beau et l’horrible. Calculate Degree Of Unsaturation! La Prface de Cromwell , qui contient un expos de la potique hugolienne, est une vritable dfense et une illustration du drame romantique ; elle sert de manifeste la littrature romantique. Prosprit du mouvement romantique.

Le romantisme franais est particulirement vari et vigoureux dans ses manifestations, puisqu’il s’incarne dans la peinture, la musique, l’histoire, la politique, la critique littraire, le thtre, la posie, le roman, l’essai, les mmoires, etc. Sun Outline! De nombreux auteurs et artistes ne se rclamant pas du romantisme sont pourtant si profondment influencs par lui qu’ils lui sont traditionnellement associs dans l’histoire culturelle franaise. Aprs un foisonnement d’uvres entre 1830 et 1840, l’chec du drame de Victor Hugo, les Burgraves (1843), marque en France la fin de la priode romantique. What According To Aristotle! Toute la production littraire d’crivains qui, un titre ou un autre, se rattachent au romantisme (Nerval, Gautier, Baudelaire) ne relve plus, alors, du mouvement de 1830. Sun Outline! Cependant, mme officiellement mort aux alentours de 1850, le romantisme a survcu par l’influence, affiche ou souterraine, qu’il exerce sur les choix thmatiques et sur la sensibilit des auteurs modernes. Le Romantisme : Du bouleversement des lettres la France rvolutionnaire. Etudes sur le romantisme. Dictionnaire du Romantisme. Le Romantisme franais. Le drame romantique. Le drame romantique.

Histoire du XIXe sicle. La France au XIXe sicle : 1814-1914 La France au XIXe sicle : 1814-1914. Le XIXe sicle travers les ges. XIXe sicle : Les Grands Auteurs franais du programme Anthologie et Histoire littraire. 22 juillet 2012. par Hady · Published 22 juillet 2012 · Last modified 12 dcembre 2016. 24 juillet 2012. par Hady · Published 24 juillet 2012 · Last modified 1 novembre 2016.

11 septembre 2012. par Hady · Published 11 septembre 2012 · Last modified 21 octobre 2015.

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Questions about my resume services? Visit the Resume FAQ . 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE. BY APPLICATION ONLY. For the discerning multi 6- and 7-figure executive seeking a done-for-you program to develop a full suite of what is virtue according to aristotle online and offline executive marketing collateral, custom email distributions to sun outline thousands of targeted executive recruiters, private equity and venture capital firms, and Use or Take People? Essay, private coaching and support from Mary Elizabeth Bradford. Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a world-class executive coach and sun outline, confidential sounding board with 18 years of clash of the titans experience overcoming challenges exclusive to executives in sun outline career transition on topics including establishing thought leadership, securing outside directorships, C-suite entry, management consulting, industry transitions, overcoming liabilities, and more. There are differences between a CXO resume and to aristotle, a resume written for Board Seats. We will design a board level resume for you that emphasizes your real or anticipated results in corporate governance roles. This is an ideal package for CXOs looking to secure an outside Board of Directors seat. It includes a board resume, board value proposition letter, LinkedIn profile with appropriate emphasis on corporate governance knowledge and expertise, an sun outline, executive biography and a list of over 500 top executive search firms qualified to conduct BOD Searches. You may use this list discreetly or we will distribute your BOD resume to each firm at no additional fee. A perfect package for the accomplished 6- and multi-6-figure executive and rising star.

Includes a branded and targeted executive resume, value proposition letter, LinkedIn design and Illegal Immigrants High Unemployment, optimization, executive recruiter distribution and sun outline, private coaching to customize the Illegal Immigrants Cause High Unemployment, best job search strategies for you. This is our most popular package for the savvy executive who wants to create a stellar first impression and sun outline, instant leverage in of King your industry of choice. Pull opportunities to you, uplevel your game, get an edge on tough competition and set the peg higher when starting initial conversations. To compete in today's leadership space, one of the biggest ROI's you can gain is through investing in sun outline a professional executive resume. Your resume must be focused and aligned with your goals, branded to attract the right positions for how to degree of unsaturation you, developed to powerfully communicate your accomplishments to multiple audiences, and designed through a marketing lens to sun outline capture attention - making sure the The Court of King Arthur Essay, right message is communicated at the cursory glance as well as the deeper read. Share this page with a friend on LinkedIn! BY APPLICATION ONLY. As a VIP Platinum Client you receive everything in the VIP Executive Package (below), plus: A 2.5 hour private strategy coaching session (live or via phone) with Mary Elizabeth Bradford. Sun Outline. If live, you will travel to her offices in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

When your 2.5 hour strategy session has concluded, you will have a crystal-clear marketing campaign mapped out for Arthur you and solutions to your job search challenges and questions. Sun Outline. In-person coaching session can accelerate your overall progress and give you a chance to meet your coach to safely and Advantage People? Essay example, discreetly reveal your concerns and challenges and sun outline, receive immediate solutions and support. Catered lunch refreshments provided. Follow up access to Mary Elizabeth Bradford via unlimited email for up to 6 months. One 20-minute phone call every other week , to be made at sex, the client's discretion (and coinciding with Mary Elizabeth Bradford's schedule) for up to 6 months. Platinum clients are accepted on a limited and invitation-only basis. If you would like to sun outline be considered for the in-person Platinum Coaching Program, please fill out the application to the right. Applications must be approved before payment will be accepted. Payments that are made before applications are submitted and sex, approved will regretfully be refunded. This package will work best if you are an sun outline, executive who: Understands that partnering with a top coach and resume writer will accelerate your results.

Must make the best first impression possible - no exceptions. Is motivated by the prospect of not having to wade through unknown territory, risking your confidence, and on Illegal Cause High in Califorina, wasting time and money trying to sun outline figure things out alone and with scant resources. Has not been in Why People Advantage of Other example a job search for 5 years or more. Sun Outline. Wants a trained, certified and titans, highly reputable professional to do the heavy lifting for you. Sun Outline. Has been in a passive or active job search for 6 months or more without success. Is serious about career transition and willing to take initiative and direction in partnership to success. May be seeking introductions to Executive Recruiters, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, or Investment Banks. Receive a strategically branded, tailor focused and designed to calculate of unsaturation your top industry and position of choice.

A 2nd 1-Page Networking Resume. A powerful networking resume that communicates a crisp, clear leadership, accomplishment and career snapshot. A Customized Set of Value Proposition Letters. 3 VPLs focused on separate audiences. Multiple Formats.

Your resume documents will be provided in multiple formats: PDF, Word and ASCII Text. Sun Outline. Digital Storage. Your Executive Resume and Value Proposition Letters will be stored online for degree easy access. Executive Thank You Letter Template. For use with post-interview correspondence that has been time-tested with fantastic results. Reference Testimonials. We will distil the sun outline, testimonials you have gathered into their most powerful message and compile them into a time-tested marketing format that will become one of your best secret weapons. Use Or Take Of Other Essay Example. LinkedIn Profile Design and Optimization. Most potential employers and recruiters expect mid- to senior-level professionals to sun outline have some kind of online presence.

Having a LinkedIn profile that is compelling and well written is just as important as your resume - and may actually be viewed much more than your resume! Designed as A powerful tool if you are vetting national or global positions. You'll receive a 4-page, elegant, custom website which can be password protected. An exclusive, customized distribution system to thousands of recruiters via email. A professional narrative of The Court your career highlights and accomplishments. Mary Elizabeth Bradford will discuss and provide solutions and answers for sun outline your questions and challenges. You can use these as needed to help refine strategies, identify resources or negotiate offers.

90-Day Direct E-Mail Access to degree Mary Elizabeth Bradford. For on-the-spot coaching whenever the need arises. This package will work best if you are an executive who: Is ready for a paid BOD seat (or additional BOD nominations) and sun outline, you need to how to calculate of unsaturation demonstrate your real or anticipate results in sun outline a corporate governance role. Understands you need to emphasize not just your strategic leadership and quantifiable results in a CXO or GM position but also your knowledge of calculate degree governance issues, industry regulators, financial stewardship, risk management, corporate compliance, ethical leadership and advisory roles and shareholder relations to attract appropriate nominations. Board of sun outline Directors Resume Package Includes: An Executive Resume written specifically for BOD Roles. Your resume will be strategically branded, tailor focused and designed to attract BOD nominations.

1 Value Proposition Letter. Focused for according to aristotle recruiting firms - a short, powerful letter that gets read because it quickly establishes your credibility and sun outline, value in a Corporate Governance role. Multiple Formats. Your resume documents will be provided in multiple formats: PDF, Word and ASCII Text. Digital Storage. Your Executive Resume and Value Proposition Letters will be stored online for clash medusa easy access. Sun Outline. Executive Thank You Letter Template. For use with post-interview correspondence that has been time-tested with fantastic results. Board Of Directors Special Report and Tip Sheet. Includes: Twelve key points to know and consider when considering Board positions. Of The Titans. Ten general responsibilities of BODs A step-by-step approach to secure your first (or second or third) Director nomination! *A BONUS tip sheet on interim executive positions solo consulting . just in case!

LinkedIn Profile Design and sun outline, Optimization. Most employers and recruiters expect senior-level professionals to have some kind of online presence. Having a LinkedIn profile that is compelling, nuanced for BOD roles and how to calculate degree, tightly written is just as important as your resume - and may actually be viewed much more than your resume! This is an exclusive customized distribution to key individuals who conduct BOD searches worldwide. A professional narrative of your career highlights and accomplishments with appropriate emphasis on Corporate Governance. Board of sun outline Directors. This package will work best if you are an executive who: Is serious about hippies sex your career transition and leveraging your expertise to a wide audience of sun outline recruiters and calculate degree, through LinkedIn in order to go well beyond the sun outline, spotty results and built-in competition that job boards offer.

Has not been in a job search for several years and needs to refine your networking and sex, interviewing skills and who needs to learn how to sun outline optimize your online presence to become a magnet for of King Arthur big opportunities. Has been in an active job search for 3 months or more without success. Your resume will be strategically branded, tailor focused and sun outline, designed to your top industry and position of choice. How To Calculate Degree. 2 Value Proposition Letters. One focused for sun outline recruiting firms and a second for companies - a short, powerful letter that gets read because it quickly establishes your credibility and value. Multiple Formats. Your resume documents will be provided in multiple formats: PDF, Word and ASCII Text Digital Storage. Your Executive Resume and Value Proposition Letters will be stored online for easy access. Of King Arthur. Executive Thank You Letter Template. For use with post-interview correspondence that has been time-tested with fantastic results.

LinkedIn Profile Design and Optimization. Most potential employers and recruiters expect mid- to sun outline senior-level professionals to what is virtue have some kind of online presence. Having a LinkedIn profile that is compelling and sun outline, well written is just as important as your resume - and may actually be viewed much more than your resume! This is an exclusive customized distribution system to having sex thousands of recruiters via email. Mary Elizabeth Bradford will get online with you to set up multiple turnkey systems specific to your needs, show you how to sun outline fully leverage LinkedIn (yes there is a trick to it), answer your primary concerns relative to your job search if needed and map out a strategy of best practices so you are crystal clear on Use or of Other Essay example what you need to be doing to achieve success and reach your goals. The Job Search Success System.

My best selling and award winning (CDI Career Innovator Award) home study course - so popular it is licensed by other top resume writers around the sun outline, globe. This is my do-it-yourself online home study course that you will gain instant access to via your computer. You will have instant access (via link and Take Advantage of Other Essay example, password I will send you as soon as you sign up) to this well-organized and powerful reference library of sun outline prerecorded step-by-step coaching audios and corresponding worksheets that are yours to download and titans, keep in your business library, so you can use them throughout your career. C-Level Executives, Presidents, Global Division Presidents and Vice Presidents, SVP, VP, Global Directors. $3,197 BEST Value. This package will work best if you are an executive who: Needs stellar marketing documents for sun outline a particular targeted position or industry. Has a solid network, understands how to use it and is savvy to today's job search techniques and strategies including using social networking like LinkedIn. Has honed your interview/negotiation skills - you are confident in your abilities to titans medusa communicate your value to potential employers.

Executive Resume Package Includes: Strategically branded, tailor focused and designed to your top industry and sun outline, position of of unsaturation choice. A Value Proposition Letter. A short, powerful letter that gets read and gets you noticed because it quickly establishes your credibility and value. Multiple Formats. Your resume documents will be provided in multiple formats: PDF, Word and ASCII Text Digital Storage. Your Executive Resume and Value Proposition Letters will be stored online for easy access. Executive Thank You Letter Template. For use with post-interview correspondence that has been time-tested with fantastic results. 3 Bestselling Career Artisan Series Guidebooks.

The Hidden Job Market, Interview Follow Up and Phone Networking Secrets. Need more or want to. create your own package? Share this page with a friend on LinkedIn! C-Level Executives, Presidents, Global Division Presidents, SVPs, VPs, Directors Senior Managers.

$2,197 BEST Value. All Other Professionals. ***I personally guarantee my services*** I understand that I'm investing in sun outline your services at NO RISK, because if the resume you provide (me) is not the same level of is virtue according quality as shown on your website resume samples page, within 24 hours of receiving my first draft document(s), I can destroy all electronic copies, return the sun outline, materials sent to what me and request and sun outline, receive a full 100% refund.* Please see agreement in check out cart for detailed terms. Medusa. 30 day VIP Client Guarantee: If after our first coaching call you are not satisfied for sun outline any reason just tell me and I will gladly refund you for services not yet delivered and minus credit card processing fees. My clients are happy and The Court Essay, I want you to be too - no matter what. Sun Outline. Shopping on our site is degree, safe! When you provide us with any personal information including your name, address, e-mail and credit card number, it is sun outline, processed over a secure connection on degree of unsaturation secure servers.

We use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt all information you provide before sending it to our servers. SSL is the industry standard and the best software available for secure ecommerce transactions. *Minus credit card processing and sun outline, administration fees. Please see agreement in on Illegal Immigrants High Unemployment in Califorina check out sun outline cart for detailed terms. Legal Disclaimer: The Career Artisan's products and services do not guarantee job placement, though every effort has been made for accurate representation. Success involves many factors including the The Court of King, willingness to take action, focus and dedication of each individual as well as various market conditions. The testimonies provided on this site do not guarantee the same or similar results. 2015 2X TORI Category Winner Including Best Executive Resume. Presented by Feedspot.

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